12 Bedroom Reparations and Upgrades

Although the bedroom is not the place to impress your guests, you still need to makeover it. This way, you can create a super appealing and comfortable space to sleep.
Before beginning to refurbish your sleeping space, take a look at these 12 bedroom reparations and upgrade ideas that you can copy this weekend. They are not too complicated and are suitable for both small and regular bedrooms.

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To create a more relaxing and romantic ambiance, you should invest in dim lights. However, you don’t need to install a dimmer when you have the lampshade and fabric as cheap light-diffusing options.
First, detach the fabric that encircles the shade. After you do that, take out the glass hemisphere in the fixture. Remember only to do this with one edge, not all four.

Next, the fabric around the drum shade should be cream-colored and cut. Iron any creases. Then apply some glue along the rim. Finally, Attach the fabric to the rim, let it dry, then apply glue.


To make this Roman shade, you’ll need to get two pieces of fabric. Cut the length of each piece of fabric before you cut the opening. This way, the patterned fabric easily hangs off the black screen.

Next, open your blinds so that the slats are only loosely connected. Again, remember not to cut the cords. Finally, pop off the slats to remove the rubber stoppers.

Then lay out the fabric. Place each slat on top of the fabric every 7 inches. After that, thread the cords from each slat onto the fabric. Finally, put the rubber stoppers back in place.

10. $100 Room Makeover

Or spend a little bit more to create a more manageable bedroom like this below:

If your bedroom seems boring, you can spruce it up. But don’t worry about spending too much money. It’s not going to make you broke!
With these ideas, you can get a comfortable and appealing one for an estimated $100.

And if you’re having trouble deciding which window treatment to use, we recommend combining a white valance with curtains. This classic look will give your bedroom timeless charm. Use a ribbon to create a pop of color by wrapping it around the bottom part of the valance.

If you do not have any headboards, now it is time for you to make one. It does not have to be fancy. A simple white one will make a significant impact.
To make the bedding look cuter, you can create a dust ruffle and sew it along the bedding. You can also sew a pink ribbon to white sheets and pillowcases. This way, you can match the bedding with the valance.
Consider hanging wall art as a focal point right above the headboard. It can be anything like a photograph, a picture, or some white embroidery hoops with fabric scraps.
Finally, paint all of the furniture in your bedroom white so that your sleeping space looks bright. You can also try installing black knobs.

A Room Transformation Featured Video:

9. Chalk Paint on headboard fabric

Buying or making a new tufted headboard can be pricey and arduous. Instead of breaking a sweat creating a new one, why don’t you just add a twist to the existing one?
Painting is an instant way to get a new look. And that is what you are going to do. Applying 4 or 5 coats of chalk paint can add a touch of elegance to your headboard. Do not forget to dilute the paint with water at a 1:1 ratio before applying it.

Or Paint your Wall to Look like a Headboard

Another brilliant and effortless idea that you can implement is to make a faux headboard. To create it, you need to cut molding to length and install it on the wall behind your bed.
Next, paint the wall and the molding using the same color. You can also add a decorative item in the middle. That’s it!

8. The Modern Barn door idea

This project was frustrating after doing all the hard work, the author said. Thankfully, he found a way to quickly fix this on the spot by using a saw to cut off about ½” on the bottom. Then, he hung the door back onto the rail, and it fit perfectly.

Once the door slid along the rail, he figured out where the screw-in stoppers should go and then attached those according to the hardware. The final step was to install the floor guide. All he did was measure the center channel from the wall. With this measurement, using two screws in the floor guide, held the piece firmly.

7. The IKEA Kallax Improvement idea for cheap

In general, it’s all about labeling and revamping the old folders. And the crafting technique to group the labels, one for the 5 cm folder and one for the 8.5 cm thick folder.

The project will improve your file organization and restyle your bedroom decoration to a more Scandinavian style.
Investing in muted-color folders if necessary, wicker baskets or newer folder solutions such as a pocket expanding file folder or a stackable hanging wall files rack.

6. Soundproof your room

If you love to make some noise with your musical instruments in your bedroom, you should probably make it soundproof so that your friend will not feel disturbed.
To make it soundproof, you need to get a vinyl threshold with an aluminum casing. Make sure it can wedge between the door and jamb.
You will also require a ½” wide adhesive weatherstrip. After that, peel the back off and attach it to the door frame. This way, you can seal the gap between the door and the frame.

5. Upgrade The popcorn ceiling

Ceiling popcorn can be a nuisance. It not only hurts the eyes with its horrible look but also collects dust and dirt. You can overcome this problem by scrapping the ceiling. But it will be too much trouble.

You just need to grab some vinyl planks and screw them to the ceiling. That’s it!

Later, You simply need to install LED string lights under the bed frame and behind the headboard to get this look. When you turn the lights on, you will notice a mesmerizing view.

Or Upgrade Only Your Headboard

4. The Faux wood beam Idea

To start, craft, and complete the project, you need to get four pieces of board. Assemble them to form a rectangle with a hollow in the middle. This way, you can get a lightweight wood beam.

Once the faux wood beam is finished, sand it down and stain it with Minwax Dark Walnut. Later, install it on the ceiling after the project is done.
To secure the wood beam in place, screw a few galvanized metal straps to the ceiling. Do not forget to spray paint the straps with Rustoleum Black Hammered to get a wrought-iron look.

3. Fix the hole

To patch the hole in your ceiling, first, you need to cut a board. Make sure it is longer than the opening. After that, slip it inside the hole.
Then, get sheetrock and cut it to the same dimension as the opening. Next, screw it to the board. After that, cover it with drywall tape.
Cover the drywall tape with sheetrock mud. Use a trowel to wipe the excess off so that you can make an even surface.

2. The Board batten Idea

Adding trim to the walls of your bedroom can make it look more elegant. You do not have to invest in wainscoting or beadboard paneling, though. You just need to screw some 1×3 pine boards on the wall vertically and top them with 1×2.
Once the boards are up, paint them and the wall the color of your choice. Make sure it is different from the upper walls to create a contrast.

Also, use this next video idea for the simpler version:

Lastly, number 1. The Anti peeping window idea

We all agree that natural light can bring good vibes to any room, including the bedroom. To achieve this goal, you need to keep the window treatment down to a minimum. However, you may have to sacrifice your privacy.
To get both privacy and natural light, you can try installing anti-glare and anti-peep heat control film. It creates a mirror effect when you see it outside during the day so that other people cannot see what is inside.

Although you are the one that is likely to spend most of your time in the bedroom, you still need to makeover it to add a little nuance. You deserve comfort. And these 12 bedroom reparation and upgrade ideas will help you get both a stylish look and a comfortable place to sleep.



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