5 Creative Small Kitchen Organizing Ideas

Is there any unused dresser in your house and you think to sell it? Well don’t do that just yet. You can use it to optimize your kitchen potential. Next this is less than 7 creative small kitchen organizing ideas that you can download in your memory less than an hour if your condition and internet access is fine by simphome.com. I also have plenty more kitchen makeover and organizing ideas if you don’t mind to use search bar on the corner side of this website top bar.

1. Pallet Wood Mug Rack

1 Pallet Wood Mug Rack Simphome com
There are many things you can remake from your old pallet wood and mug rack is one of its examples. Making this idea will make it easier to organize your mug. No need to put them inside the cabinets, just take and hang them on the rack. What you need to do is simply installing some hangers on the pallet and it is ready to be used. Source

2. Pallet Cup and Teaspoon Rack

2 Pallet Cup and Teaspoon Rack Simphome com
While the previous pallet organizer is being installed on the wall, this one is installed on the inner side of your cabinets. Well, your pan can’t be put along though, but you can still put some small utensils like measuring cups and teaspoons. Like the previous one, you need wood pallets but smaller. Also, make sure the length fits your cabinet door so it can still be closed. Install the pallet on the inner side of the door and install some hangers on the pallet to hang the measuring utensils. Source

3. DIY Transparent Jar Labels

3 DIY Transparent Jar Labels Simphome com
Are you tired with your messy ingredient organizing? Use a label on your jar to make your kitchen looks more organized. Also, this way you can keep using the same jar when storing your ingredients. For example, if you put a transparent label on your sugar jar you will know that the jar is used only for sugar. To make the transparent label, just print the writing on regular paper and use clear tape then put it into water to scrub the water. When the label is done you can put it on any jar. Source

4. Dresser to Island

4 Dresser to Island Simphome com
Is there any unused dresser in your house and you think to sell it? Well don’t do that just yet. You can make it into a kitchen island. For small kitchen, an island can take too much space, but a dresser won’t. Just simply clean and repaint the dresser. Also, you might want to add a marble countertop to make the look more like an island. Source

5. Mason Jar Lamp

5 Mason Jar Lamp Simphome com
There are many things that can be remade from Mason jars like what we have discussed before. Do you know that a Mason jar can become a lamp? This idea is great for you who want an improvement on your kitchen. Why keep using the old and plain lamp if you can put it into a Mason jar? This idea will surely bring not only rustic but also a bit of chic and cozy atmosphere. For small kitchen use, don’t put too many of these or your kitchen would look smaller. Source