10 Mudroom Makeovers for Cheap

Many people overlook the existence of a mudroom in their house. They think it is a place where they can take off their shoes and coats and stash them away. The truth is a mudroom can do more than just storing muddy and wet boots. It can be an excellent place for hanging out, too, if you could experiment with some makeovers on it.
Refurbishing a mudroom requires some money. However, it will be challenging for those who are short on budget. If you are looking for some makeover ideas while trying to have a nest egg, check out these 10 mudroom makeovers for cheap. To minimize errors that could trouble your financial situations, follow pasted inside the description area if necessary.

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10. Mudroom Makeover Idea under $100 Idea

10. Mudroom Makeover Idea under 100 by simphome.comAdd a few coastal vibes to your mudroom by refurbishing it. Do not worry! It will not cost you a fortune because you will spend approximately $95.
First, you need to make a striped wall by measuring and dividing it into several parts equally. Use painter’s tape to mark the areas. After that, use a roller brush to apply two or three navy or dark gray coats.
You can buy or make a bench with open shelving and insert a wire basket on each shelf. However, wicker baskets will be your greatest bet when it comes to carving out a coastal theme.
Next, make a sign with some leftovers. Do not forget to apply chalkboard paint onto the board. Add some 1×2 furring strips or dowels to divide the board equally. Install one or two hooks on each part. Finally, toss a coral cushion onto the bench to round out the look.

9. Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover initiative

9. Farmhouse Mudroom Makeover by simphome.comFarmhouse style has always lent the charm of a classic look to space. You can carve it out in your mudroom and turn it into more than just a drop zone.
As a good rule of thumb, shiplap, or tongue-and-groove wall, is the hallmark of this style. However, you can try installing planks to get the same look with less effort and budget. You will also need a nickel to space each of them so that the paneling keeps nice and even.
Once you have painted the planks, you can install a shelf above the bench. Do not forget to invest in wrought-iron hooks to accentuate the farmhouse style.

8. Collapsible Shelves Idea

8. Collapsible Shelves by simphome.comThis one will be a perfect solution for your small mudroom and limited budget. These shelves will hold your coats, shoes, and caps while keeping things organized.
The most astonishing thing is the shelves are collapsible. You can fold them so that they will not block the traffic in your mudroom.
To make these foldable shelves, the first thing you need to do is making the upper, and the lowers shelves from 2x2s. Ensure the slats stay flush with the shelf backs.
The critical point lies when you assemble the front and back legs that make the shelves foldable. You need to place the front legs outside of the back ones to line up the ¼” holes. Place a washer between them, and secure it with a nut. Repeat these steps on the other side.

7. DIY Garage Mudroom

7. DIY Garage Mudroom by simphome.comMost mudrooms are in the hallway. However, you can make a mudroom garage combo that offers plenty of storage for multiple users.
To make this garage mudroom combo, you need to build the bottom part for shoe storage. Once the 2×4 support and the shoe rack are up against the wall, you can top the support and racks with two pieces of 2″x10″x12′. Consider assembling them with metal plates.
After that, divide the benches into several parts to make the cubbies with six 4’x16” boards. Secure them with L brackets.
Make some smaller cubbies on top to store more things. You can screw a 1×4 into the wall studs and the back of each cubby for more support.

6. Cheerful Mudroom Makeover

6. Cheerful Mudroom Makeover by

If you are living in the northern hemisphere, Spring is coming. Therefore, it is time for you to refurbish your mudroom.
First, you need to repaint the wall with cheerful colors, like purple, yellow, or blue. Install small cabinets with hooks to store things.
Add some other hooks at a kid-friendly height to make your kids learn how to keep being organized.
A bench will be an excellent addition to any mudroom, including yours. It not only helps you put on and take off your shoes easily but also ground storage bins. Next to the bench is a shoe rack or even a tray that hosts your muddy footwear.
To finish things up, lay a jute rug or a sisal rug on the floor. People commonly use them in a mudroom or an entryway because they absorb moisture and catch dirt without collecting mold and bacteria. It is easy to clean. Just give them a good shake, or you can vacuum them frequently, and you are good to go.

5. Mudroom Makeover with Limited Space

5. Mudroom Makeover with Limited Space by simphome.comSmall space is prone to clutter. However, you can make the most of your tiny mudroom without costing you the earth. All you need is tongue and groove paneling, peg racks, cabinets or cubbies for storage, and new lighting. You may also need several embellishments of your choice that will significantly impact the entire space.

4. Effortless Garage Mudroom Combo

4. Effortless Garage Mudroom Combo by simphome.comMaking a mudroom does not have to be arduous. It is as simple as Installing a wall-mounted rack that allows you to add as much shelving as you need. You can also add cubbies topped with a cushion for extra comfort and storage. Installation and setup are straightforward, and if you want to tweak it and turn it more unique, you can try using sticky lamps, touch lamps, or unused string lights from last Christmas.

3. Modern Mudroom Design

3. Modern Mudroom Design by simphome.comThe mudroom can be the first thing that your guests see when they step into the front door. Thus, make it impressive!
This mudroom is worth a try. It lends the mid-century modern style’s charm with the wood feature wall and faux herringbone flooring that exhibit a geometric pattern.
3. Modern Mudroom Design by .
Grab some distressed boards to make several shelves for storage. Repaint the bench for a fresher look. To complete the look, add a wood and concrete planter along with snake plants or Monstera.

2. More than Just a Mudroom

2. More than Just a Mudroom by simphome.comIf you think that a mudroom is just a place to store your wet jackets and shoes, think again. It can be more than just transit. It can be a small gallery that is full of memory.
Besides a bench, peg rack, and storage bins, you can also provide some space to exhibit your kids’ masterpieces. By doing this, you will encourage your kids to draw more pictures and make them feel confident.

Lastly, Number 1. Nautical Mudroom Makeover

1. Nautical Mudroom Makeover by simphome.comYou cannot go to the beach now. But you can always bring the vibes to your home, including the mudroom.
You just need to paint it crisp white and toss some splashes of blue. This mudroom, for example, features an orange wall that evokes the moment of the beautiful sunset.
Refurbishing a room in your home does not always entail a large amount of money. Try out these 10 mudroom makeovers for cheap, and you will get a brand new mudroom while having a nest egg. Tweaking them a little bit is always a great idea if you think it is necessary.



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