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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

08. A DIY Movable Console Table DIY idea: A Stylish and Functional Hack

Create your own convenient and stylish console table with wheels using simple materials.
You’ll need oak stair treads for the legs, 1×6 oak boards for the top panels, and caster wheels for mobility.

  • Sand the wood pieces for a smooth finish.
  • Attach the 1×6 boards to form the table top and let them dry.
  • Apply primer and gold spray paint to the hardware.
  • Cut the stair treads to your desired size, ensuring the table legs are taller than your bed for easy movement.
  • Attach caster wheels to each leg.
  • Secure the wheeled legs to the top panel using gold-painted brackets.
  • Complete the table by using a nailer to fasten a face frame made from 1x4s.

Enjoy the versatility and mobility of your new console table.

Remember, while this project is fun and functional, consider the weight-bearing capacity of the table and ensure it is suitable for your needs.

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