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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

19. Easy Cherry Wood Closet Hack With Secret Passage To Walk-in

  1. Cut new cherry wood veneered panels for the doors (using an IKEA door as a template) or have them cut at a retailer.
  2. Cover exposed edges with pre-glued cherry banding.
  3. Drill holes in doors for original IKEA hinges.
  4. Use additional cherry panels to cover the sides of PAX modules.
  5. Create a deeper corridor with panels leading to the walk-in and add extra storage over the “secret passage.”
  6. Glue cherry veneer sheet to the base of PAX modules.
  7. Use Shellac for finishing, as it provides a fast-drying, stunning color.
  8. Use IKEA push buttons instead of knobs for a clean design.

Additional insights:

  • Cut adjacent doors from the same Panel for a perfect match.
  • Choose panels and ensure they are from the same production batch for consistent patterns.
  • Avoid exposing cherry wood to light before finishing to prevent a color mismatch.
  • When applying a clear coat, use MinWax “Cherry” dye on regular wood to achieve a cherry-like color.


While this cherry wood closet hack is visually appealing, remember that working with real wood requires attention to detail and a careful selection of materials. Matching patterns, preventing color changes, and ensuring proper finishing can be challenging.

Additionally, the need for specialized tools and knowledge may limit accessibility for those without carpentry skills. Consider these factors before attempting the project, and explore alternative options that suit your skill level and resources.


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