5 Clever DIY Organizing Ideas for an Eye-Catching Rooftop Garden


Rooftop gardens often become the way out for gardening enthusiasts who don’t have space in their front and back yard to plant their succulents, fruits or vegetables. But sometimes people opt for this type of garden because they want to beautify their buildings. Well, whatever your reason is we have come up with a list of 5 clever DIY organizing ideas for rooftop garden that you should totally take into consideration.

1.Pallet Orangery.

Everyone probably has one or two unused pallets just sitting in the back of the shed waiting to be put for organizational use. Make a triangle shaped door with two hinges. Cut sheet that will fit each sides of the orangery then staple it to the wooden frame. Place your terracotta pots filled with tomatoes and other vegetables or flowers inside your newly built greenhouse. This clever DIY organizing idea for rooftop garden will surely bring a unique look to your roof. Source.

2.Square Planter for Edible Green Roof

You can grow your vegetables on top of your shed or apartment building. First off, make sure that your rooftop can support walking and planters. Then, use 2×4 fir on sleepers and make sure you allow 25cm of soil. Create gravel to allow drainage. Fill with soil using weed block, note that you might want to use lightweight soil designed specifically for rooftop garden. Place soil in raised planters. Plant your watermelon, strawberry, and vegetables! Source.

3.Stunning CD Case Greenhouse

Make your rooftop garden ten times more spectacular by having a small greenhouse made out of a CD case. You will need about 40 cases for 11” x 18” x 20” in size. Make four walls with six cases for the side and four cases for end walls. Glue them all on the edges. Attach another CD in the middle of the wall and glue it. Next, you’ll need to cut cases to be placed on the wall peak. Bend four CDs in half and line them up to make the roof. Glue on the hinges of two cases and balance one on the top of the end of each wall. Finish the roof by placing panels for ventilation and watering purposes. Source.

4.Planter Ladder

Mark places of on scraps of planks where you will make shelves out of them about 200mm between the shelves (about 25mm between each mark along the edge). Hold the edges with screws and saw the top planks. Lay another plank on top of the first one and lined up the bottom. Use a larger drill bit to make shelf holes. Create pilot holes and make support from the scraps of wood both on the front and behind the planter if there is no place to lean it on. Source.

5.Floating Succulent Terracotta Pots

If your rooftop has a chimney, you can use the wall to hang your terracotta pots. Cut three 16 ft lengths of clothesline cord and just one green cord of the same size. Fold all of them in half and thread the midpoint through the snap hook and tighten it. Place one pot upside down and thread four cords through one of holes that allows drainage. Repeat this action to the other hole. Flip your pot and place the cord and move to position your other pot with the same method. Knot the remaining rope at the bottom and trim the hanging rope. Source.
These clever DIY organizing ideas for rooftop garden will totally transform your mundane plain roof. Happy gardening!