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7 Timeless Decor Trends And Why They Don’t Date

As a homeowner, you want to ensure that your home always looks its best. However, regularly updating your interior to stay up to date with the latest trends can be time-consuming and expensive. What many design trends are born to fade and will soon be out of fashion again, requiring you to go back to the drawing board with your decor.

To ensure that your home always looks stylish and trendy, aim to include design elements that have been proven to stand the test of time. Taking a more classic approach to your decor will allow you to create an interior design that will always look great and that will never go out of style. Using timeless decor trends as the foundation of your home’s interior design, you will be able to dress it up with elements of the latest fad so that your property looks modern and up to date while maintaining a solid foundation rooted in timeless decor.

Let’s take a look at just a few timeless decor trends that will always look great and never go out of style.

Statement Armchairs

Classic, comfortable and dependable, standout armchairs will never go out of style. Regardless of how the rest of your interior is designed, having one eye-catching feature piece of furniture in your room is a great way to add some contrast and create a focal point in your interior.

The statement chair has the ability to add drama to even the dullest of spaces. You can really step up your style with a good statement chair, whether you purchase one for your first home, rent, or slowly replace furniture from your share house days.

Using Wood

Wooden furniture, picture frames, floors and even art pieces, has always been a popular choice with interior designers. Not only does wood look timeless in appearance but it also helps to add a sense of warmth and cosiness to even the most minimalist designs.

Adding handcrafted cabinetry to your kitchen is a great way to blend the past with the present. As wood comes in a variety of tones and textures, there is an option for modern homes, traditional homes, and everything in between. A woodworker or designer can even combine traditional methods with modern shapes for a totally new style that still has that timeless, classic appeal.

Vintage Additions

Nothing screams timeless more than a few subtle vintage additions to your decor. Whether you shop at your local antique store or you order modern vintage-style pieces online, a few classic touches throughout your interior will instantly add character to any interior.

This doesn’t mean you should just throw any “old” thing into the mix of your home decor. It is important to research and see which styles have transcended time and which ones have not.

This constantly evolving industry necessitates that we look back and see what kind of accessories dominated the past. These accessories evoked images of glamorous sophistication, and while they may look vintage today, they would still fit in with contemporary decor. Other accessories were made to fit the time period, so they would seem unusual and out of place today.

White Kitchens

Nowadays, homeowners and interior designers are getting braver and bolder with their colour choices, creating some truly standout interiors. However, a crisp, clean white kitchen is a staple in interior design and will always stand the test of time, providing homeowners with a bright, clean, spacious kitchen to work in.

As well as the classic look that the colour white brings, it also adds a clean and sanitary feel to your kitchen space. This is not just because of the colour, it is because any marks or stains stand out and can be easily cleaned so you will always have a sparkling, hygienic space.

Adding Houseplants

Houseplants have been a feature in interior decor since the concept first began and it has certainly not gone out of style. In fact, in recent years, the younger generation is embracing houseplants more than ever, bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, adding contrast to their decor and making their home feel more alive, vibrant and healthy in the process.

A high-maintenance house plant requires a lot of time and attention, which is not always available. Additionally, many homes lack natural sunlight. Hence, the majority of indoor plants will simply wither and die as a result.

This is why you have to be selective when choosing your houseplants, and some timeless, low-maintenance classics include ivy, palms, ferns, aloe vera (perfect for sunburn and mild abrasions as well), lilies and rubber plants.

Marble Countertops

Historically, marble was a stone of choice in old castles and for the finest estates. There were beautiful floors, soaring columns – the owner used marble liberally throughout the house, from foundation to roof to wall. Natural stone is today seeing a surge in popularity as more people become familiar with its benefits.

Kitchen designs have always featured marble countertops as they are durable, they look great and they instantly add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any kitchen design. Practical and luxurious, marble countertops can also be a great addition to your bathroom interior.

Wall-To-Wall Carpeting

While not always the best choice for every room of the home, especially if you have a young family, wall-to-wall carpeting will forever be a first choice with homeowners. This timeless interior design trend looks great in bedrooms and living rooms, adding a sense of luxury and comfort that is impossible to rival.

Choose Timeless Design Components That Will Work For Your Home

As the layout, style and aesthetic of every home is completely different, it’s crucial that you take the time to assess your space carefully to find what will work best for your property. When it comes to adding classic design touches to your home, you need to ensure that you make the right decision and opt for those timeless touches that will complement your existing decor to create a design that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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