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10 Under Window Storage Ideas

Acquire more storage in your living space doesn’t have to be stressful. Many fantastic window storage ideas will help you create a personalized space. Besides, the beauty of these decorating ideas is they do not have to be expensive or complicated so that anyone can afford them!

Most homeowners will avoid placing storage along walls that have windows. But these beautiful window storage ideas will let you know that you do not need to worry about it. Besides, the storage can make the room look pretty!

Adding storage around windows allows you to create a comfortable and relaxing reading nook. You can add more cabinets under the windows to make a window seat. You can even build it up to the ceiling for extra storage.

We have put together 10 under window storage ideas that will inspire you. Keep scrolling down! For more detailed information and creative approaches, follow the Simphome link inside the references.

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10. A Walk-in Closet Window Storage

The best way to optimize your closet space is to invest in a bench by the Window. You will get a walk-in closet that is both functional and beautiful.
This closet, for example, provides plenty of shelves and storage cabinets for your shoes, bags, and clothes.
You can try to cover the window with curtains or blinds if you want some privacy. Additionally, to create a cozy bench, you may try to decorate it with plush cushions.

Detailed instructions:

  • 1. Materials:
    + Wood or MDF boards.
  • 2. Tools:
    + Drill with a hole saw bit, clamps, measuring tape.
  • 3. Steps:
    1) Cover the Window with a board to cover all the openings and the window seat frame.
    2) Cut a board so that it will fit perfectly to the width of your window seat. It should be just enough to cover all openings and frames of your window seat.
    3) Measure from inside to outside from both sides of your window seat to find height measurements for your boards.
    4) Cut the boards to the height you have found.
    5) Place boards back to back so you can attach them with clamps—drill pilot holes with a drill bit for countersinking.
    6) Connect the boards at the top and bottom of your window seat with additional clamps until you reach your desired height.
    7) Screw the boards together, insert cushioning foam between them, and then cover them with the fabric of your choice.
    8) Place enough support for your favorite books underneath the seat so that they will not collapse when you sit on them. You can use an ottoman or baskets for that purpose.
    9) Decorate with pillows and cushions to make it more comfortable.

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9. Built-in Shelves around the Window

The space by the Window is usually underestimated and sometimes left empty. Some people considered it awkward and dysfunctional. Although we need to use it somehow, there are several ways to transform.

In this case, you can make a bench next to the Window and bookshelves on either side. You can use the space above it for additional shelves. You can also add a desk next to the Window for a workspace if you need it.

Making a window seat gives you a lot of benefits because you will have extra storage items and shelves to store your books. This area of ​​your home is a perfect space to relax. Besides, you can also enjoy natural light coming in from the windows.

To start copying the project, you need to pay attention to:
1. The measurements of your window seat.
2. The size of the material you need to buy.
3. The seat’s height, so it will be enough so that you can sit comfortably on it.
4. The material you want to buy, everything has to be sturdy and durable enough for daily use.
5. Keep in mind that if your space is small, then it will be better to choose curtains rather than blinds or large drapes because they are perfect for smaller spaces, whether they are windows or not.
6. Choose the color that matches your furniture already in the room.

8. A Minimalist Bay Window Design

If you are a person who wants a calm seating area in your room but thinks that there will not be enough space, think again! Instead of a few random chairs placed around your room, try a bay window seat. You can install it near your bedroom window, usually equipped with a cupboard under the chair for you to store things, creating a more accessible and tidy space in your room.

The simple bay window design with just a horizontal seating area and a couple of cushions are sweet enough to make it a comfortable, relaxing space. If you need extra storage space, include an under-the-seat cupboard. You can also hang light curtains like the one in the picture above to let the natural light shine through gently.

Detailed Instructions:

  • 1. Materials
    + 1 or 2 fabric chairs.
    + 1 or 2 fabric cushions.
    + 1 or 2 shelf units for the under-the-seat cupboard.
    + 1 vertical white curtain to hang from the window frame like a curtain for the bay window seat.
  • 2. Tools:
    + Clamps and screws for connecting parts of the seat to one another.  (If you do not have clamps, you can use an office stapler)
  • 3. Steps:
    1) Take measurements of your window seat and cut your fabric to size according to those measurements.
    2) Attach your fabric to the wooden frames of the door by using the screws.
    3) Attach the desk-side unit (if you want that) or shelf units (if you do not want that).
    4) Add the vertical white curtain to your bay window seat. This curtain will act as a curtain for your bay window seat according to your taste; for example, you may hang it up by using the hooks in the corners of your window frame or leave it open for more light to shine through.
    5) Create cushions or fix cushions with zippers by stuffing them in.
    6) Add the chair; you can use either wooden seats or fabric seats.
    7) Enjoy your new bay window area by adding a couple of cushions on the chair for comfort!

7. A Bedroom featured with around the Window Storage

Building around pieces of furniture makes a comfortable architectural feel. Not only that, you have many storage spaces around the windows, even with the bench. Install the top cabinet to show your decorative items or books.

The blue striped curtain provides a cozy feel to the whole bedroom. With this storage around the Window, you will no longer run out of places to store things in your bedroom.

To replicate the project, you need to pay attention:

  • To measure the width of your window seat. You can use tape to measure the measurements.
  • To measure the height of the top cabinet, the height cannot be more than 19 inches, so it will be safe for you to make a bench next to your window seat.
  • The size of the wood you need to buy for making your top cabinet, you can refer to make-it-easy or any other video about building around furniture pieces with furniture storage.  It would be best to have some tools like saws and drills for drilling holes for attaching parts.
  • The size of the fabric you need to buy, keep in mind that if you want to have a curtain for your window seat, it should be white or another color that matches your bedroom color or furniture.
  • Choose the color of the fabric that matches your home interior because it will be attached to the wood base of the cabinet.
  • Choose a bench design that can store all kinds of things you usually put under it or inside, such as baskets or chairs with storage space underneath them.
  • Plan where to put your top cabinet under your window seat.
  • Add the fabric strips on the top using cables to hold them up.
  • Make sure that the fabric color is close to your bedroom furniture; for example, if your bedroom is blue, you should choose blue fabric for your curtain or cabinet.
  • Create acoustics by adding curtains or blinds to help light entering through other windows.

6. A Kitchen Window Seating Idea with Storage

A large bench that permits you to take a nap lazily might sound great, but not everyone has enough space in their kitchen to spare for such an affluent addition!

A mini bench with a built-in cabinet underneath is a superb choice for you who are short on space and resources. Not only does it offer you a comfy resting place in the kitchen, but it also helps you store extra kitchen utensils that you don’t normally use. You can also use it as a cool homework zone or maybe a mini breakfast nook with the addition of a small table.

The instruction of the project are:

  • First, measure the width of your kitchen window seat.
  • Next, measure the length of the cabinet you want to make. Choose a wood that matches your kitchen’s color.
  • Next, cut two pieces of wood on each side of the length you have designated earlier, each measuring three inches wide by three feet long.
  • After cutting, drill holes at specific intervals on both sides of each board with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of your screws.
  • Next, attach the two pieces of wood with the screws you have chosen.
  • After connecting them, place them against your kitchen window seat. Make sure they are facing each other, two inches apart from one another. By now, you have already started working on your bench’s base! Next, it’s time to build the benchtop.
  • All you need to do is measure the length of your base, then cut a piece of wood that is slightly taller than that measurement by about four inches or so.
  • Once your cut-out has been made, apply glue along the edges and attach it firmly to the top of your bench using nails or screws.

5. A Playroom Bench Idea completed with storage

Staying indoors during this pandemic can be stressful, and when you have kids, it gets frantic and boring!

It’s hard to keep them in check and busy all the time, and soon they will begin to keep asking you about when they can go to the nearest park or beach again. What helps you here is to have a comfortable playroom.

Take advantage of the vertical and horizontal wall space in the new playroom by stacking the toy boxes. It is one of the best playroom storage ideas as it allows your kids to display their favorite toys and easily access any book, game, or playset without having to dig through the boxes in the cupboard.

Placing it near a window helps conserve electricity and maximizes natural light coming in.

To start the project, you have to measure the length of the width; the height is twice that measurement.  Next, make a pattern or drawing of what you want to do, or take advantage of your existing space and make adjustments to fit it in.

To finish the project, take your measurements with the help of the carpenter to build two identical-sized cabinets for you. After that, measure the area you will paint, then choose the colors that match your ideas for this playroom.

Now it is time for you to start making furniture pieces!  For your cabinets, cut-out ends using a hand saw or electric jigsaw.  After that, sand all parts of the cabinet with fine sandpaper. Next, paint them with primer or wood finish to protect them from dampness and damage caused by weather changes.

4. The Reading Nook Idea with extra storage

If you’re not that nerdy and prefer to watch movies, prepare your living room or marathon room with plenty of pillows, plush blankets, and footrests to support your legs, or have a tray of snacks ready.

In this space, the window seat doubles as a daybed. This window seat is positive proof that you can transform any small space. Now you can read your collection of books while having quality time with family.
To optimize it, you can always install one large drawer or two smaller drawers to store any board games, magazines, books, or CDs.

3. A Cozy Breakfast Nook Idea

The smallest room can be the most charming breakfast corner. If you can’t add a built-in banquet, simply add stools and a small table to an empty corner or by a window.

Install a window seat in the bay area or a window alcove to execute as your breakfast corner near the kitchen. The bench in the breakfast corner is a pleasant addition by providing additional seating while still letting the massive kitchen windows let light in.

To replicate the project, you must first measure the length and width of a window seat you want to build. Next, cut two pieces of wood on each side of the length you have designated earlier, each measuring three inches wide by three feet long. After cutting, drill holes at specific intervals on both sides of each board with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of your screws. After that, connect them with screws.

Once everything is done and ready, paint or stain it as specified by your design ideas for this breakfast corner.

2. A Daybed Window Project with Comfy Seating

The natural light lifting the mood and the ready-to-use alcove that the bay window brings practically calls for additional window seating. Here, a long, deep bench lined with large soft cushions makes the perfect lounge area.

Decorative brackets help support the bench and provide the large-scale built-in a lighter look, as does the all-white color scheme. The tall base prints tie this window seat design to the rest of the room.

To follow the project in general, you only need to measure the length and width of the bench you’re going to make. Next, cut out two pieces of wood on each side of the length you have designated earlier, each measuring three inches wide by three feet long. After cutting, drill holes at specific intervals on both sides of each board with a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the size of your screws.

Next, connect both pieces of wood with nuts and screws to form a bench that can be used as a couch during parties, naps during boring weekends, etc. Before putting it in place, you need to paint or stain it as specified by your design ideas for this daybed window seat.

Lastly, Number 1. A Home Office Project Idea with Window Seat

A well-lit room is essential to feeling awake and ready for the day. Lighting can make a difference in boosting creativity, as dark spaces can leave you feeling tired and uninspired.

Make sure your home office has access to plenty of natural sunlight. Arrange lots of mirrors around the room by using windows to reflect the natural light you have may help you with that.

If the desk is facing a wall, try setting it so that you have a window view instead. It will help to give you a break from staring at a computer screen all day.

If you think you have sufficient space to experiment with the project, always remember to measure your available space and the size of the desk you want to build. Then, design and build this home office around that. Use 2×3 or 2×4 boards for stability and practicality during construction and DIY projects.

Once that is done, choose materials for your home office such as functional art, comfortable chairs, sharp tables with drawers for storage, and printouts of inspirational quotes to stimulate your creative process.


You may have to start with smaller-scale projects to build your confidence, but you will realize that it is not too difficult after you accomplish several DIY projects.
If you are not skilled or experienced enough to do it yourself or lack the time, hire a carpenter. Always remember that practice makes perfect!

As the saying goes, “All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy,” so if you want to make progress in your home office or help your kids with their homework every day, be sure to make it a fun and relaxing time for everyone.
If done right, DIY home improvement tasks can be enjoyable and rewarding; they can also be the solution for your storage needs at home.

Those are 10 under window storage ideas that you can copy. They make a great spot to read a book, play a game, or even sit back and relax. More importantly, they provide additional storage solutions that will get rid of clutter.



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