10 Modern Interior Makeover Ideas

People do various kinds of things to make their home become a comfortable place and look more appealing. But if you feel that your home is somewhat dull and outdated, maybe it’s time for you to refurbish it. What about changing the interior design and carving out modern flair?
Modern style has made its way to fame despite the simplicity. No wonder many people are dying for this look. So, what is this style all about? Keep watching because I have summed up 10 modern interior makeover ideas that you can consider and adopt. Let’s check them out! And, if you have to, follow link link pasted inside the reference area.


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10. Expose the Windows

10. Expose the Windows by simphome.comA large window seriously creates a stylish and contemporary look. Still, it becomes nothing if you hide it behind an elaborate window treatment. Instead, let it be exposed and bring in more natural light to make a room feel airy and spacious. Besides, uncovering the window is a wise way to appreciate the view that nature is offering.
The modern interior design embraces the concept “form follows function,” meaning practicality is above appearance. So, avoid giving too many accessories to the window. Otherwise, it will lose its functionality.
However, you can add minimalist window treatments, such as sheer curtains, if you need more privacy.

9. Neutral Colors are the Best

9. Neutral Colors are the Best by simphome.comChoosing the right wall color for modern interior design should not break a sweat. Like grey, white, black, and beige, Neutral colors are still the bestie of it. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should let your interior dull.
Since the neutral colors are easy to combine with any bright accent, you can add a splash of colors like green, yellow, and blue. But still, less is more. Note how some red shades of the rug, chair, pillow, and painting in the picture balance the room.

8. Incorporate Natural Accent

8. Incorporate Natural Accent by simphome.comBeing modern does not necessarily mean throwing away the natural accent. On the contrary, combining natural elements like wood, brick, and concretes with a modern interior will add a nice contrast and create a cozy feeling.
For instance, this coffee table is pop among the pale color furniture when you add a little carving on the sides. Its vast size and intense brown color even make it look more eye-catching. Along with the fur rug and blanket, this furniture success in making the room feel comfier.

7. Opt for Reflective Surfaces

7. Opt for Reflective Surfaces by simphome.comThe glossy and shiny surface is so typical of the modern interior. It carries light from the windows and reflects luxury and sophisticate. This kitchen design is just one of the many options you may follow.
A reflective island takes up the kitchen center and drags more attention due to its different colors. Another glamorous view comes from the other stainless-steel built-in furniture. Everything is just eye-catching without frills.

6. Invest in Low, Horizontal Furniture

6. Invest in Low Horizontal Furniture by

Another idea to give a room a modern look is by bringing low furniture in. This kind of furniture has a little height that offers open, airy vibes. It also works great at making a small space look more expansive and expensive.
However, avoid using various heights of furniture because it tends to make a room look clutter.
As an inspiration, the clear white furniture in this bedroom matches the wall and creates the look of ample and clean space. Meanwhile, the bright red rug brings contrast to accentuate the room. Not to mention the wall arts that add fun.

5. DIY Popsicle Shelf

5. DIY Popsicle Shelf by simphome.comEither traditional or modern interior, a shelf is something you shouldn’t miss. It can add style and texture to a room. For instance, this 3D hexagon shelf adds a mid-century accent. Besides, when you look at it closely, you’ll find out that popsicle sticks are the primary material for this shelf, making it even more unique.
If you want to make this shelf, you will need about 100 sticks. The first six sticks are glued on top of each other to create a hexagon shape.
Continue assembling until the last stick. When the shelf frame has finished, continue to cover it with stain. Let it completely dry before hanging it on the wall.

4. Modern Succulent Planter

4. Modern Succulent Planter by simphome.comGrowing succulent indoor has been popular recently, so you might also be interested in giving it a go. Not only effortless, but this kind of makeover will make a room more alive as well as adding an aesthetic element. However, you’ll need a little trick to make the plants facing forward.
First, grab a hexagon wall décor, or it can be the popsicle shelf you crafted previously. Next, add a cut of chicken wire in front, then layer inside with burlap. Put the peat moss in and make a small hole to insert the succulent stems.

3. Geometric Mural Wall

3. Geometric Mural Wall by simphome.comThis interior makeover is a breeze and contemporary, pretty cool for a modern design. You can apply it in any room and combine as many colors as you like. The primary materials you need to make it are several different colors, painting tape, and a paintbrush.
Start by painting the base color you want for the wall. Next, craft random geometric patterns using tape and apply your paints on the surface. After the wall dry, start peeling the tape. That’s all.

2. Spruce Up with Greenery

2. Spruce Up with Greenery by simphome.comIndoor plants gain a lot of attention lately, especially in modern design. Besides beneficial for health, people use plants for many purposes, such as completing a room, hiding uneven space, and enlivening a room. When it comes to displaying, plants have various kinds that you can set in any style.
For an accent wall like in the picture, you may opt for vines like English ivy or baby tears. If you prefer larger trees like palm or fiddle leaf fig, count on the floor space. You can also arrange some small plants like happy bean plant and spider plant vertically on the wall, utilizing shelves and pot.

Lastly, Number 1. Simplify Your Lighting Fixtures

1. Simplify Your Lighting Fixtures by simphome.comIn modern interior design, knowing the appropriate furniture for each room is essential. It includes the types of lighting you choose. There are different lighting sources for particular needs, for instance, general lighting that provides vital light to an accessible space or room.
The other lighting types are task lighting and decorative accent lighting. Task lighting illuminates a particular area only and provides visibility for specific activities like reading, writing, dressing, or cooking. Meanwhile, the decorative accent lighting offers light as well as decoration to produce a strong visual impact.

So, those are 10 modern interior makeover ideas that you can give a try. Hopefully, you have found an inspiration to start your stylish interior design in 2021 and beyond.



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