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10 Stair Railing Design ideas and DIY

When you hear anything about a stair railing, something that might pop into your mind would be safety. Apparently, it can be more than just bars lining up to prevent any user from falling. If you can choose the appropriate one, you will have the chance to elevate your home’s style.
You may have many options. However, they can cost you a fortune. Therefore, making and installing a stair railing yourself would be your safe bet. Check out these 10 awesome stair railing design ideas and DIY for a cheaper yet impressive safety feature. For more amazing features that the video has to offer, follow the link provided inside the reference area.

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10. Nautical Stair Railing

10. Nautical Stair Railing by simphome.comThe nautical theme has always been an impressive interior design. To carve out this style, you just need to invest in paneling and paint it white. Adding subtle trims might be necessary.
To accentuate the style, you can DIY your stairway. Have you ever imagined that a nautical rope can make a great stair railing? Well, do not just picture it in your mind. Make this idea tangible.

If you want to get this look, you need to install a cleat on each step and an eyehook over it. Thread a nautical rope from the cleat to the hook. You can begin from the bottom to all the way up or vice versa.

9. Beachy Style Railing Idea

9. Beachy Style Railing by simphome.comNautical ropes are extremely versatile. They not only make great accessories to spruce up your home but also come in handy.
The previous idea requires you to thread the rope from a cleat to the eyehook. This one is simpler and easier. First, drill four holes into each post. After that, thread the ropes through the first holes, tie a knot, then go on threading all the way up. The ropes will act as horizontal banisters that prevent users from falling.

However, they are much cheaper and infuse coastal vibes into space.

8. Rustic Stair Railing Idea

8. Rustic Stair Railing by simphome.comThe charm of a rustic look is everlasting. It always brings in the warmth of classic vibes. To carve out this style, you need to invest in natural materials, like stones and woods.
This two-story cabin features a fantastic stone wall with an exposed hefty beamed ceiling. To accentuate the style, the homeowner uses a wooden stair railing that matches the beams immensely.
If you find this stair railing appealing, you should make one yourself. First, you need to find some sturdy branches. If they are freshly-cut branches, let them completely dry out for about 6 months. After that, trim them if necessary.
Once your trimmed branches have dried out already, scrape the bark off using a paint scraper. Next, sand them down for smoother surfaces. Remove any dust with a dry towel. After that, apply the clear semi-gloss Minwax Polycrylic protective finish.

Now, your branches are ready. You can assemble them to make a stair railing.

7. Cheap Pipe Stair Railing Idea

7. Cheap Pipe Stair Railing by simphome.comHave you ever imagined building stair railing from Kee Klamp fittings and pipe? If you haven’t, now you are looking at it.
You can find two sections in this railing. One of them begins at the base of the staircase up to a post halfway. If you want to copy it, you can connect them with a swivel flange fitting. You can also find some pipes attached to the steps using a railing flange and some 30 to 60-degree single-socket tees.
The second section of the stair railing begins from the post up to the second floor. Here you can also find a safety railing that ensures your safety.
To make this stair railing, you will need a 90-degree elbow that connects the staircase railing and the safety railing.

For extra support, you can attach it to the wall using wall-mounted handrail brackets.

6. Copper Stair Railing Idea

6. Copper Stair Railing by

Are you a fan of modern flair? Make sure you do not miss this idea – copper stair railing.
Copper is one of the common materials found in a mid-century modern house. Therefore, you can use it as the stair railing to accentuate the style, just like what you can see here.
Some copper poles stand from the floor to the ceiling, creating both elegant handrail and room divider. The special design of this stair railing ensures the ultimate safety for any user. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your kids falling from the stair anymore.

5. Modern Stair Railing Idea

5. Modern Stair Railing by simphome.comDo you feel tired of looking at the same stair railing? Well, it might happen because it has been there for decades. If you feel it, it means you need to replace it soon.
Replacing a stair railing can make a big change to space. First, you need to make the new posts. Perk them up with a post cap and skirt. Paint them crisp white for a modern look.
After that, pre-drill holes by using a ¾” spade bit. Cut conduit steels to length, and insert them into the holes on the posts. Use liquid construction adhesive to make them stay in place.

4. Wooden Stair Railing Idea

4. Wooden Stair Railing by simphome.comWooden stair railing is everyone’s favorite because it is versatile and fits in with any interior design.
Begin with making the newel posts. You can also add trims if necessary. After that, you can cut balusters to length and angle them meticulously.
For the installation, you need to cut a hole through the floor for the newel post. Attach a piece of oak on top of the wall by using construction adhesive and deck screws. Next, you can continue with the railing and the balusters.

3. Brick-like Stair Railing Idea

3. Brick like Stair Railing by simphome.comThis stair railing is a combination of safety and aesthetic look. Instead of installing a newel post and a piece of oak that runs from the post all the way up, you can stack up some dowels. It matches the ceiling and herringbone flooring immensely.
To copy this look, you need to get some dowels or wood strips and arrange them fastidiously. You can use construction adhesive and screws for extra support.

2. Minimalist Stair Railing Idea

2. Minimalist Stair Railing by simphome.comA stair railing does not have to entail balusters and newel posts. It can be as simple as installing some dowels from the floor to the ceiling.
This one, for example, is different from the common stair railing. It looks like a room divider instead. Since the dowels stay close to the steps, there will not be any safety issues anymore. As a bonus, the minimalist design will enhance your modern house.

Lastly, Number 1. Fishnet Stair Railing Idea

1. Fishnet Stair Railing by simphome.comIf you are not an avid carpenter, this idea is for you. It is eminently simple. It would be best if you tacked a fishnet down to the post, ceiling, and floor. That’s it! It is easy, yet it offers a smart solution to your safety issue.
That’s it,
Now, you know that carving out some sort of style into your home does not have to make you broke. We are confident to say, these 10 awesome stair railing design ideas and DIY offer you affordable options. As a bonus, they incorporate a jaw-dropping look without compromising safety.



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