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10 Garden and Exterior Home Makeover Ideas

You surely agree that a beautiful and comfortable house is not only about overhauling the interior. The exterior counts, too.
In fact, it is the very first thing that defines the exquisiteness of your house.
Get your guests and passers-by impressed with thoughtful flowers and shrubs arrangement or trellis, striking lighting, walkways, fencing, and more because I’ve listed 10 garden and exterior home makeover ideas that give your house curb appeal as well as a peaceful retreat for you.

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10. DIY Bicycle Wheel Flowers

10 DIY Bicycle Wheel Flowers via simphomeBringing a visual appeal to your garden doesn’t have to make you short on cash. You can even do a garden makeover without spending any money if you have everything in your hands already.
If you want to get this look, you need to get some bicycle wheels and metal or wooden sticks from your storage room or the flea market near you. Then, you just need to paint the wheels the color of your choice as the flowers. The sticks will act as the stems that support the flowers, so they have to be green. And that’s it!

Place the wheel flowers among the shrubs or flower beds to vary the height and enrich the look of your garden.

9. Escort Your Guests

9 Escort Your Guests via simphomeThe walkway is like the red carpet of a prominent event. It guides your guests to travel from the front of your house to the front door. Since this is the path that is used by multiple users, dressing up the walkway is necessary to please your guests’ eyes and make the trip to the front door become more exciting.
One of the best and most common ways to dress up this red carpet is by growing some colorful shrubs and dwarfs or putting other decorative items to flank it.

This home exterior, for example, features colorful animals made from concrete that flank the walkway on both sides, escorting the guests to the front door. A few lights are also installed among the shrubs to illuminate the walkway at night.

8. Light up the Pathway



8 Light up the Pathway via simphomeProviding sufficient light to your garden is crucial. You don’t want your guests to stumble when trying to reach the front door, do you? Therefore, you need to install some lights along the pathway that lead the steps of your guests.

There is a vast array of garden lighting ideas that you can choose from, but using luminary bags will not only illuminate the pathway but also incorporate a romantic ambiance to your garden.
Luminary bags are extremely easy to make. You can even ask your kids to help you out, and they’ll find it fun. To make a luminary bag, you’re gonna need a paper bag, the battery-operated candle for peace of mind, pinking shears, and a decorative hole punch.
First, cut the top of the bag using pinking shears, then punch out the pattern you want or you can trace the desired shape onto the paper bag and cut it out.
Finally, place the battery-operated candle inside the bag. Easy, right?

7. Repainting always Works

7 Repainting always Works via simphomeThe easiest way to create a big change to your exterior is by repainting your house. By doing it, you will get a brand-new look without breaking a sweat. Your neighbors will notice it easily and be impressed with the result.
This house, for example, looks like a brand-new house after the homeowner did several major makeovers to give it a facelift, including transforming the red exterior into the grey one. He also replaced the porch cover to complement the trims well.
The plain and dull front yard has also been banished since the homeowner added some flower beds and hydrangeas to infuse the attraction of nature to this home exterior.

6. Dress up the Fence

6 Dress up the Fence via simphome

Steal your neighbors’ focus when they go jogging around the neighborhood by dressing up your fence. The fence is the first thing that comes to the passers-by’s sight, so adding a lively lift to it would be a terrific idea.
You can grow some shrubs like boxwood and lavender along the fence to make it look more fascinating. You can also grow beautiful vines like roses, Bougainville, or jasmines that can climb up the fence for a more dramatic look. By doing this, your fence will look as if it came to life.

5. Work on the Path

5 Work on the Path via simphomeDoing a walkway makeover will not only enhance the appearance of the exterior of your house, but also help you and your guests to reach a certain spot in your backyard or front yard safely.
There are many materials that you can choose from to create a pathway. You can use bricks for a more traditional look, concrete for a minimalist look, or the combination of pebbles and woods – just like this garden – to give the touch of Asian style to your home.
Whatever materials you use to create the pathway, one thing for sure, the pathway will prevent you from making a mess due to stepping on the mud.

4. A Symmetrical Design

4 Symmetrical Design via simphomeImplementing symmetrical design in the front yard is one of the most common and classic ways to bring luxury to your exterior. The use of the equal balance of landscaping elements like fencing, grass, vegetation, and lighting offers a well-organized look to the grand entrance.

3. Jazz the Entrance up

3 Jazz the Entrance up via simphomeThe front door is the most important element in your home exterior. Therefore, jazzing it up is your next way to go.
You can harness your creativity to decorate the front door, so it can be more fabulous. If you want to go with a wreath on the door, two sconces and planters that flank the door, or hanging climbing plants on the porch, just do it as long as it adds a personality boost to it.

2. Add a Water Feature

2 Add a Water Feature via simphomeIncorporating water features like ponds, fountains, or streams into your front yard can enhance its look immensely. Whatever water features you choose to beef your home exterior up, they will never fail to infuse the serenity due to its soothing sound and relaxing effect.

1. Add a Pergola

1 Add a Pergola via simphomePergola is your go-to accessory when it comes to refurbishing your front yard or back yard. It can become your fancy patio or deck roof where you can spend your time with your family in this outdoor entertaining area.
The most thrilling thing is decorating the pergola. You can add a polycarbonate roof that prevents you from getting wet due to the rain, growing vines like ivy, grapes, or wisteria for a dramatic backdrop, or you can go with LED string lights that offer a romantic ambiance.
Anything will do!

So, those are 10 garden and exterior home makeover ideas that can blow your guests’ minds. Every passer-by will definitely adore your home exterior, not to mention your neighbors that wish their gardens were as stunning as yours.

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