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12 IKEA Kallax Hacks

Ikea Kallax Hacks and DIYs: A Comprehensive Guide

A Modern Library Card Catalog

The first DIY comes with a card catalog design that would make your library look tidier.

  • You can create one versatile unit using only 2 Kallax bookcases, Kallax drawers, and five casters.
    Assemble all parts of your Kallax bookcases according to the IKEA instructions.
  • After that, flip the bookcase and attach the casters to the bottom of one bookcase. Ensure each corner has one caster, and install the remaining one in the middle.

The important thing is that you must consider the size of the casters with the unit’s weight and contents so that your card bookcase remains sturdy.

  • Next, flip the bookcase back to its normal position, and stack the other bookcase on it.
  • Install the drawers inserts, and after that, add the fronts, and label pulls, then secure them together to the bookcases.
  • In the last step, everything is done once you give each drawer the label and fill the inside parts with goods.

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