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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

18. DIY Wall Shelves: Gorgeous Acrylic Shelves on Walls or in Windows

Get ready for a contemporary twist on wall shelves! With acrylic sheeting as your unique shelving material, you’ll create stunning displays on your walls or windows. Let’s dive into the process:

  1. Mark and Prepare: Mark the holes for your brackets on the acrylic, ensuring accuracy. Remember, acrylic is less forgiving than wood, so be precise. Set the brackets in a well-ventilated area and spray-paint them with gold for a stylish touch.
  2. Drill with Care: Use three sizes of drill bits to create the correct hole size for your bracket screws. Start small and drill perpendicular to the marked holes. Avoid drilling all the way through the acrylic and gradually increase the hole size.
  3. Attach Brackets: Remove the protective cover on the underside of the shelves and attach the brackets with gold screws. Ensure they are dry before mounting.
  4. Mount and Level: Place the shelves in your desired location, ensuring they are level. Mount them using 2-1/2″ wood screws with gold heads. Remove the protective covering on the top of the shelves.

Enjoy the Beauty: Admire your stunning acrylic shelves that bring a modern touch to your space. Their transparent nature allows for abundant natural light and the opportunity to display plants. Keep the decor minimal to highlight the shelves’ beauty.

Remember, polishing the acrylic edges is an option but can be costly. Embrace the slightly opaque look for a unique charm. Enjoy this contemporary DIY project and have fun creating your acrylic wall shelves!

Critical Thinking: While acrylic shelves offer a sleek and stylish look, remember that they may not be as sturdy as traditional wooden shelves. The drilling process requires precision to avoid cracking or damaging the acrylic. Additionally, polishing the edges can significantly increase the cost. Consider your specific needs and budget before embarking on this project. Happy DIYing!


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