5 DIY Small Kitchen Improvement Ideas

Small Kitchen Improvement simphome.com
Small Kitchen Improvement simphome.com

Do you have the thought to improve your small kitchen? Well, you can always do some DIYs to make your small kitchen look better and more useful for daily uses. So without further ado, this is more than two Do it yourself Small kitchen improvement ideas by simphome.com. Link sources will lead you to detailed information you can take to get the job done.

1. Mason Jar Sink Soap Dispenser
1 2BMason2BJar2BSink2BSoap2BDispenser via2Bsimphome com
This idea might be small even for your small kitchen, but it is guaranteed to make your kitchen look rustic and elegant. To make one, first of all you need to cut off a neck of a dispenser bottle. Then, you need to hole a Mason jar lid big enough for the bottle neck to be secured on the lid by using hot glue. Simply attach the lid back onto the jar and insert the pump onto the bottle neck. Source

2. Wood Pallet Utensils Organizer
2 2BWood2BPallet2BUtensils2BOrganizer via2Bsimphome com
Do you have old pallet but you have no idea what to do with it? The answer is simple; what you need to do is to rip one side of the pallet, clean it, and then repaint it with your desired color. Also, attach a hanger on top corner of the pallet for a place to hang the apron. When it is done just hang it on your kitchen wall and use it to organize your plates. Source

3. Cutleries Can Organizer
3. Cutleries Can Organizer
Cutleries are essential tools to be in the kitchen, but how if they are messy? It won’t be too convenient especially if you have small kitchen. If you wonder of what you should do with the cutleries, then making your own cutleries organizer would be great. Take some food cans and repaint them. Also, take a wooden board and paint it with the same color as the cans. Attach the cans onto the wood and put name tags on each can to distinguish the cutleries. Source

4. Repaint the Faucets
Repaint the Faucets
You want to improve the kitchen but you want to do it on a low budget? You can always repaint the faucet on your kitchen sink. It doesn’t have to be replaced and cost you more. Before priming, make sure you don’t take off the faucets; you can paint it without having to take it off. Cover the other area but the faucet, drainage, and the tabs with brown paper. Make sure to prime it first before using the main paint. After the prime is dried, then you can start painting them. Source

5. Pallet Wood Sink Shelf
Pallet Wood Sink Shelf Simphome com
If you have some pallet wood and it is unused, you can make it into a sink shelf. Take 2 wood planks from the pallet and put liquid nails on the edge of each plank and clamp it with the other one. Take 2 more but cut these planks into 2 and attach them together. They will be the mount while the long one is for the shelf. Drill holes on each end of the long one to attach it on the mount by using screws. Use wood stain to make it darker. Source


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