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10 Creative Flower Pot ideas

Flowers will always be your go-to adornment when it comes to perk your home up. You might come across many ways to display your beautiful flowersyou can hang them, turn them into a wreath, or put them in a planter.
Apparently, the planter takes part in enhancing the beauty of the flowers. Therefore, putting flowers in a unique planter is necessary. But it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, though. With these 10 Creative Flower Pot ideas, you can improve your home décor on the cheap.

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10. Concrete Pots with Some Golden Accents | DIYinPDX

10.SIMPHOME.COM Concrete Pots with Some Golden AccentsScandinavian interior design has been on trend now. The combination of simplicity and texture has made many homeowners awe. No wonder this style is mesmerizing. It turns out that bringing this up-to-date style in to your home is just a cinch. You can begin with making these concrete planters.

Short Instructions:

To make these pots, you’re going to need to pour a layer of concrete to the bottom of the bigger container. Then, press a smaller cup down to the bigger one to create a hollow. Make sure that the smaller cup will stay in place overnight. Therefore, you can either tape it in place or top it with something heavy.
Once the concrete set overnight, you can take the cup, and flip the bigger container to get the concrete pot. Sand the top to smoothen it.
Now, it’s time to have a ball. Using painter tape, tapping off the designs you desire. Apply the adhesive inside the template. Attach gold foil on the adhesive. Let it dry, then pull the excessive gold foil away. Finally, pull away the tape carefully.

9. Turn a Teapot into a Flower Pot | Rainonatinroof

9.SIMPHOME.COM Turn a Teapot into a Flower PotBeing creative means, you can upcycle any unused thing at home to give it a second life, just like this teapot that has turned into a unique flower pot.
If you want to do the same thing with your teapot, make sure you drill a few small holes at the bottom for drainage. Then, you can either keep it that way to display its original look or paint it to beef it up.

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8. A Marble-Effect Flower Pot Project idea | Bespoke-bride

8.SIMPHOME.COM Marble Effect Flower PotAs a part of adornments, flower pots have to be eye-catching. That’s why you can find various kinds of pots with various shapes and patterns at the local nursery or online. However, finding the best one that meets your style is no picnic. For that reason, doing a DIY project is the best choice.
If you happen to be a big fan of art work, this DIY flower pot idea is worth copying. All you need to do is getting some plain pots and some nail polish. Get a bucket and half fill it with water. Pour your nail polish into the water, and let it spread across the top of it. You can gently stir it to create the colour effect. Dip your pots in the water. Let them dry for about 2 hours.
Last, It would be better if you put them in your living room, and pair them with a huge abstract painting as the focal point.

7. A Flower Pot Wreath Project idea | Triedandtwisted

7.SIMPHOME.COM Flower Pot WreathA next special holiday or long weekend is coming, and you haven’t got any spectacular idea to amaze your guests yet. Hanging a wreath on the front door may be a dime a dozen, but this wreath is different. Instead of decorating the wreath with flowers or shrubs, it uses flower pots.

Short Instructions:

The first thing you need to do is to cut off a circle from plywood.
Once you get the circle, you can paint, wrap, or leave it that way ─ the choice is yours.
Then, loop the wire around the circle. Glue it down to keep it in place.
Glue the pots into place. Fill in the space between the pots by gluing some moss.
Finally, cut some small cylinders out of Styrofoam and place them at the bottom of each pot.

6. Cute Plastic Flower Pots | Youtube, Good Housekeeping Channel | Goodiy

6.SIMPHOME.COM Cute Plastic Flower Pots

Aren’t they adorable? Even your kids are going to love them. What makes them wonderful is they are made of used plastic bottles. Here is how you make a cute flower pot.

Short Instructions:

1. Draw the shape that you want to make on the bottle.
2. Cut the bottle according to the pattern that you have drawn.
3. Wipe it off to remove the line.
4. Paint the bottle the colour of your choice, and let your imagination and creativity take over the job.
5. Don’t forget to make a small hole at the bottom for good drainage.
It’s super easy, isn’t it? Besides, by making these pots, you’ve saved our world from global warming.

5. Recycled Tuna-Can Planters | Handmadecharlotte

5.SIMPHOME.COM Recycled Tuna Can PlantersThis is another cute thing that you can make out of waste. Who would have guessed that an unused Tuna Can can be turned into a planter for your herb?

Short Instructions:

To make this planter, you need to smoothen the cut edge using pliers.
Make a few tiny holes in the bottom of the can for the drainage.
Next, make the wings by folding the wire until you get a loop, coil and tuck it, use the can to measure the spot where you have to bend the wire, and make another wing. You’re going to put the bend inside the can so do measure the length of the wire precisely.
After that, wrap fabric around the wings.
Then, attach some Popsicle sticks that have been cut into half to the bottom of the can to make the legs. Attach some buttons or beads to make the eyes and nose, and you’re done!

4. Spray-Painted Tin Pots Project idea | Restorationbeauty

4.SIMPHOME.COM Spray Painted Tin PotsBeing stylish doesn’t have to be arduous. You can even make your deck look amazing with these pots. Although they are made of old cans, they are not tacky at all. In fact, they can add pops of colours to the space.
All you need to do is just spray paint some old cans you have. Don’t forget to poke some holes on the bottom for a better drainage. If this idea is not challenging enough for you, try next idea.

3. A Colander Planter project idea | Thehappyhousie

3.SIMPHOME.COM Colander PlanterIt’s still about making the most of what you have at home. Now, look around in your kitchen to see whether you can find some treasures that lie dormant. And if you can find an underused colander, take it!
Your colander is a perfect thing that can hold your favorite flowers and succulents. It has had some holes for water drainage already. All you need to do is just need to paint or decorate it to jazz it up, and you’re all set!

2. An Affordable Rocky Pot Project idea | Centsationalstyle

2.SIMPHOME.COM Affordable Rocky PotThis flower pot looks simple yet elegant. And you don’t have to splurge out on it as you can make it yourself at home.
Get your bucket, poke some holes on the bottom, and apply a thick layer of mortar. Wrap the bucket with pebble tiles that come in wire mesh. Apply grout to the pebbles, and remove the excess grout with sponge.

Lastly number 1. Shoe Planters Project idea | Balconygardenweb

1.SIMPHOME.COM Shoe PlantersDo you have plenty of old shoes and don’t know what to do with them? Easy! Just upcycle them into some unique pots for your beautiful flowers. Now, they come in handy, right? You can repaint them before cultivating to add pops of color in your backyard.

So, those are 10 creative flower pot ideas that you can copy and try soon after this list end. Most of them are easy to make and absolutely inexpensive. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started!

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