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12 Space-Savvy Bedroom Ideas

Do not let space limit your creativity! Here are 12 space-savvy bedroom ideas that will help you maximize the use of the available space in your home. These are all unconventional solutions to smaller quarters, whether you live in a studio or dorm room. All these nifty fixer-uppers come from different countries too! And best of all, they are affordable and easy to execute. By following these practical bedroom design tips, you will never feel cramped ever again! We hope!

Some people cannot afford a spacious and elegant apartment due to the limited budget. They have no other option but to get by with a small bedroom, which tends to be uncomfortable and is prone to clutter.
You do not have to be upset just because your bedroom feels cramped. With the right furniture and arrangement, you can make the most of the available space. If you are in your quest for this mission, just take a look at these 12 space-savvy bedroom ideas and start taking action immediately afterward later. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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12. Trundle Bed Combines Storage Space with Smart Arrangement

Sharing a small room can be challenging because you do not have enough space for a queen-sized bed. Therefore, your options would be either a single-sized or a full-sized bed. So, what about your roommate?
Well, we offer you an intelligent solution. You can try raising your full-sized bed a few feet of the ground.
This way, you tuck a platform bed underneath it.
The platform bed, for example, features a top opening for another mattress to rest snugly. It also has built-in shelves that you can use as additional storage solutions.

Next to the bed is a side table that you have tweaked a little bit by shoving a cubby. It is just a tiny shelf, indeed. However, it has made a significant impact on the space by holding the clutter at bay.

11. How to Make a Built-in-Bed Using Stock Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners use the attic as a storage room due to the sloped ceiling and small area. Did you know that it could make a cozy bedroom if you arrange the furniture properly?
This bedroom, for example, uses two drawer units and a long twin-sized mattress to create a super comfy bedroom. Making the front of the cabinets flush with the front of the bed would be nice.
However, you will leave some gaps between the cabinets and the wall.

Use 2x3s to build a frame behind the cabinet rear section to overcome this problem. After that, cover the sides with a ¼” piece of Luan Plywood.
Although the attic has limited space, you can still optimize it. Try making trundle drawers under the bed. This way, you can stash your blankets and socks away. To round out the rustic look, you can use some stained planks to cover the wall. Finally, you get a striking accent wall. Do not forget to flank the window with sconces to accentuate it.

10. Play with Proportions

Some people think that a small bedroom requires minute pieces of furniture and accessories. Nothing could be further from the truth. Small items will just make an undersized room look more cramped. You should think big, instead.

Try laying an oversized rug under your bed. In addition to making your bedroom appear to be larger, it will also comfort your barefoot in the chilly morning.

Investing in a bed frame with clean-lined edges is such a smart move. The simple design will not overwhelm your small bedroom. Besides, it can also help you carve out a modern or Boho style.

9. Build Shelves Around Your Bed Complete with planters

Storage is crucial when it comes to limited space, just like this bedroom. It does not have enough room for a bed, let alone a closet or dresser. Therefore, making custom shelves would be your greatest bet.

Try placing the twin-sized bed right in the middle so that you can have ample space to jump in and out of bed. After that, measure the remaining length on both sides to make built-in shelves.
These shelves flank the bed nicely, anchoring it in place. The shelves feature the same finish as the headboard, making them look united. To kick it up a notch, try placing a planter on the top shelf.

8. The Multipurpose Furniture Solutions

Your small bedroom does not allow you to cram many things in it at once. Therefore, you need to downsize your furniture without sacrificing the essential functions. The best solution would be investing in multipurpose pieces.
Instead of purchasing a dressing table, you can buy a side table to serve various functions. Just add a chair, and you will get your private home office. Then, hang a mirror to get a dressing table.

Or you can try this floating shelving idea for your closet.

It will not only help you get the outfit you want easily but also organize your books well.

7. Fashion a Floating Storage System

IKEA Hejne shelf allows people to incorporate additional storage solutions. It is also quite versatile. You can simply screw it on the wall or add some pieces of wood board to create racks.
Instead of mounting the shelf by letting it protrude from the wall, let’s try something new, shall we?
First, hang 2 IKEA Hejne shelves on the wall, just like what you see in the picture. After that, install some door hooks to hold the wood strips. This way, you can get your horizontal storage. You can also screw in a hook to hold a planter.

6. Save Small Space with Sconces

Lighting is the most indispensable thing of all, including your bedroom. You can find many types of lights in a store. They may look fabulous and elegant.
However, the small space does not allow you to have a floor lamp or a table lamp. So, what would be the best light for your bedroom?
Sconces would be perfect for your tiny bedroom. They do not eat up any floor space nor perch on a table. You just need to mount them over your headboard, and you are good to go.

5. Full Bed Against the Wall (With A Desk Doubling as A Nightstand)

Arranging the furniture in a small and narrow bedroom is a bit tricky. If you do not do it properly, you will end up forgoing some essential pieces.
If you have this type of bedroom, you had better shove your bed against one of the corners. This way, you still have ample floor space to have a short trip to the door or windows. Consider investing in a side table to set down a table lamp or your phone.

4. The DRESSER DECOR tips + NEW CURTAINS IN THE MASTER BEDROOM from the Halfwaywholeistic

We all agree that a small bedroom requires a lot of smart storage that can hold the clutter at bay without gobbling up much space. What about the visual appeal? Don’t you think it is also essential to please your eyes?
The top of a dresser tends to collect clutter. However, it can also make your bedroom look fabulous. You just need to group several items and display them on top of the dresser. Still, you have to do it meticulously.
You can begin with the tallest item as a table lamp placed near one of the edges. Next, add artwork, vases, and books. Finally, put another one or two tall items like candles on the opposite edge. Then, finish it off with curtains that have the same color as the dresser.

3. Put Your Stuff on This Easy DIY Rattan Storage Table

Rattan furniture has never failed to instantly add texture to any room, which is suitable for your mid-century modern or Boho bedroom. However, it can be hard to find. You can make it yourself, though. If you think it is such an impossible mission, well, you can try this DIY storage table.

Although it is not the real rattan furniture that you expect, it does provide the charm of rattan. First, you need to get a glass display box and cane-webbing sheets. Simply attach the sheet to the glass box using Gorilla contact adhesive clear. Keep doing this step until you cover all the sides.
After that, grab rectangular wooden blocks and glue them down to the box. This way, you can raise it a few inches off the floor.

Or you can also try this DIY dresser desk to optimize the storage space in your bedroom.

It was actually a desk. However, the homeowner thought she could use it better by removing the chair, adding more drawers, and installing casters as the dressing stool to one of the carts.

2. Use large Mirrors to Open Up the Room

The most common way to make your small bedroom look larger is by hanging a large mirror on the wall. It is not a total myth. Leaning a huge mirror against the wall or hanging it enables you to create an illusion of a more spacious room.
Besides, the mirror will reflect the lighting in your bedroom, making it brighter and more open. For this reason, you should position the mirror across from the window.
Additional improvement choice:
Replace your traditional nightstand with an adjustable Bedside Caddy
You do not need to be a massive fan of outdoor camping to like this design. It is pretty functional and easy to build. You just need enough time and three plywood boards that are 20 inches wide (H x W).

After that, follow these steps:
1. Cut out pieces of plywood of the same size of the side panels of the caddy cooler (12 x 2 ½”)
2. Attach the plywood pieces you just cut out onto the side panels of the cooler with some screws
3. Cut out two pieces of plywood of 12 x 4 ½” and glue them together
4. Attach this piece to the bottom panel of the caddy cooler with some screws
5. You can add some hooks to hang your glasses or light switches on it
6. Install a handle on one side of the panels using some hinges and a latch on the other side.

Lastly, Number 1. Create Walk-In Wardrobe with A Glass Encased

The idea of having a walk-in wardrobe can be thrilling. However, it will just make your bedroom look even smaller. It does not you cannot have one, though.

This bedroom, for example, has a walk-in wardrobe in it. Instead of using wooden walls, it uses glass that allows you to see through them, creating an optical illusion of a more spacious room.

Your general instructions:

1. Save some money, especially for the wardrobe’s interior set-up.
2. Purchase glass fixtures and frosted glass panels to maximize storage.
3. Hang your wardrobe on a wall with limited sunlight or just somewhere that you can easily access your stuff.
4. Convert a room into your private dressing room with dramatic lighting
5. Turn a simple bed into a bedside table
6. Decorate your bedroom with shabby chic furniture + accessories
7. Hang curtains of your favorite color + print to give your bedroom a warm and cozy atmosphere
8. Make the closet work harder by hanging different sized clothes
9. Reduce visual clutter by grouping similar items together
10. Light up your bedroom with modern sconces
11. Create a functional desk using a dresser
12. Use large mirrors to create the illusion of an expansive room
13. Create more storage space for your bedroom with a DIY rattan storage table or a crate cabinet project’s product

Sleeping in a small room may not be your choice in the first place. It does not mean you cannot make it look cool and comfortable. These 12 space-savvy bedroom ideas will help you out with that.



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