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12 Small Walk-in Closet Ideas for Your Bedroom

One of the most challenging challenges in searching for a new home is deciding on the layout and design of your bedroom. What size closet will you need? How many square feet should you allocate to your bedroom?

Many people wish they had a spacious walk-in closet like the one they usually come across on Instagram. However, they do not have enough space to invest in this fancy wardrobe.
The good news is you can have a walk-in closet despite the limited space you have. Stroll along with these 12 small walk-in closet ideas for bedrooms, and you will find one that fits in. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

12 Small Walk-in Closet Storage Ideas for Bedrooms From Simphome
12 Small Walk-in Closet Storage Poster

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12. The Girly glam Idea

The walk-in closet is like a secret place that provides anything for you to wear. This one has a girly glam touch with an excellent plan to organize your stuff inside it.

The upper space is a perfect room for keeping less-used items in some boxes. You also have ample storage space in the middle and at the bottom. You just need to install two rods and invest in several hangers.

You can also see a mirror on the right side along with drawers for jewelry and accessories. Try hanging chic wallpaper of your choice to perk up the walk-in closet, like this floral wall.

11. Hear the Walk-in closet tips from the inspired hive

You should admit that sometimes boredom strikes. It is common to see furniture or stuff sitting at the same place for quite a long time. Well, you know – the same pieces, same vibes, which is dull. A makeover is all you need to do.

Here are some materials you probably want to consider for a bit of makeover:
1. Stencil feature wall
2. Paint walls
3. Reconfigure shelving to make room for the dresser
4. Paint jewelry armoire and dresser
5. New lighting
6. baskets, bins, or boxes
7. Find pretty accessories!

Instead of buying a new wire shelving, you can give the wall a new color by painting it and use a new stencil as well. If it feels too crowded inside the closet, cutting the shelving to a shorter length could be an alternative. You may as well remove the door so that you can get some more space.

You can also install lighting fixtures if you want. This one has a unique shape that will remind you of a musical instrument. After all, it looks nice in it.

Or walk away with this transformation idea from home on Bearcreek.

10. The Dream closet Idea

Having everything goes according to your plan is happiness. It may be trivial, but it’s nice when you open and simply walk into the closet and find everything down there neatly organized.

This closet has an excellent modification, especially with the corner section. It turns the closet into a U-shaped one. When you want to include your shoes in there, you can make an extra room above.

The closet also comes with particular lights that help you see what’s inside of each box. You may add a chair if you’re having difficulty reaching the ceiling.

9. Cover your walk-in closet with pipes

This closet might be the simplest idea of all. It’s an open closet with nothing complicated attached here.

It shows that simplicity is part of it. How to build the closet seems not to be a big issue either here. The required steps aren’t that challenging at all. You simply need to join them by attaching them to the wall or floor and secure them with floor flanges.

Put a piece of plywood board on each shelf, and there you have it. It would be for you who are into simple things and prioritize function more than looks.

8. The Cozy bohemian Idea

If you dislike hectic and chaotic city life, this bohemian bedroom will help you feel calmer.

You can make it from plywood and leave it as it is to carve out a bohemian style. Consider applying two coats of sealer to make it durable without ditching the natural look.
This cozy walk-in closet is actually under the stairs. Yes, you can turn the space under the stairs into a room where you can put your clothes there.

Make use of the ceiling and hang your dress. Next, install some store-bought hanging racks, or DIY ones would also work.

7. Most ideal Closet Organization for your Master bedroom

The bigger the closet is, the more items you put in it. Organizing stuff in the walk-in closet should be a fun thing to do when you already have an ideal plan, for that matter.

You can share the closet with another family member to store your outfits. On the right side, you can find a collection of male shoes. The shelves are an adjustable design where you can set your footwear according to the size.

Then, in the middle are clothes and bags while the male shoes are next to them. The vanity would be the place where you can keep small stuff in its drawers.

The vanity saves many things you might constantly wear, such as necklaces, earrings, or bracelets. Lay a carpet and bring an ottoman would be a great additional feature.

6. Or better with this Ceres shelving system

For an open walk-in closet idea for bedrooms, this ceres shelving system is worth considering. The storage is massive and transparent. You wouldn’t need much time to think about what to wear as you can already see them. You can have some boxes, hangers, or valet rods, too, for your outfits. As it doesn’t have a cover above, make sure that the room is dust-free. Otherwise, it’s going to pile up on your clothes.

5. Embrace the new Summer Vibes

Cedar planks look so bold in this walk-in closet. It brings a sweet look with its reddish tone that would remind you of the summer vibe. It seems straightforward yet stunning at once.

When you have a tiny space, you shouldn’t waste any opportunity. Build something you do need not just because you want to display it as you lack space.

4. Adopt the DIY IKEA Pax idea

DIYers would make something ordinary becomes extraordinary by maximizing any potential in it.

A makeover can mean removing the existing part and fix a new one. It can be the color of the wall, shelves, or even light fixtures attached to the ceiling. This walk-in closet is from IKEA.

With some modification, this IKEA pax changed into a walk-in closet to maximize the space. Not only can it host more stuff, but it is also a kid-friendly makeover as the drawers are low, which allows kids to reach them.

3. Optimize your mini closet the new way

It’s hard to have a relationship with someone when you’re always working. But, if you dress nicely and keep your bedroom clean, things will be okay. With this idea, you would only take a couple of minutes to learn what’s inside the mini-closet.

First, pay attention to the air circulation in this closet. Later, after you have done the project, It is essential to develop a routine for removing new smells from your hair that will work the same way for multiple days.

2. Convert bedroom to a walk-in closet

The more collection you bring into your room, the bigger space it requires. Turning your bedroom into a walk-in closet may be the correct answer. If you’re looking for a shoe rack, a bookcase can be your best choice available.

If there is a bookcase that is just left empty or unused, use it. You can change the color to create a new impression. If you have a huge window, you can use it as a border between the racks. It also makes it look nice.

Lastly, number 1. Build your Dream closet,

Even if your space is as limited as what you can see in the Luis video
Need something cool? This walk-in closet is going to surprise you. It’s like you’re watching a transformer movie here. The closet can be closed and opened, just like when you see Optimus Prime turning into a trailer truck.

In the video, you can see a mirror, but when you fold it, there is storage behind it in which you can save your shoes and such. There are also foldable doors that look like a shield. The drawers have small boxes inside to keep things collided together. It can be messy if you put too many things. So, dividers will help with that.

A mirror on the door is another way of making use of the door because it might be tricky to share a mirror with others. There are still so many cool things in there, and you can observe from the video to make it an excellent guideline to renovate your walk-n closet.
Hopefully, Our small walk-in closet storage ideas for bedrooms could give you some helpful inspiration that leads you to be bold enough to start building or renovating your walk-in closet.


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