5 Tricks How to Optimize a Small Kitchen Room

Do you have the thought to improve your small kitchen? Well, you can always do some DIYs to make your small kitchen look better and more useful for daily uses.

1. Mason Jar Sink Soap Dispenser

Have you ever thought to make your old Mason jar into a soap dispenser? This idea might be small even for your small kitchen, but it is guaranteed to make your kitchen look rustic and elegant! To make one, you just need to hole a Mason jar lid big enough for the pump to enter the jar then hot glue it. You can take the pump from unused dispenser bottle. It is simple yet fascinating. Source

2. Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer

Do you have old pallets but you have no idea what to do with it? The answer is simple; what you need to do is to arrange and install them on the kitchen wall and add some hangers there so you can organize your kitchen utilizes like your frying pans, spatulas, sauté pan, and other utensils. There should be gaps between pallets so it can look classy. Make sure the gaps have the same size. This idea will make your cooking activity easier than ever! Source

3. Cutleries Can Organizer

Cutleries are essential tools to be in the kitchen, but how if they are messy? It won’t be too convenient especially if you have small kitchen. If you wonder of what you should do with the cutleries, then making your own cutleries organizer would be great. Simply cover your unused food cans with decorative paper then just simply put your cutleries into the can. You also can install them on a wooden baord to be put on the wall. It is quick, it is easy, and it brings your kitchen more harmony! Source

4. Repaint the Faucets

You want to improve the kitchen but you want to do it on a low budget? You can always repaint the faucet on your kitchen sink. It doesn’t have to be replaced and cost you more. Before painting, make sure you don’t take off the faucets; you can paint it without having to take it off. Cover the sink area so the paint won’t drop on the sink. The paint has to be waterproof so it won’t be diluted whenever there is water splashed on it. Source

5. Pallet Wood Sink Shelf

If you have some pallet wood and it is unused, you can make it into a sink shelf. Simply take 2 pallets; cut one into 2. One pallet is for the shelf while the 2 halves are for the holders. Next thing you should do is just put them together, whether you nails it or glue it with hot glue it doesn’t matter. Spray the shelf with water-proof sealant to make it is safe from mold or mildew. It is being put above the faucet on your kitchen sink and you can put your soap dispenser, scrub, sponge, tissue roll or even small decorations like plant pots. Source