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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

06. A DIY Sliding Closet Doors Project

Measure your door dimensions, accounting for overlap and door hanger height, then build sturdy door frames using corner braces and ensure they are square. This will provide a solid foundation.

Strengthen the frames by securing a middle wood brace with 1.5″ corner braces and screw the exterior frame corners from the outside for added durability.

Attach end slats to the frames and lay out the slats using a spacer. Use clamps to hold the slats in place while gluing and nailing, then apply glue to the backside of the slats and firmly attach them to the frame. Nail the slats from the backside for a seamless look.

Protect and enhance the wood by applying two coats of water-based urethane and installing the ball-bearing door hangers, door guides, and catchers as instructed. Add a ceiling header to distribute the weight evenly. Secure it to ceiling joists, and attach the track to the header.

Follow manufacturer instructions to install the ceiling track and floor guides and later hang the doors onto the track, ensuring they slide smoothly. Finally, conceal the metal tracks by installing a 1/2″ x 3.5″ trim across the ceiling opening—a finishing touch for a polished look.

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