10 DIY Small Living Room Decor Ideas

A living room is one of the most lived-in spot in your home. It is where you serve the guest and spend time with friends and family. So, it is important to make it look at its best. Even if your living room is small and in-capacious, you still can make it stylish by applying some decoration ideas.
But if you are one of those who have problem with budget, skip the overpriced decor and try a creative ways by decorating your small living room on your own.

These Do-It-Yourself décor ideas can refresh your small living room and give it a more personal feel. 10 DIY Small Living Room Decor Ideas Featured Pinterest Image
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10. Fantastic Brass Chandelier

10 Fantastic Brass Chandelier via simphome

Remodeling the old lights into an unpolished brass chandelier can be the first choice. You will need a set of materials to make the brass scaffold such as brass loop, brass pipes, adjustable brass swivel, and wire twisted cord. You will also need a set of electricity tools for the lights such as sockets, 5-hole top large cluster body, and light bulbs.
First, wire the sockets for the light bulbs.

Then, construct the brass arms, and screw the sockets in place threading the wires. Next, prep the cloth wire and secure it with electrical tape. Join the wires by gently pushing them inside the cluster body. Then finish up by screwing the brass loop to the top of the brass scaffold.

9. Wooden Crate Coffee Table

9 Wooden Crate Coffee Table via simphome

Abandoned wooden crates can be a great choice to make a coffee table. You will find it very easy to make.
To make this coffee table, you will need 4 wooden crates, 4 furniture legs, your favorite wood stain color (don’t forget the brush), 1.5″ screws, and L-brackets.
Begin with smoothing the crates surface using sandpaper and stain them.
Once they have dried, arrange them to form a square shape in upside down form so the top of the table will be flat. Screw the 4 crates together by using the L-brackets.
Screw the 4 legs and it is ready.
Lastly, use your creativity to decorate the center of the table.
Making a tiny succulent garden or simply put some garden rocks or colorful beads would be awesome.

8. Pebble Picture Frame

8 Pebble Picture Frame via simphome

Give a natural touch to your picture frame with crafted rock pebbles. It’s really easy and inexpensive to make. It is better for you to remove the glass from the frame before attaching the pebbles. Then glue the pebbles to the frame.
Tip: Begin with the outer edge to the center so you can have a neat straight line. Reassemble the frame and now you can add photo or picture.

7. Colorful Vases

7 Colorful Vases via simphome

Who doesn’t want a fresh, modern feel, and eye-catching colors in the living room? Get some vases in different size and shape, enamel paint, paper towels, and paint brush.
First, clean the vases with hot, soapy water. When they are completely dry, paint the vases inside out. Once the vase is painted, lay it on a paper towel to let the paint drip off.

The longer it’s in upside down position, the thinner the coating will be, which is good so it won’t end up with bulky paint. Dry the painted vases over night.

6. Accentuate Your Pillow Case

6 Accentuate Your Pillow Case via simphome

Your sofa pillows are kinda flat and boring? Maybe they need a little make over. Try adapting these DIY no-sew scalloped pillow case.
First, make circle patterns on a sheet of felt. Then, arrange the circles on the pillowcase. Start with the top row and make sure to overlap the circles with the first row to create the scallop shape. Glue them down if you have got the desired look.

5. Stylish Room Divider

5 Stylish Room Divider via simphome

Separate your bedroom and living room with a room divider to get a little bit privacy. If you can’t afford a stylish one, you can make it yourself.
To make this chic geometric room divider you are gonna need a stack of plywood and 1×2 lumber. Trace 27 squares on plywood boards and cut each squares in the middle diagonally so you will get 54 triangles.
Sand all the triangles, stain, and let them dry. Now, start building the divider’s frame from the lumber.
Start by making your cuts and assemble them with nails. Now that the basic framework of a panel is complete, add the smaller vertical divisions within each row. Finally, fill the square gaps with the stained triangles. Arrange them in the panel until you are happy with the design. Last, connect the three panels using hinges.

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4. Artistic Coffee Table

4 Artistic Coffee Table via simphome

Whether your living room is modern or rustic, this natural coffee table will be perfect. Prepare 2×4 boards and cut it to the sizes 9 55 inch, 12 8.5 inch, and 2 13.5 inch; and 2 bench style hairpin legs.
Set and lay out the boards which consist of three rows. Create a hollow center and the legs have to sit inside the table to make it sturdier. Next, layer by layer, screw all the boards in place and the legs on as well. Last you’ll want to sand the entire surface and edges well. Then seal with a few layers of semi-gloss polyurethane.

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3. Mural Art

3 Mural Art via simphome

We’ve been working on furniture and display decoration, now let’s do something playful with the wall and create a mural art.
Mural art is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other permanent surface.
You don’t have to be an artist or attend brief drawing course to do it. Just go with your imagination. Either black city silhouette or colouful trees and flowers will be compatible. Or if you don’t wanna make your hands dirty, instant mural stickers are now available everywhere with various design.

2. Hexagonal Open Shelves

2 Hexagonal Open Shelves via simphome

A shelf or an accent wall? Why do you have to stick to one of them if you can have them both?
These hexagonal shelves that resemble a honeycomb will be your safe bet when it comes to ditch the clutter as well as making a great accent wall.
Here are the steps to make a single hexagonal shelf. Cut 6-exact-same-length (12” is perfect) woods with 30 degrees angles for both edges. The angled cuts should both go in to make the other side shorter. Take the 6 pieces and set them standing up on the ground. Designate which side will be the base of your shelf and work up from there. Screw the pieces together using drill. Sand down all the edges and stain the woods.

Now hang the hexagonal shelf using a stud.

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1. Display The Plates

1 Display The Plates via simphome

If you are looking for living room décor ideas on the cheap, this one is yours. Go look for your unique plates collection. Pick two plates with contrast colors and sizes. Glue them with epoxy or all-purpose glue and hang with plate hooks in columns on the wall. Do the same way with the other plates that you want to display.

Those are 10 DIY small living room décor ideas that you can try yourself and won’t cost you a fortune. Happy trying!

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