10 Inexpensive Ways to Renew Your Living Room

As one of the most occupied spots, living rooms need to stand up for daily activities and impress your guests. Probably, you dream of a precious and soothing space to live in. On the contrary, you think it is a costly task.

Well, if you have a strict budget, the knack is to find affordable and chic ideas. Learn how to grab it with these 10 inexpensive ways to renew your living room. Once you get the big picture, refreshing your lounge on a budget is as easy as ABC. And if you’re still unsure about my claim, visit the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Employ Greenery

10. Employ Greenery by simphome.comIt is one of the best way-outs to liven up your space. Plants breathe life into any room, and in a white-dominated room like this, you need to counteract the dreariness. With greenery, you can add new colors and impressions to your room. Besides, they provide a lot of health benefits.

They help you clear the air from toxins, manage the humidity in your cave, boost your mood, enhance productivity, and bring down your stress levels. Wow! What if you are not a green-fingered person? Take it easy. There are plenty of artificial plants available you can get online or offline.
Tip: Neutral tone walls will let them pop out.

9. Install (removable) Wallpaper

9. Install removable Wallpaper by simphome.comWallpapers have a significant role in changing your interior look. Thanks to technology, now you can get lavish décors in an instant to embellish your wall. They completely transform the room. Having a glut of patterns and sizes, they suit any space and theme. Moreover, when you get bored, remove it, install the new one, and you still walk away with your bucks.

If you work on a shoestring budget, try to craft your own. You only need paint and a stencil. Wait, do you have a sponge brush and some leftover paint? Dig your ingenuity, and they cost you nothing.

8. Quick Fix Idea

8. Quick Fix by simphome.comAnother free-budget way, you can rearrange your furniture as they can look different at new layouts and angles. Put your table in the middle for a change, or set your chair near the fireplace. The point is you need to work with what you already possess. Declutter things, get rid of items that do not belong and consider plans to fix your living room without spending a penny.
Tip: Ask a family member to help you move them or give some notions for better arrangements.

7. One-size-fits-all Cart

7. One size fits all Cart by There is nothing more alluring than multipurpose items as they save money and space altogether. This bar cart is a handy example. Turning it up into a beverage station is a duck soup. Nevertheless, you can utilize it as an end table, then display art, books, and other accessories.

For more functional purposes, set it into a portable item by installing some casters. Now, you can move it all around at ease. This way, you will blur the borders between work and play, as most modern living rooms serve. Expedient.

6. Exploit Rugs

6. Exploit Rugs by

Instead of splurging bucks on re-carpeting your living room, duplicate this trick. Hang a rug to team it up with its fellows on the floor. You add a retro style to your space flawlessly.

It is easy to get low-cost rugs at big box shops and discount stores. For a better offer, wait for regular sales like end-of-summer, Christmas, or Black Friday. Besides, the idea of all furniture sitting atop the rug is pretty but set them around the perimeter.

Tip: Stick to a simple and neutral color to keep the balance.

5. Assemble Pillows

5. Assemble Pillows by simphome.comGet your throw pillows together and mix them in different hues. Before you do that, try to make no less than three distinctive schemes. They deliver visual interest and texture effortlessly. You may recycle tea towels and napkins with tears or stains to bring unique accents. When you are running out of ideas, throw them all, and make a disharmonious harmony. Voila! You have the same room, same couch, but with a brand new face.
Hint: Even numbers are more traditional. Odd numbers are for those with the casual and aesthetic taste of art.

4. Play the Table

4. Play the Table by simphome.comBelieve us. Colors work like magic! Instead of splashing out on a pricey coffee table, why don’t you give your current one new life? Get some paint and coat it to match your décor. We relentlessly kick about painting as it is a cut-priced way to switch up a room. It changes the mood, refreshes the looks, and more importantly, you can do it on your own.

For colors, vivid red makes a statement, while grey or dark tint will bring it to light.

3. Hang a Mirror (or two)

3. Hang a Mirror or two by simphome.comEasy yet fruitful, a mirror delivers depth and light to your rooms. It bounces the light around and makes your space feel more spacious. Even a single one will do the job justly. As a bonus, it also stands as a focal point for your chamber.

We recommend a vast one as it can stand on its own. But, bring in two if you prefer a medium-sized to a large mirror. Hence, you still keep the balances and customize them with frames to get a vintage look on the cheap if necessary.

2. Recover Furniture

2. Recover Furniture by simphome.comWhen you see your out-dated furniture and think about throwing it out, pause it for a while. Take another look and try to find a way to upcycle it. With leftover wallpapers on the panels, this wardrobe has a brand-new face. Check your storehouse and see if you have paint, varnish, or upholstery stock. They are groovy to hand a jilted piece another go.

Recovering furniture can overturn the mien of old couches, armchairs, or tables completely. Just give it a whirl and see the result.

Lastly, Number 1. Showcase the Books

1. Showcase the Books by simphome.comBooks are just gorgeous, in case you forgot. Next, you can use them as a nice space-filler when you don’t want to buy exorbitant décor. Use your fireplace and pile up some to add colors. Plus, you can access them at ease.

Try to vary their height and covers. If it is possible, set a tuneful color. You are free to mix them with records, photos, and your own handcrafting, collectible items, or medallions.
You bring your books in to play and rejuvenate your fireplace in a single shot.
Sounds good?

A couple of simple tweaks on layout and color can make a massive difference. Use those cheap ideas to deliver affordable makeovers and save your prized dimes. Have you snatched one? Or do you have other tricks? Share them!



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