5 Cheap Creative Outdoor Furniture Design You Can Steal for Personal Needs

If you have an outdoor wooden table, this farmhouse bench will be the perfect pair. Even if you don’t have any outdoor furniture, having this one close to the front door will provide an extra seating space. If it is placed close enough to the door, it can be used as a space to take off the shoes –or even the place to wear your shoes. Making one isn’t difficult at all. Find the tutorial on the internet, and start it up. It would be perfect for your first DIY project.

5. The Farmhouse Bench

If you have an unused picture frame, you can easily attach wires to the frame. It will create a platform where you can save and also display your jewelry collections. Of course, it would be wise if you can paint the entire frame (frame and wire) with the unique color that you like – whether it is bold or calm or nude, it is entirely up to you. The best scheme is to make sure that it will look great for your room or makeup station so check the color of the room first or any accompanying hues inside the room. (via thecreativemom)

4. Wood Pallet Furniture

Don’t you think that the furniture is lovely and beautiful? Wood pallet can be an inexpensive way to transform your livingspace into a stylish and beautiful spot. Again, find the tutorial on the net, but mind you that this work will be more complicated than the previous one. If you manage to create this kind of furniture, you can add nice and plush pads for the seating spots – whatever materials or colors you like, it’s up to you. This cheap creative outdoor furniture design is perfect when you are rather low on the budget but you want to style up your outdoor space. (via palletideas)

3. Tahitian Reclining Chaise

If this work is too complicated, hire someone to help you with the project. It may take some extra efforts and also extra time, but be sure that you can have your own reclining chaise that is beautiful and stylish. This design is handy when you have a swimming pool or you live pretty close to the ocean. (via homebnc)

2. Wood and Concrete Combo

What do you think about concrete and wood combination? Do you think they will be perfect for the cheap creative outdoor furniture design? Most people may not think so but with clever arrangement, they can be a perfect match. Paint the wood with natural and strong color. For the concrete, you can also paint it with attractive color. Whether you want to paint them in matching color or the contrast color, they will be a nice addition to your outdoor setting. In fact, if you want to place the bench on your porch, it will be the perfect spot to show it off. (via diys)

1. Adirondack Chair

If you have unused wooden planks or boards, why not turning them into this Adirondack chair? On the contrary to what you believe, making this chair isn’t difficult at all. All you need is patience and persistence. Don’t rush things when you make the chair and make sure that the calculation is correct. Add a soft and plush pad for the seating spot. With this cheap creative outdoor furniture design, you don’t need to spend a dime and yet you have a natural good looking chair. (via thissortaoldlife)

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