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19 DIY Ideas to Declutter and Beautify Your Small Bedroom

16. Remodelista’s Tip:

  • Place a piece of scrap plywood under your baseboard to avoid holes in your worktable.
  • Use an 11/16-inch drill bit for a tighter peg fit.
  • Drill just until the bit pokes through to avoid splitting the plywood.
  • Complete the drilling from the back of the board.

Get creative beyond the entryway! Use this pegboard for mudrooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. The possibilities are endless!

Critical Thinking:

While pegboard shelving offers versatility, keep in mind that proper drilling technique is crucial to avoid damaging the plywood. Ensure the dowels and shelves are securely placed for stability. Let your imagination soar as you transform your space with functional and stylish pegboard shelving!

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