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12 IKEA Kallax Hacks

Ikea Kallax Hacks and DIYs: A Comprehensive Guide

A Kallax Moveable Workstation Project Idea

Make your workstation portable to make all your work easier. Let’s start by assembling 2 IKEA Kallax units according to the instructions.

  1. Join the two shelves into one unit by attaching them using wood glue. Use this section as the core of your workstation.
  2. Cut the Plywood according to the size you need.
  3. Sand and stain them for a better-finished look.
    Sandwich two pieces of Plywood boards together.
  4. Make one set for the top and the other at the same size for the table’s base.
  5. Next, sandwich two other Plywood with a smaller size to cover the side IKEA shelves and as an extended shelf in the middle.
  6. Attach all the parts onto the IKEA shelves with wood glue, while for the middle shelf, use EKBY STILIG brackets.
  7. Finally, install four 5″ tall industrial rubber casters on the bottom of your workstation.

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