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Small laundry room can be a problem, but these unique ideas to organize small laundry room can really help with better management and arrangement. Just because you have limited space inside the laundry room, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a functional or good-looking laundry space. These ideas can help you with better storage systems for improved arrangement. What should you do? This is 5 Unique Ideas to Organize Small Laundry Room without Too Much Fuss by your list maker

5.Storage Ideas
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Make sure that your items are managed efficiently. By placing your washer and dryer side by side, you create enough space on the side for open rack design. These open racks can be used to store washing supplies or equipment, or for the clean folded clothes. Above the washing machine, you can make use of the available space for installing cabinets. If you want to have more privacy, add door enclosures to the cabinet. If you are okay with the open shelves concept, it is doable too. Don’t forget to add a wooden platform above the washer for display area, but this is only applicable if you have front loading washer. Image by declutteringyourlife

4.Pull out Drawers
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If you have a limited laundry room, this pull out drawer idea can be a great addition. This drawer only requires a small space in between the washer and the drier. With this clever drawer design, you can easily store your washing tools or supplies without compromising other spaces. It is one of the unique ideas to organize small laundry room where you can include the similar pull out items – drawers, cabinets, etc – for the small room.

3.Industrial Pipe Hanging Idea
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If you have extra space above the washer, but you don’t want to install cabinets, racks, or any enclosure, this industrial pipe arrangement can provide a good insight. By managing the pipes, you can create open floating racks as well as clothes hanger. Complete the look with metal accessories or accents to deliver a matching effect. The floating rack has this open construction to enhance look and stylish aspect. It is an inexpensive but unique ideas to organize small laundry room if you don’t really like closed structure.

2.Hidden Hanging Rod
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The construction is super simple and yet it is completely handy. With the wall mounted mechanism, you won’t have to compromise space or anything. It looks like a white rectangular wall accessory when not in use, but if you need to hang your clothes, simply open them up and you can hang several clothes altogether. You can even install some of these rods side by side and they won’t even take a lot of space!

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1.Additional Racks
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These racks can be installed in vertical manner (so it would fold down when not in use) or horizontal manner (it would be folded right or left, depending on the construction). This additional rack can be handy when you have extra items. When you don’t use it, simply fold it. When you need it, you can open it based on different mechanism. As one of unique ideas to organize small laundry room, this rack is proven handy and stylish.

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