French Country Home Décor Ideas for Classic Style House

Provence has become inspiration for French country home décor since they have stunning architecture and design. The decoration and accessories will make your house look elegant while the color selection produces calming feeling. This is why a lot of people love to have French country theme inside their house even though they do not have the real building. You can still have the appearance of French country house in any home as long as you put several accessories and decoration which suit the theme. Here are some ideas that you can use inside your house to get the French country appearance.

French country home décor detail to apply the look

1. Distressed wood

To make your French country home décor items even more convincing, try to use distressed wood material. Although the wooden item is not necessary to be old or antique but you can try to give distressed finish to make it appear old. You can try to do this for your new wooden furniture then combine it with the other furniture you have in your house. You can also use distressed finishing to the wood flooring which will make it look antique. Of course you do not need to use distressed look to all items since you can always combine new and old item together, use it in moderate. (via housebeautiful)

distressed wood

2. European style furniture

This French country home décor furniture is important piece when you want to use the theme. As you know French country furniture is very unique and exquisite since they use European style furniture. The furniture has detailed craft which makes it appear more luxurious and glamorous. If you can, then try to use a lot of European style furniture. However, if you think that using it is too much then you can try to use one or two pieces in each room as the accent of the room. (via aliexpress)

european style furniture

3. Toile de Jouy fabric

French country home décor signature that you should learn is about toile de jouy fabric since it has unique pattern. The fabric is used a lot by French country house because of the beauty of the pastoral pattern. However in our modern day, the pattern now also used not only in fabric but in a lot of things such as wallpapers and even dining set. You can try to use several items with the pattern that you like such as bedding, window treatment, pillow case, and even the chair itself. (via chairish)

toile fabric

4. Natural material and color

Building French country look for your house is easy as long as you use the right material and colors. The French country home décor materials that you should use are natural material such as marble stone, brick, and wood. Then the color that you should use should also be natural color of those material such as while, cream, wood brown, and other bright and neutral color, for hint of color you can use either egg blue or teal. Use the material everywhere from your wooden kitchen cabinet, marble countertop and flooring. Apply the color as the wall paint as well as the furniture color.


5. Luxury

French country home décor is all about luxury, this is why the style is used by a lot of people. And to get those luxury look you need to use some items with gold detail such as gold frame, gold chandelier, gold candle holder, and many others. You also need to make sure that the furniture has good upholster such as on the sofa, bed, chair, headboard, and other suitable parts of the furniture. It will not only make your furniture appear more luxurious but also increase the comfort when used. (via lampsplus)

gold material

Tips in using French country theme in your house

Luxurious is what you will think of when you first see this theme, which is why the style is pretty popular right now. Even people who do not have French country house style also try to use this style in their house interior. There is nothing wrong with that, actually it is a very clever thing to do since the style should be able to support your modern lifestyle thus combining it with more modern items also work well. This is why you can still use contemporary furniture in your house then put several European style furniture pieces on the side to be the accent of the room.

Do not forget that you need to pay attention to the French country home décor detail since it will be able to increase the value of your design. If it is possible try to add some archway in the house. But if that is too much, you can just try to add molding detail to enhance your home appearance. Trim on the furniture and wall is important to increase the deep of your design as well as giving them glamorous look you want.

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