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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

14. Plywood Furniture “Islands”: Customizable Living in Japan’s Public Housing for you.

Discover the innovative concept of plywood furniture islands that allow residents to personalize their living spaces. In collaboration with Nozoe Shimpei Architects, Nmstudio Architects renovated a public-housing complex in Osaka, Japan. The goal was to create apartment prototypes that catered to diverse lifestyles and occupants.

Each apartment features one or two plywood units called “Shima,” meaning islands in Japanese. These units serve as multifunctional furniture with customizable walls, floors, and compartments. The islands can be utilized as single rooms or accommodate various functions like bedrooms, dining areas, or offices.

The 30 cm high hollow floors provide storage space, while perforated walls function as pegboards for hanging shelves and hooks. Curtains offer privacy, and a recessed U-shaped compartment can serve as a wardrobe or small desk area.

Flexibility and comfort are key aspects of this design, allowing residents to adapt their living spaces freely. While this concept is exciting and space-saving, it’s essential to note that replicating it may require expertise and careful planning to ensure structural integrity. Explore the possibilities of transforming your interior with these plywood furniture islands and create a living scene that truly reflects your uniqueness.

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