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Doors, windows, and patios usually feature awning or shade to protect the users from sun and rain. Awning or overhang come in many styles that make your exterior look impressive.
If you plan to add this treatment to your house, you need to know the best awning that fits in with your house. It means you need to consider the materials and types. Need some advice? Take a look at our 10 awning ideas and shade and discover your best option. To discover more details related to our current topic, follow inside the reference area.

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10. Shade and Lighting Combo Idea

10. Shade and Lighting Combo by simphome.comEnjoying fresh air outside with friends never fails to boost our mood. However, the sun might be too hot and bright on summer days, even under a pergola. Planting greenery up to the pergola is a nice option. Not only does it provide a dramatic look, but it also protects you from the sun.
However, it usually takes months to create the shade. Nevertheless, you can trick it by weaving fabric all the way across. It will do in a pinch.

First, cut the fabric into strips. You can measure them beforehand or just let your feeling do the job. Then attach the strips of cloth with screws on one side, and weave the sheets across the pergola.
After that, fasten the end of the sheet with screws. For dramatic effect, you can install string lamps below the fabric. This way, the shade can be a beautiful decoration for night outing.

9. Front Door Awning Idea

9. Front Door Awning by simphome.comIt is important to protect your wooden front door from rain. Therefore, installing an awning would be your greatest bet. It will also make the entrance look inviting.
Before adding an awning to your front door, you should know what materials best for you. Polyester can endure any weather condition and block UV rays while still allowing light to get through. Moreover, it is easy to clean.
If you want a more solid and long-lasting material, you should choose cotton. It is a standard material for an awning. Besides, you can easily clean it with a washing machine.

You can make your awning from glass for a classy look. This material offers a sophisticated, modern appeal and long-lasting protection. It keeps your interior cool, especially when your awning is made of colored or frosted glass.

8. Retractable Awning Idea

8. Retractable Awning by simphome.comA retractable awning is handy if you want extra shade in the summer but don’t like having trouble taking it down in the winter. The awning can have a simple or complex structure depend on how you want to extend or retract it.
Some of them need a push at the crank, while others can open and close automatically using mechanism control. Many fabrics are available for this overhang, which vary from resistant to breathable or striped to solid. If you like this awning, you need to prepare a budget for maintenance.

7. PVC Sunshade

7. PVC Sunshade via
Do you like relaxing in the backyard? But it will be a real bummer when it is too hot outside. Building an awning attached to the existing wall can take up some budget and time. Therefore, you can opt for a simpler option like this DIY PVC sunshade.
To make this sunshade, you will need to place four rebar posts into the ground to support the PVC pipe. Stuck the male and female PVCs together with tee fitting in the middle to form arches. Wrap a curtain around them. That’s it!

6. Wooden Awning Idea

6. Wooden Awning by

Like the one in the picture, the wooden awning has welded frame that you have to attach completely to the wall surface. It is suitable to cover a small area such as windows or doors. Most of them are sturdy and long-lasting. Note that you can’t easily change the alignment once you have mounted it to the wall.
If you are interested in this look, you can make it by yourself. After measuring your door width, calculate the size of the awning you are going to make.

Start with building the A-frame. Then attach two or three horizontal rafters. Next, nail or screw woods for the roof. Paint or give coating to the awning. The last part is installing it on the wall.

5. Slanted Shelter Idea

5. Slanted Shelter by simphome.comThis beautiful narrow yard has benefited from the modern slanted pergola. While being a great-looking structure in the yard, it gives shade for outdoor activity during the day.
The shelter is installed with a heat lamp and lighting, so you need not worry about having dinner outside on a chilly evening. This kind of pergola with a fixed roof is often called pavilion or gazebos for a smaller version.

4. Wire – Hung Canopy

4. Wire – Hung Canopy by simphome.comThis idea is quite similar to the previous one that uses strips of cloth woven across the pergola. However, this one is easy to slide, so that you can extend or retract it. Interested?
Start measuring the dimension of your structure or pergola. Then measure and cut the fabric. The next step is sewing and installing them using a rope pulley system for opening and closing the shade. If you don’t want to use the system, you can use a long webbing strap. Sew it into a loop, then insert it under the center strap eye at each panels’ back.

3. Canopy Pergola idea

3. Canopy Pergola by simphome.comWe have talked about incorporating fabrics onto a pergola to add more shades. Now, let’s discuss the structure itself. Pergola is great for a partial – shade solution. Once again, if you are handy with tools, you can try to build one.
You can use treated lumber to reduce the cost. Start with building the posts and framework. Then assemble the columns. Add decorative pieces at the end of them to make them more eye-catching. Then paint and stain your pergola.

Building it over an existing patio or deck will save you a lot of time, money, and work.

2. Awning with Invisible Support

2. Awning with Invisible Support by simphome.comThis awning uses a hidden arm to support the structure. It is nice and adds visual appeal to your home. Here are how to create this type of awning.
First, take exact measurements. Then, cut the fabric and sew it. Leave several inches to cover the frame. The next step is cutting the pipe into four pieces.
Use two–way corner connectors for the corners of the frame. Then mark the wall where you want to install the awning—drill holes on your marks. Then screw the frame to the wall. The last part is placing the fabric.

Lastly, Number 1. DIY Backyard Shade Sail Idea

1. DIY Backyard Shade Sail by simphome.comThis version of shade cost less and infuse cheerful and playful look. Moreover, it is quite easy to follow. The sail in the picture uses steel square tubes for the posts. They are sturdy enough to support the fabric. The posts are set in a concrete base for extra support.
To prevent the tubes from being flooded with water, you can cover them with caps.
When the posts stand firmly, drill holes for eye bolts and nuts. Then, measure the fabric for the sail. It has double-stitched webbing to prevent the seam from fraying. Then sew stainless steel ring in each corner to be anchored to the post. The last step is to install the sail to the posts.

Spending our free time outdoor during the summer is great. However, the comfort of spending the time should not be troubled with the hot and bright sun. We need to provide extra protection using awning or shade. You can make them functional as well as fashionable. Not sure? Retake a look at 10 awning ideas and shade links presented for you inside the description area.


7. PVC Idea

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