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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

12. How to build a new Headboard with Built-In Storage

Materials Needed:

  • Columns with shelves
  • MDF for column fronts and headboard
  • Stiles and rails for panel pattern
  • Top for the headboard
  • Three pieces of mitered molding trim
  • Glue, screws, and finish of your choice


  1. Start with the Columns: Begin by building the two columns with shelves. Cut the column back and side, then glue and screw these pieces together.
  2. Attach the Shelves: Once the column back and side are secure, attach the shelves to them.
  3. Complete the Column: After the shelves are in place, attach the column face and the filler piece to complete the column.
  4. Build the Second Column: Construct the second column the same way as the first, but ensure it mirrors the first one.
  5. Prepare the MDF: Cut the MDF to size for the column fronts and the headboard, which will tie the two columns together. Remember, this project can be adapted to fit any size bed, so ensure you follow the correct cutting directions for this step.
  6. Create the Panel Pattern: Create a classic panel pattern using stiles and rails. Stiles are the vertical elements, and rails are the horizontal ones.
  7. Add the Top: Once the panel pattern is complete, add the top to the headboard.
  8. Add the Trim: You’re almost done building. Add three pieces of mitered molding trim to give the headboard a natural furniture feel.
  9. Finish the Headboard: Now, you’re ready to prep and apply the finish of your choice to the headboard.

And there you have it! You’ve just built a substantial headboard that not only lends a real presence to a bedroom but also offers built-in storage on both sides.


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