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Dear all small space dwellers! Apartments, vintage home layouts, and modern space expand the possibilities of small. If you need to complete your bedroom with some furniture but you have insufficient space and fund to work with, you’re all set. We have listed 10 upcycled furniture ideas for small bedroom by Simphome.com to meet your dreams.

Loosen up, because with a bit of your creativity, things you see as junks can be transformed into a beautiful and stylish stuff to beautify your bedroom. Let’s hop in!

10. DIY Pallet Bed idea

10 DIY Pallet Bed idea via Simphome
A portable pallet bed will be subtle in your bedroom. Since it is portable, you can move it easily and get an extra space wherever you want. You don’t need a master skill to make this pallet bed. Read the following lines cautiously and apply them in order. Or follow link in description.
First, you are going to need 12 – 1” x 4” boards, 3 – 2”x4” boards, nails, 4 – 3” locking casters, bolts & nuts for the casters. Then, cut 12 – 1” x 4” boards to 30” in length. You can use poplar wood because it is cheap and already nicely finished. Cut 3 – 2”x4” boards to 64” in length.
Next, assemble the pieces. Use the 2×4’s on the two sides and down the middle. Space out the 12 – 1×4’s and nailed them to the 2×4’s. 8 on the top and 4 on the bottom.
Next, attach the casters and give it a final sanding.

9. Turn an Old Door into a Headboard

9 Turn an Old Door into a Headboard via Simphome
When you think about throwing your old stuff, please consider recycling first! Our ENVIRONMENT clearly needs it sooner than later now. This is one of the examples. An old door has turned into a stunning headboard with simple DIYs (if you’re comfort with woodworking).
First, you will need towels, an electric saw, an electric sander, sand paper, goggles, an old blanket, primer, paint, brushes, (2) 2×4 board, screws and bolts, an electric drill, a tape measure, and a door knob (non-compulsory).
Action plan: First, clean the door then sand down the entire surface. Next, lay down an old blanket and start painting. Once your primer dry, apply two additional coats. Cut 2×4’s to your desired length and use them to prop your headboard up. Last, you’ll need to bore two holes per 2×4’s. After the job is done, attach the two pieces together with the screws and bolts.

8. Mid-century Modern Shelf idea
8 Mid century Modern Shelf via SimphomeMany homeowners are crazy about an artistic look of a mid-century modern home. And you can get the look by upcycling an old shelf that you can get from a flea market.
To gain this chic shelf look, you will need sand paper, 2 coats of primer,
2 coats of high-gloss enamel paint, 2 coats of Tung oil and, attached 6” Mid-Century Modern style wood & metal legs.
First, Begin your job with cleaning the entire wooden surface. Then, sand all over it. It includes all the paint inside the drawer. Now, paint them using your desired color. As finishing, apply Tung oil on the drawer and legs only.

7. A decorative Nightstand idea with wooden peel and stick tiles
7 Multipurpose Nightstand via SimphomeWhen it comes to decorating your old furniture and giving your limited space new centerpiece, using peal and stick tile “made of wood” can be your new option.

First, you can begin with cleaning your bookshelf thoroughly and paint the inside of the shelf using chalk style paint. Once the paint is dry, apply a couple coats of wax. Then, cut the peel-and-stick “wood” tiles to cover the outer parts of the shelf to give the effect of weathered look. And, it’s done.

6. Oil Barrel Armchair idea

6 Oil Barrel Armchair via SimphomeIf you think an unused oil barrel is just another form of waste, you are misinformed at best. In fact, you can take it to a workshop and transform it into a vintage chair. The following picture proves it. Surely, it is something that needs a professional craftmanship to complete.
And, if you are sure about your crafting skill and adequate tools, consider include this idea in your new to do list. After all, when you believe it as a DIY stuff; it means it is an adjustable pick at its best.

5. A Ladder Wardrobe upcycling idea
5 Ladder Wardrobe via SimphomeIn all probability, it is the easiest thing we have in our tank. This idea is doable for most avid DIY fans and you can choose any color you want to complete the project.
First, you need some hooks and paint, other than a ladder, obviously. Next, paint your old ladder, screw some hooks and attach it on your wall. Now, you have an inimitable organizer in your room.

Bear in mind, you have to ensure its strength, if not, please hang light clothes only.

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4. Hanging Jewellery Box ideas

4 Jewelry Boxes via SimphomeRetouch your jewelry boxes and make them more stylish and chicer. Frankly, this is a fine sample of old items makeover into lofty and cool objects. All you need is your patience, creativity, and some unused wooden boxes. As for jewellery boxes, I think a cleaning, sanding, varnishing will be enough to get the craft done. Last thing, hang them on the wall using screws.
You can change your layout every now and then if you desire. And instead of using nail or screws to attach your new container, you can choose Gorilla Heavy Duty Double Sided Mounting Tape.

3. A Vintage Nightstand up-cycling idea
3 Vintage Nightstand via SimphomeIt is time for your old suitcase to participate the game. Simply clean it thoroughly, then, install peg legs beneath it using drill and screws for functionality a little bit of vintage touch.
Besides being a stylish nightstand, you can also incorporate it with additional storage solution such as dividers or partitions. Lastly, if you desire, you can redecorate it with decorative pieces you have or photos.

2. A Corner Shelf idea from Old door

2 Corner Shelf via SimphomelDo you have another old door? Let’s make use of it.
First, cut the door in half using a circular saw. Secure the two door pieces to be at a 90-degree angle using clamps.
Screw in 5 – 90-degree metal brackets to the back, to hold the 2 pieces together and cut 4 shelves out of particle board to fit the measurements of your door. It is recommended to round the shelves outer edge, but you may leave them square if you have no time for it.
Apply 2 – 90-degree metal brackets to secure the shelves. Then, sand any rough edges. Finally, give any finish as you desire.

TIP: I recommend you to put only one side of the door knob on; hence, the corner shelf can sit even with the wall. Or else, you would have to leave space between the wall and shelf to allocate your knob.

1. A Wood Pallet Wardrobe idea

1 Wood Pallet Wardrobe via SimphomeAlmost every bedroom needs wardrobes to store clothes and garment. However, instead of purchasing a costly one, you can make a smart and gorgeous closet of your own using pallets for “technically” free.
Just have a look at the pic. After cleaning them, you only need basic woodworking, view hammering, some sanding, veneering and rods. And that’s optional.

After all jobs are done, you can enjoy a well-organized space with a hanging section and lots of shelves to hold ironed clothes, folded clothes, shoes, ties, socks, etc.

10 Upcycled Furniture Ideas for Small Bedroom via Simphome com Pinterest long imageSo, those are all 10 upcycled furniture ideas for a small bedroom. With some of your creative geniuses, you’ll give our environment more room to thrive more living things.

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