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10 Kitchen Extension Ideas

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As the family number increases, you may consider extending your house, including the kitchen or dining area. Since the kitchen is the hub of a home, its extension is a significant improvement project. Therefore, you have to plan, budget, and execute carefully.

You can start looking around your kitchen and consider what to do to expand your cooking and dining space. Whether you decide to turn side-return, backside, unused garden space, or even garage into a kitchen, there are many resources to copy. Have you something in mind?  I have compiled 10 kitchen extension ideas that may suit your need. Take a look and hope they will inspire you. To detail, follow the link pasted inside the reference area as usual.


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10. Emphasize Structural Element10. Emphasize Structural Element by

When you remove a wall or two after enlarging your kitchen, you may encounter a problem with steel beams in the ceiling. Hiding it might make the room looked awkward but removing it is impossible. One way to resolve this problem is by making it blend with your kitchen design.

The picture shows you that steel can bring interest to the kitchen when it matches the layout. The contrast between the exposed beams and the wall and ceiling white paint gives the room a striking look. The structural elements surely add style to the kitchen.

9. Glassy Kitchen Extension9. Glassy Kitchen Extension by

What an experience to have the feeling of cooking in the open air! You can get this feeling with this idea of a side return kitchen extension. Instead of using a concrete roof, you can use glass to bring more light to the kitchen. Furthermore, you have a view of the open sky and the surrounding area. To match the roof light and maximize the sightline in which your kitchen would appear larger, opt for glass for sliding doors and windows.

Although it is enchanting, one can feel that too much light is annoying. If you think the pouring light a bit overwhelming, too, you can alter it with your decor choices. The right color for kitchen decoration will bring wonders anyone can imagine. For example, you can apply dark grey for cabinets and countertops and light-toned flooring. Remember to choose a color that gives a subtle reflection.

8. Conservatory Kitchen Extension8. Conservatory Kitchen Extension by

If you have underused space in your garden, you can transform it into a beautiful conservatory extension. You can turn the room into a picturesque spot for having dinner.

Remove a wall and build the extension with a garden around it. You can move your dining set there. So, your kitchen will be free from the dining table and chair. While giving you more space, you will also get a lovely view from the surrounding area during dining time.

However, don’t forget to plan and sketch one that matches your house design. Otherwise, it will make your home look odd. This kind of extension will work beautifully if your home has a pretty garden to admire.

7. Open Up the Space Using Slide Doors.7. Open Up the Space Using Slide Doors. by

Renovating a kitchen on a minimum budget is possible if you know the tricks. The key is maximizing what you have. You can start by changing the door with large sliding doors. That way, you let the kitchen open up to the garden and create a sense of more ample space.

Move kitchen island,  table, and chairs on the sidewall, leaving the room’s center bare from the furniture. Your space will appear wider when you put kitchen utilities alongside the wall.

To add more style, provide a visual anchor by installing a set of pendant lights above them. Then prevents your kitchen from being messy with an ingenious storage system you can find in other videos in this channel.

6. Keep It Simple6. Keep It Simple by

Save your money by trying this simple trick to extend your kitchen. Building a square room with a simple pitched roof is a less expensive addition to your house. Simplicity is the key. Instead of installing windows or roof light, use bi-fold doors that bring in natural light and air into the room. To free up more space, you can put the dining set outside.

You can choose many kinds of them, such as wood, metal, rattan, and so on. Select one that can survive in the open air. Metal would be a great choice since it is durable. Besides, it is versatile and can fit in with almost any house design.

5. Convert a Garage5. Convert a Garage by

If you don’t want to add more room into the house, you can turn your attention to a place you already have, a garage, for instance. It would be best if you had more work when you turn your garage to be a kitchen. The first thing is to decide where to install the plumbing, gas pipes, and electric system. Then replace the garage door and add some windows. The size of your garage and your house design will determine the model and the number of doors and windows you need.  Some people even remove a wall to create an open living area. It would then be best to choose kitchen utilities that fit your garage size since you surely don’t want them to eat up space.

4. Let the Light In4. Let the Light In by

4. Let the Light In by ..This kitchen uses the country cottage concept with its sloping ceiling and wooden furniture. What makes it more interesting is the roof lights that pouring in sunrays. They make the room brighter and cozier.

The cabinets, drawers, shelves, and other furniture come in the same tone. The color makes the room look united, which emphasizes coziness. The kitchen island nestles in the middle and doubles as a dining table. A large, folding doors open up the room into the garden and bring fresh air from outside.

3. Side Return Extension3. Side Return Extension by

Side return is another good alternative idea for extending a kitchen. While conserving garden space, it improves the connection between indoor and outdoor. The picture shows how a small galley kitchen can expand amazingly. The box window and roof lights make the room brighter.

Roof lights come in two types. The first one allows you to open it, while the other does otherwise.

If you frequently open the door and window, you don’t have to install the former option. But it will matter during the winter when you don’t want cold draught flooding your kitchen through a large door and window. Therefore, opening roof lights are advisable. Besides, some roof lights have a rain sensor that allows it to open and closed automatically.

2. Benefit Those Awkward Space2. Use Those Awkward Space by

What will you do with the space under the stairs? Building new storage or making it an extension for your kitchen? A kitchen under stairs makes a house more unique. But the awkward space can be a problem for bulky cabinets. But don’t worry. Open shelving can solve the problem.  Installing open shelving carefully can replace the existence of cabinets that can’t fit in the space. Next, try crafting a new focal point by replacing the cabinets doors below using pallets. It is a simple DIY project you can experiment with to turn your kitchen to its maximum look.

Lastly, Number 1. Easy Access to The Garden1. Easy Access to The Garden by

The point of extending a kitchen is that it will be accessible for the family. Especially when it is an open plan extension that provides a garden view, it should retain a connection between the workspace indoors and living place outdoors. Use the dead space of your garden as a kitchen extension. Changing the doors or removing a wall is unavoidable for easy access from indoor to outdoor. Consider your garden layout when choosing a table and chairs. This picture, for example, shows that wooden furniture could complement the industrial look of the wall. The right furniture will bring the best of your kitchen extension.


A planning kitchen extension is a labor extensive project. First, when it comes to choosing the design, consider your existing surrounding to work with. Then start designing the layout since it determines how much money you should spend. There are many options you can choose for a kitchen extension. You can extend it to the side, rear, or garden, depending on your house layout. Have you already had something in mind after watching our 10 kitchen extension ideas?



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