10 Ideas on How to Update Older Home on A Budget

An older home has its charm and character. However, after many decades it indeed will look a little wear and tear. Cracked walls, peeled laminate, faded painting, and other tired interior and exterior are probably begging for dressing up. You can just paint everything to freshen up the look, but believe me, you can do more.

Hiring a professional is unnecessary, nor will it apply any makeover idea that will cost you an arm and a leg. It is about a home transformation that you can DIY. Thus, here we’ve summed up 10 Ideas on how to update older homes on a budget that you can try. For more detail, check out the link available inside the description area as always.

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10. Make Stair Runner

10. Make Stair Runner by simphome.comInstalling a stair carpet runner −a decorative strip on the center that runs down the stairs− is essential for some reasons. The carpet reduces the noise of your steps going up and down. More importantly, it reduces the risk of slips, making your steps safer as well as turning your interior appear to be lovelier, fresher, and more stylish.
Before attaching the carpet, you’ll need to clean and paint the stair for a better working surface. Then, adhere sticky rug liners or carpet padding on the stair center to hold the runners later. Last, install the runner on the base and secure it with a staple gun or screws for the best result.

9. Do the Floor

9. Do the Floor by simphome.comRefinishing ugly floors is not an option when you are on a tight budget. Instead, you can simply attach vinyl or use paint to update either ceramic tiles or wooden floors. Use two different shades of colors to make a pattern and infuse more interest.
As usual, you must clean the surface so the paint can adhere better. Next, apply the first coat as the base and let it dry. After that, make your pattern and mark it with tape.
You can also opt for a stencil for the pattern. Last, paint the design and peel off the tape once it’s dried.
If you want quicker work, just lay some rugs. But this way will only hide the ugly floor, not fixing it. Besides, they can be dirty over time and will demand serious maintenance later.

8. Change the Window Treatment

8. Change the Window Treatment by simphome.comNew window treatment can bring a fresh ambiance instantly and give a pretty facelift to a room. It does not have to be arduous, though. You can try switching the curtains, installing binds, or the combination of both. Moreover, you can sew your curtain to cut a little cost.
If the window is rather small, you can also add trim like in this picture to transform the whole look. Utilizing MDF for the frame, apron, and sill make the window appear larger. Meanwhile, the blinds provide privacy inside.

7. Tile The Countertop

7. Tile The Countertop by simphome.comMake your room stand out by tiling the countertop. It is much less expensive compared to natural stone but offers the same beauty and practicality. Due to its heat and scratch resistance, tile is excellent for long term use. Besides, it’s easy to replace when one area gets broken.
Installing tiles on the countertop is way much similar to working on the floor. It also requires the same materials and tools like grout, adhesive, spacer, and trowel. In case you don’t want any sewing and cutting, go with a mosaic pattern.

6. Modernize The Handle

6. Modernize The Handle by

The handle is the face of all furniture. Therefore, even a small change will make a significant difference. With the help of screw, drill, and wood putty to cover holes, you can replace most furniture’s handle, even doors’, on a budget.
Opt for knobs for doors, and edge handles for kitchen cabinets and drawers, or an invisible system like a tip-on door for a hanging cabinet.
Regardless of your choice, make sure to harmonize the color and prioritize the comfort, especially to the furniture you always use. Avoid hardware with sharp edges for safety issues.

5. Add Low-Cost Accent Wall

5. Add Low Cost Accent Wall by simphome.comAn accent wall can absolutely make a significant change. It carves out a focal point and makes a room design more dynamic. An accent wall can be as simple as painting one wall differently, adding playful patterns, or low-cost wall arts like in the picture.
These paintings look gorgeous on the wall that you probably didn’t realize they’re pages of a calendar. Many older calendars have this kind of display. Nevertheless, you can adopt this idea for another paper like a book cover. Simply cut the image and put it in a frame.

4. Change The Layout

4. Change The Layout by simphome.comIf you want to transform your home dramatically without spending a buck, change the layout. This trick works in all rooms. Even a little move like dragging the sofa in the center can be noticeable. Switch your wall arts, change the armchair position, move the clutter, and move furniture to another room are some small things you can do.
Note that you should start with the largest piece of furniture because it is usually the most important and consumes the most space. Be brave to experiment with angles because you don’t know what will work until you see it.

3. Update the Lighting

3. Update the Lighting by simphome.comNow, lighting is more than just practical. Many use it to accentuate a room, even make it a focal point since it is available in various types and fixtures.
For instance, this copper pendant brings a contemporary look to the dining area and enhances beauty. Besides purchasing a new fixture, you can also simply makeover the existed shade.

2. Revamp The Front Look

2. Revamp The Front Look by simphome.comWhen updating a home, don’t skip the front look since it will give your guests the first impression. Make sure it’s welcoming and visible after the dark. Change the plate number, paint the door bold, add some plants to the entryway or the porch, and install outdoor lighting.

Lastly, Number 1. Consider Crown Molding

1. Consider Crown Molding by simphome.comOlder houses usually have a poor ceiling. Therefore, installing molding is a great idea to add or return the house’s beauty and style to its former glory. It’s a simple DIY project, but you’ll need a friend to do it or the expert. Before starting, you’ll need crown molding, a flat board, and nails.
Begin with measuring your ceiling and cut the bar and molding in size. Make an angle of 45 degrees for the molding so each piece can fit another. Next, nail the bar on the corner ceiling and layer with the molding. If you have electrical skills, consider adding LED or rope light to make the molding more gorgeous.

Those are 10 Ideas on How to update older homes on a budget that we hope still relevant and helpful when you find this video. Although the ideas are easy to execute, keep in mind that safety is number one, so be careful when working on the stair, ceiling, or anywhere else inside or outside your home.



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