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10 Ideas How to Style A Bedroom Like A Champ

The bedroom is an excellent place to spend time. You can read, listen to music, or just sleep in it. Your bedroom is an area where you can enjoy yourself and be yourself; therefore, it deserves styling.

There are plenty of ways to make your bedroom feel more inviting. You could hang a picture on the wall or rearrange the furniture. You can add a stuffed animal toy and drawers to hold your nightwear. Some people might feel that only bare walls are professional and appropriate, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of ways to achieve cohesiveness in your room.

In the bedroom, it’s essential to go for an ambiance or style that suits you. You can do it easily by simply following these guidelines :

1. Don’t forget bedding! Make sure you use the right kind of material. In other words, if you’re using silks, make sure they’re pure natural ones (no tassels). Also, make sure they match your bedding and your theme or color scheme.
2. If the rest of your furniture is finished with some matte wood, use a linen material to set it off.
3. If you’re using wood in your bedroom, make sure they are soft and crate. Your bedroom shouldn’t look like a factory!
4. Pick out some furniture that you like, and follow these tips:

  • Ensure that all the pieces fit well in the room (make sure they’re comfortable).
  • Place soft furniture in the room, or if you’re going for a minimalist look, don’t put any soft furnishings in the room.
  • Use furniture that you like or want your guests to spend the day in (for example, a comfortable bed or a reading chair).
  • If you’re going for a minimalist look or don’t want to deal with accessories, you can add some pillows. Put them on the bed and on any part of the room where guests will be sitting. For example, in your desk area. You can also try using throw pillows on chairs in the room.
  • If you’re going for an industrial look (or any type of look that includes wood), use plenty of dents and scratches to give it texture. Also, make sure everything is sturdy and reliable!

Insomniacs can benefit from decorating their bedroom so they feel comfortable. For example, you can make your ceiling a clear blue sky with white clouds. You can have stars and birds flying around, or maybe have them be stationary and frame them with a border. You could paint the walls of your room a sky blue color for best results. Also, to block out light coming through the window, use curtains. You can add some cute fluffy pillows and soft floor rugs to complete the look.

The best ways to sleep may be different for everyone. Below are 10 ideas for how you could style your bedroom, no matter your needs or preferences. As always, Symphome offers the following list (include a relevant video)


This is awesome and inspiring 10 Ideas to Style A Bedroom Like a Champ
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Before you find the reading version of the video above, these are our other top 10 simple tips for styling your bedroom like a champ that you can take as soon as you finish reading the post:.
1) Create a floorplan of the room before you start decorating. Draw out what the furniture needs to be and take measurements of where your bed would go.
2) Make sure that everything in the room matches or has some cohesive
3) Create a wall decor to go with the room. Put some photos, paintings, framed quotes, or
4) Make sure to include some furniture that guests will be comfortable in.
5) Make sure that everything in the room is built well. And that it’s sturdy and safe.
6) The rug, a great way to add color to the room. You can layer rugs in the center of the room and place one rug on either side of the bed.
7) Add a bedspread (can be as straightforward or as dramatic as you would like). Don’t forget that pillows are a must!
8) Don’t forget lighting! You can use candles or lamps to put light where you want it to be. Most have dimmers, so you can control it throughout the day.
9) Make sure that your bedroom’s paint color goes with your bedding. And all other colors/clothing in your room might touch things like a chair, pillow, or rug.
10) Use frames to accentuate your wall decor. And make sure to keep it symmetrical.

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10. Try Some Sparks of Colors

Many experts think you can get a good night’s sleep if you use neutral or muted color schemes. That is not always true. You are the one who knows what makes you feel comfortable. If you are a fan of vibrant colors, why don’t you just go for it?
This bedroom, for example, has shown that vibrant colors like red, yellow, and blue will not disrupt your sleep.
To create a united look, hang a picture containing all the color elements you find in your bedroom.

If you want to add some splash of vivid colors, make sure you paint your walls white to avoid a haphazard look that can be overwhelming. The key is to bring balance. If you want to go all red, put up a calming cream or white wall to balance things out.

Or Pick A Fresh New-Theme for Your Bedroom
Go for an overall theme, or choose a single color scheme that will be your backdrop.
The beauty of this idea is that it combines all the other ideas presented here and makes them work well together.

9. Play with Textures

Varying the texture can enrich the look of your bedroom, especially if you are into Bohemian style.
You can begin with the bedding. Investing in more pillows can help you feel more comfortable when sleeping. Do not forget to add a throw with a distinctive pattern when styling your Bed. Besides, you can also use the throw to wrap yourself up when the weather is chilling.
Laying a rug next to the Bed is the next thing that you should do.

Since it is a bedroom – a room where you will not be prone to high traffic – you can use either a short or long pile rug. But if you seek comfort, laying a faux-fur rug would be your greatest bet since it can soothe your bare feet in the cold morning.
Finally, add some greenery and wicker baskets to complete the look.
Or try one of these options to add greeneries to your bedroom:

  • Option 1: Flower Vase

A vase filled with flowers can be the centerpiece of your room. First, Please put it on your desk or dresser.
Next, Pick seasonal flowers that will last for a while, but add an artificial flower if you want to experiment or have a short attention span. Several bouquets can also be arranged around the room on your dresser, bookshelf, or table to accentuate the look.

  • Option 2: Shelf Plants & Wall Plants

Wall plants and shelf plants are mini-plants that can bring life to any room in your home, including your bedroom. Plants will not only give you a green atmosphere but also help reduce dust allergies and mental fatigue.

  • Option 3: Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers are a great choice if you want to add more color to your bedroom. They are also easy to care for, so they can last for weeks. You can buy artificial flowers on or authentic flowers in a flower shop. The choice is yours!

  • Option 4: Wicker baskets

If you are going for a younger, Bohemian look, You can use wicker baskets to decorate your room by grouping them or laying them on the floor like some “wicker spring.”

  • Option 5: Use Plates and Cutlery to Enhance the Look

To achieve a more homely atmosphere, you can add white plates and utensils. The only thing you have to do is look around for the best options that are both affordable and elegant. If your budget does not allow you to buy an unlimited number of dishes, think about buying one set that will serve as many occasions as possible.

  • Option 6: Use Some Plants as Textiles

Use bedding or pillow covers to make the bed appear more appealing and fill it with greenery. Place some living plants in a bowl delineated by a piece of glass (like a shadow box) and attach them to the wall.
Or put plants in your bedroom using either hanging baskets or pots that you have filled with soil from the potty.

  • Option 7: Add Natural Elements into Your Room

If you prefer natural elements, you can add moss to your coffee table since it is ideal for placing plants. And, to keep the feeling of intimacy, do not forget to use candles that scent your space well when you feel like curling up and falling asleep.

8. Swap Your Old Door with a Barn Door

You can do many things to add a bit of farmhouse style to your bedroom. One of which is by installing a barn door.
A barn door is often synonymous with the vintage look of a farmhouse style. Besides, it would be suitable for limited space because you do not pull it out to open it. You slide the door aside instead.
You will need 1×6 pinewood boards and 1×4 ones for the cross pieces to make a barn door. First, cut the 1×6 to length and then drill pocket holes into them. After that, assemble the boards with screws. Next, use wood filler to fill in the holes. Let it dry before sanding them down.
Next, add the trim. After that, apply any finish of your choice. Now, it is time to attach the mounting board and install the sliding track. Finally, install the door in place.

7. Try an Eclectic Style

Why do you have to stick to only one style if you can embrace more than one?
The eclectic style allows you to release and explore your creativity. If you want to combine a Persian rug with contemporary furniture, go ahead. Anything that can please your eyes and mind would work great in your bedroom.
This bedroom, for example, is not just the combination of various elements thrown carelessly. You can still notice the harmony created by the right assortment of textures, patterns, and colors.
The black walls contrast with the white trim and ceiling, creating a dramatic backdrop. Light wood furniture makes an excellent match to the black walls as it alleviates the boldness. To freshen up space, you can add a splash of vivid colors like teal or blue.

6. Carve Out a Coastal-Themed Bedroom

Bring in the vacation vibes to your bedroom with a coastal theme. Imagine the serene ambiance that will help you get better sleep.
To carve out a coastal-themed bedroom, you just need to let your imagination travel through the sea. Picture the cool breeze and the soothing waves that hit your toes when you walk on the sandy beach.
Sticking to blue and white is your safe bet when it comes to creating a coastal theme. Consider investing in an off-white or a cream rug that embodies the sandy beach. Finish things off with a coastal picture hanging over the headboard.

5. Select Your Lighting

Lighting always plays an essential role in any room in your house. It can create a certain ambiance that you want, depending on what types of lights you choose.
When it comes to illuminating a sleeping space, you should try implementing a layered effect. First, install an elegant chandelier over your Bed. Next, flank your Bed with two bedside table lamps. It would be better if they matched the bedding well.

4. Try Wooden Panels for Your Ceiling

When you lie on your Bed, you automatically stare at the ceiling. For this reason, you need something that you can adore – something that can draw the eyes upwards, like these wooden panels.

If you think painting the ceiling is boring, you need to try covering it with wooden panels. The panels will enrich the texture in your bedroom. As a bonus, they can give a warm and soothing effect. They can also be used as shelves for your books or decorative objects.
Just be sure to use wooden panels of a unique design.
One thing to remember;
You do not want your bedroom to become a plain white box with wooden panels. This idea will create a barren effect when the walls and furniture are painted in monotonous colors.
Note: If you want to add more texture, you can attach some pieces of fabric over the paneling

3. Add Style with Headboard

Many people forgo the headboard just because they have a small bedroom. The truth is that the headboard can significantly impact a petite sleeping space because it can add some style.
This headboard, for example, adds a touch of elegance to space, thanks to the green velvet upholstery.
Is it not your style? Do not worry! You can find hundreds of headboards that will suit your taste. Even better, you can make one yourself.

2. Add Shelving over the Bed

Were you adding both storage solutions and an accent wall? Why not? You can get both of them by installing a shelf over the headboard. This way, you can store some books or display your knick-knacks. Even better, you can place a pot with Devil’s ivy or strings of pearls and let it dangle from the Shelving.
The best part about it is that you can always customize the Shelving. You can turn it into a home office or add a small desk and chair next to the Bed.

Are you wondering how to add Shelving over your headboard?
Here are some pointers for you;
First, measure the area where you want to place the shelf. Be sure to leave an additional 2 inches of space for the brackets. Then, cut two pieces of 2×8 lumber and cut them to length for each bracket.

Lastly, Number 1. Two-Toned Walls

Why do you have to settle for one color if you can have two on a wall? Two-toned walls will boost your mood immensely. You can do this by installing flat wainscoting paneling over the lower half and paint the upper half the color contrasting with the paneling.
The bedroom is supposed to be the most comfortable place for you. Therefore, ask yourself about what kinds of vibes that you want to carve out. Feel free to copy one of these 10 ideas to style a bedroom like a champ and tweak them a bit if necessary.



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