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10 Small Bedroom Inspo and Upgrades on a Budget

Upgrading a small bedroom is not always an easy task. There usually isn’t much room to work with, especially when it comes to storage and built-in furniture. So before you go out and buy new things, try these ten small bedroom inspo and upgrades on a budget.

The bedroom is the most personal space in a house. It is the place where you can be yourself and have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it has to be comfortable for you to rest and rejuvenate.
Unfortunately, some bedrooms are not spacious, making them hard to overhaul. It does not mean you can give up hope of carving out comfort in your sleeping space. You just have to figure out creative ways to maximize it. Look no further. Here are 10 small bedroom inspo and upgrades on a budget.

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10. A Heavy-duty Headboard

A headboard can be as straightforward as a section of wallpaper, a wooden board, or a hanging rug above your bed. But in a small bedroom, it has to be both stylish and functional.
You can use a storage headboard to store and, of course, hide almost everything, from clothes, books to random bits and bobs.
This custom white headboard manages to be a bedside table and bookcase. You can also install a rail and shelves on the backside to store your clothes.

This headboard project comes with its unique challenges, so the solutions are not typical. A headboard can easily conceal a hamper or bookshelf, making it the ideal piece for small bedroom inspo.

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More details:

  1. Use a fluid coat of urethane or paint on the headboard to avoid high maintenance.
  2. Consider using different materials and in different colors for an appealing contrast and texture.
  3. For a more modern design, choose a plain-colored abstract headboard, such as the one made of frosted glass by Lila Designs.
  4. You can use a textured wall or satin paint to create an interesting texture on the headboard.
  5. Look for a wall that suits the color of your headboard; otherwise, it will tend to blend with your bedroom décor giving it an awkward space-wasting look.
  6. For more depth, choose patterned pillows like square ones or stripes.
  7. A headboard with a shelf works well to showcase your favorite books and objects.
  8. For a clutter-free look, you can choose a plain headboard with no decoration.
  9. A wall-mounted headboard works well in small bedroom designs.
  10. A wall-mounted headboard combines functionality and aesthetics in one place, saving you space.
  11. You have the option of using two different textures – one for the cushioning of the sleeping area and another for the headboard sleeping area.
  12. If you don’t want your headboard to make a bold statement, choose a discreet design like the one with a simple solid fabric.
  13. A headboard and storage unit can transform your bedroom into a cozy retreat; it will be perfect for small bedrooms.
  14. Headboards with storage work well for small bedrooms as they maximize your space and provide an extra surface to put things on.

9. Reduce the Doorway Swing

In a small room, every little detail counts to maximize the space. Thus, you need to consider upgrading your door style.
Choosing the type of door can make a significant impact. The ones that do not swing outwards, like barn, sliding, pocket, folding, accordion doors, or even just curtains, will be suitable for a small bedroom.

Unlike the standard hinged door, these types of doors take up less space. This way, you can easily save at least 10 square feet of space.

More instructions:

  1. Reorganize your closet and store away clothes heaps to make more space for furniture.
  2. Keep your closet door closed as much as possible to create a sense of privacy.
  3. Use mirrored sliding doors as they open outwards.
  4. Choose a room divider by setting up curtains, bed sheets, drapes, or the like so that you have some privacy from your room’s approach on the other side of it
  5. If you still wish to have a door, opt for a pocket door.
  6. Use a folding door for small spaces.
  7. Put up barn doors if you want your room to feel more industrial and dramatic at the same time.
  8. You can use accordion or folding doors in any space, but they will work well in rooms where the walls cannot support the weight of large doors, such as around stairwells and bathrooms.
  9. Create a sense of privacy by using pocket doors that slide outwards and close the door simultaneously.
  10. If you choose to use oversized sliding glass doors as a bedroom’s entrance, make sure they are firmly attached to the wall with brackets and screws as they will exert pressure on the wall, and you will need to make sure that they do not break it.

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8. Use Monochromatic Color Domination

The color scheme selection of your bedroom has a significant impact on your limited space. A monochromatic color scheme reduces the visual fragmentation of space, especially when you pick light shades such as white, light grey, or cream. They create the illusion of a wider and spacious room.

To avoid a monotonous and plain feel in the bedroom, you can add one or two colors that match the hue. Bring in your favorite shades in the form of décor or accessories, but in a thoughtful way.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. For a more striking effect, choose white for the bedding and wall color.
  2. Use a variety of colored accents in the form of pillows, curtains, and furniture, especially in the bedroom, to add a sense of brightness.
  3. Add some texture to your room by using textured materials such as rugs and throwing blankets on the floor.
  4. Use neutral colors, such as white or cream, for furniture pieces so that they match any other design elements in your room.
  5. If you wish to include a pattern in your room, stick to tonal and monochromatic designs.
  6. An appealing pop of color is achieved by scattering colorful accessories throughout the room; consider bringing in some vibrant flowers or a bright accent pillow to glam up the space.
  7. You can use bold colors such as orange or yellow, but avoid using white furniture, especially if you have white bedding set for more impact.
  8. Draw inspiration from your partner’s favorite color palette to get an idea of what they like.
  9. If you don’t want to bring in splashes of color, try out the monochromatic theme of your home, such as gray or white.
  10. You can use a variation of shades of the same color for décor to ensure they all complement each other.
  11. It will be a great way to incorporate an accent color if you choose a colorful duvet cover, pillowcases, and duvet cover set.
  12. If you need more space for your bedding, opt for unbleached sheets instead of down ones as they will give you more space to spread out without making the room look smaller than it is.
  13. Choose a bedding set that has a graphic or pattern on it. They will add a touch of interest to your bedroom, and at the same time, they can work well as art pieces in the room.
  14. For the least monotonous look, go with a simple patterned or striped headboard and bedding set that will add some contrast to your room’s color scheme.
  15. You can also cover your walls with unbleached muslin curtains to add a vibrant and colorful touch.
  16. A neutral color scheme can create a small space feel in pretty much any bedroom with the right choice of light gray or white shades such as cream, beige, and off-white.
  17. Rich, dark colors such as burgundy, burgundy red, and plum will add warmth to your room; they work best when paired with light gray shades such as cream; this will make for a dramatic look.

7. Change the Curtain If possible

Curtains are the most straightforward window treatment that you can install. You do not have to be a skilled carpenter to hang them in place. However, you will still need some tricks to optimize their potential.

For a small bedroom, be sure to pick the light color in a soft, linen-like fabric. To make your room look bigger, hang it a few inches below the ceiling and let it dangle to the floor. Not only will it make your bedroom appear to be larger, but also more elegant.

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Other considerations before changing your bedroom curtains are:

  1. In a small bedroom, look for a dramatic effect with curtains that fall from the ceiling.
  2. There are numerous ways of hanging your curtains. Depending on your preference and how much space you have in your room, you can have them on the rod or attached to the bed frame or ceiling.
  3. You can also hang your curtains horizontally or vertically depending on how you want them to look in the room.
  4. Apart from changing the curtains, you can also hang full-length mirrors to make your room appear larger by reflecting more light in the room.
  5. Look through the window and see if it faces a busy street or a house wall. If you can, choose a curtain that will not allow a lot of light to come in and those that will not be visible from outside your home.
  6. If your bedroom faces traffic noise from busy roads, choose curtains that have some soundproofing properties, such as those with natural fibers, thick insulation, or double glazing.
  7. It is also advisable to hang curtains with ties on the bottom so they don’t fall too easily off the rod. They will look more elegant and will prevent the billowing of your curtains.
  8. A small bedroom can still benefit from a decorative curtain. Choose a pair with fun prints, bold colors, or patterns that are different from each other.
  9. Be sure that you are not filling your small bedroom with too many items on your wall, as this will make the room look smaller than it is.
  10. You can have a small window in your bedroom with a large curtain. To make the room look wider, choose a curtain with width in mind.

There are plenty of ways to keep out unwanted light when it is time to sleep, and one of them is selecting the right kind of blinds for your windows. You do not need an entire room changing to another color or type of blinds.

6. Present your Mirror in a different way

People say eyes are deceiving. The famous mirror classic trick works every time. In the small bedroom, mirrors make the space feel almost twice as spacious as it really is.
You can use them as a headboard, lean them against the wall or pick a mirrored closet. You can also hang the mirror near the window to reflect light from outside or, if possible, cover the whole wall with the mirror or other reflective surfaces.

To follow the project, you need to:

1. First, measure the length and width of the wall and divide that into thirds.
2. Be sure to choose a mirror that is in proportion with your room.
3. Use a nail to mark the position of the mirror onto the closet. It is advised to go a little higher than usual to make your bedroom feel more spacious.
4. After placing the first mirror, drill a hole at each of its corners and insert small hooks.
5. Use a measuring tape to mark the middle of your first mirror and then drill at that position as well.
6. Use a level to ensure that each of your four corners is leveled with each other.

5. Give your bedroom access to More Windows

Natural light plays a crucial role in a tiny bedroom. Thus, windows are the keys to a cozy sleeping space. If it is possible, try investing in more large windows like the one in this attic. Then, put the bed in the center, making the window an excellent accent wall.
You can also try to install another window in the ceiling. It will give you more natural light from above to help the room feel light and airy. Besides, you can also enjoy staring at the stars while lying on your bed.

You won’t use blackout window treatments in your small bedroom. Instead, you can use vertical blinds or light soft fabric. For a bit of excitement, try to spread a rug on the floor.

4. The Slide Out Closet Project Idea

A wardrobe will always take up some space in a bedroom, especially in tight corners where two doors swing outwards. The solution is a slide-out closet with bypass doors.
You will never have to walk from end to end in search of what you need. It is an excellent space-savers and a superb choice for small bedrooms. You can just buy this kind of wardrobe or customize it to your needs.
This bespoke wardrobe can hold everything from clothes, bags, shoes, and jewelry. The floor-to-ceiling design has made the most of every inch in this bedroom, which allows you to store everything nicely.

Detailed instructions:

1. You can start by taking your measurements. Measure the length and width of the cabinets, but also the depth of the room.
2. Have a wall-to-wall custom closet installed in your bedroom. It has doors on both sides which slide out to display everything inside perfectly.
3. If you are uncomfortable with your closet sliding out into space, you can have it close to the wall when not in use.
4. You can also design your cabinet by including the items you need most in your bedroom.
5. While they are not very common in most houses, this slide-out closet is the best solution for saving space if you have a small bedroom.

There are plenty of ways to arrange your small bedroom with limited resources without making it feel cramped. A bed is excellent for defining space and drawing the eye towards the middle of the room, while walking space looks narrower when disguised behind furniture or an entertainment center.

3. Get a new way to acquire more storage Under the Bed

Your bed takes up enormous space in the room, making it impossible for you to cram more storage. Therefore, you need to add some legs to raise it a few inches off the floor so that you can use the valuable space beneath.
Storage drawers under the bed help you hide away the clutter that often messes with your bedroom. You can make them with professional help or just as simple as DIY.

First, find old cardboard you have around. Measure the dimension of the space under your bed to make storage bins or boxes that will perfectly match. Then remove the top cover so you can easily pull them in and out.

Alternatively, you could:
1. Make use of the space under your bed by installing storage drawers. They will work just fine for storing shoes, winter clothes, and even toys.
2. Use the area under your bed for extra seating when you have company over. You can put it in a small couch or chair that you can remove when not in use.
3. You could even install storage shelves within the drawers so you can keep your essential things in one place.
4. You can even install hooks for hanging toiletries under your bed for greater convenience.
5. Think of different designs that will go well with your bedroom or room decor theme.

2. Get New Sconce Lights

Apart from the fact that a well-lit bedroom will look much larger than it really is, the lights’ position can help avoid wastage of space.
Sconce lights or pendants are way better than bedside floor lamps or even table lamps. They fit everywhere, even in the awkward corners, and leave more floor space underneath for other tasks. Besides, they give more interest and trendy look to the dark-paneled wall.

If you do not afford to get a new sconce at the moment, you could:

1. Move the existing sconce to another suitable location.
2. You can also choose a lamp that is more decorative than functional. It doesn’t take up much space and still gives enough light.
3. On the other hand, you can buy different sizes of pendant lights so you can use one for reading and general lighting, depending on your mood or the intent of your guests. If you have to give your small bedroom a new look while maintaining the original design and layout,

Lastly, Number 1. Double Up your Bed

Although this idea is excellent for the kids’ room, it also works just as well in the adult bedroom or guest room.
Who won’t love to sleep on the top bunk with the memory of childhood? Bunk beds are the best way to take advantage of your room’s height and unite two beds in one room without taking up a lot of space. They allow you to accommodate two or more people in the same room.

It is better to create a storage space with a wall-mounted desk to study or do your job. This L shape bunk beds, for example, have a reading corner at the other end. To optimize the bunk beds, you can also make cabinets or drawers for clothes.

Other ideas to double up your bed you could:

1. Go for a full bunk bed to create an attractive layout. It will also give your guests two options for sleeping, which is never bad.
2. You could also use this pretty idea to create a master bedroom with dual beds. The master bedroom with double master beds is not just practical but looks impressive too.
3. You can invest in a loft bed with stairs for your kids if you live in the country. Or somewhere close to nature with all that space around.
4. You can go for bunk beds with trundles underneath them.
5. There is also the Murphy bed for small spaces idea, which you could DIY.


As a general rule of thumb, a small bedroom is rarely defined by a numerical value. A room that feels too small may be a good-sized room from another person’s point of view.
In the end, it’s all about how to make your bedroom feel comfortable, inviting, and functional for you and your family. The best place to start is the storage space.

Those are 10 inspo and upgrade on a budget for a small bedroom. From the headboard to the curtain, you choose which one is possible for you to do. Who doesn’t love a good budget bedroom idea?



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