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10 DIY Organization Projects for A Family Room

One room in a house where a family gathers and spends most of the time in is family room. It is the hub of fun activities such as family game night, movie or K-drama marathon, karaoke party, junk food feast, and many more. Since all the family members do a lot of activity in it, a bunch of stuff has taken over the space.
Consider doing one of these 10 DIY organization projects to store things in the family room, so it can become tidier and more comfortable.

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10. A Big Tic-Tac-Toe Board idea

10. Big Tic Tac Toe Board via SimphomeThis decoration will definitely steal everybody’s attention when they set their feet in your family room. The three-dimensional board is used to display letters O and X just like the tic tac toe game. But you can turn it into interactive and stylish open shelves where you can put books alternately between the letters O and X.
Supplies you need are wood letters, dowel rod, wood glue, 4 metal L brackets, pine boards, and paint. First build the frame using pine boards. Then, lay out the frame with the longer boards as vertical and the smaller boards as horizontal pieces. Nail the together.
Next, attach metal L brackets to the sides of the frame for support, and it’s ready.

9. Eradicate Your Old Magazines

9. Eradicate Your Old Magazines via SimphomeAre you a bit magazine obsessed and have a stack of them in your family room that you’ve been hanging on to for years? What makes you keep them all these long if you no longer read them? Storing them will only spend more cost and take more time to clean. Having piles of magazines can ruin a lovely corner of your family room.
It might be time for you to remove some. There are many ways to get rid of all those magazines. You can share them as charity to health clinic or retirement home.
Let someone else enjoy the magazines while you pare down them.

8. Anchor Small Items with a Tray

8. Anchor Small Items with a Tray via SimphomeThe family room will never be safe from small objects scattered around. The table and sofa are cluttered with TV or AC remotes, video game controllers, CDs and many other small items.
Consider using a tray to anchor all the small stuff. Decorative trays are great for holding things in the family room that you use the most in one place. That way everything stays together in one place, it’s easily accessible, yet not overtake the surface space of your coffee table. You can decorate the tray with stickers or paint it colorful.

7. Stash your Clutter Away in These Decorative Storage Boxes

7. Stash the Clutter Away in These Decorative Storage Boxes via SimphomeA box will always be the favorite place to store things, especially small items. Instead of baskets, storing objects in a closed box is much safer from spilling and scattering. Selecting plain boxes will be bored for your family room, so you need a little creativity to decorate them.
Try getting two white boxes, and paint them with interactive motifs like black-and-white polka dots and black-and-white stripes. To create stripes on the box, just tape it as evenly as possible and paint it with black paint. When the paint is dry, carefully peel away the tape.
For the polka dots, start off cutting circles out of a sponge and trying to stamp it, or you can go free hand and draw black dots.

Lastly, paint over the silver hardware that was already on the box with gold paint.

6. A Snack Corner idea

6. Snack Corner via Simphome

All family including yours often watch movies or dramas in a marathon in the family room. It won’t be fun to spend your time staring at the TV screen without chewing snacks, not to mention the hunger pangs that are getting harder to ignore.
Rather than going back and forth to the pantry or fridge, you’d better make a snack corner in the family room which is made out of pegboard. With this snack corner, your movie night just got a whole lot sweeter.
First, find a pegboard, and install a frame to cover the rough edges of the pegboard. Then, attach a few iron hooks horizontally as many lines as you need.
Finally, put your snacks on this iron hook.

5. Built-in Shelving idea

5. Built in Shelves via SimphomeA family room is a living space where relaxing, laughter, and probably the meetings of the house take place. No wonder that this room will be filled with various stuff like game set, TV set, books, toys, magazines, ornaments, snacks and many others.
This time, it’s going to be the most functional DIYs around, that is, built-in shelves. It will be useful to organize and display all the fun – from books to board games. You’ll need a help from a professional to create and install it.
The materials you need are plywood sheets which have been cut into your desired size. Then set the shelf placement and assemble all the cases. The next step is to build the column and boxes that go in between the shelves. Install the backs of the shelves using screws.

After assembling all the pieces, cases, columns and backs shelf, it’s time to put everything together and attach it to the wall. Up next is finishing those rough edges, adding trim and closing that top part.
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4. a Rustic Coffee Table with Storage idea

4. Rustic Coffee Table with Storage via SimphomeCoffee table can be seen as the center of a family room. So, make it unique and stand out!
This great coffee table is made from wooden crates. It is easy to make and cost a penny. One important thing is that it does double duty as both DIY family room decor and storage space.
The supplies you need are 4 wooden crates, 4 casters, pallet wood, boards, and paint. First, line up and screw your golden crates. Next, cut the board to create a frame and set aside.
Attach the connected crates to the frame. Next paint the crates. Once your crates are fully dry, flip it over and attach the casters.

Last, nail the pallet wood to the top of your coffee table.
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3. A Pipeline and Wood TV Stand with Storage idea

3. Pipeline and Wood TV Stand with Storage via SimphomeBesides a coffee table, a TV stand is also the center point in a family room. Commonly, the traditional design of TV stand is made from wood. Nowadays, its design and material are much more flexible. Anything can be turned into a unique, anti-mainstream TV stand as long as you are creative.
Like this particular DIY TV stand, the materials can be found around you or if you have to buy them, they won’t be expensive. You have to provide 4 wood pallet boards, 2 pairs of metal pipelines, and galvanized pipelines for the legs. The metal pipelines will keep the TV stand as durable as possible. This idea is simple yet interesting to try.

2. Keep the Cords Tidy with Flexible Ties

2. Keep the Cords Tidy with Flexible Ties via Simphome
When one of your electronic devices isn’t working properly, you need to unplug the cords and pull them away from the wall. It must be horrifying to see how dirty and messy the cords are.
Moreover, if you have a toddler, the untidy cords can be very dangerous. You have to do something to prevent your kids from stumbling down or getting electrocuted.
Pick up some reusable flexible ties at nearest electronic supply shop. They will work great for organizing cords. This organizing tip is simple yet effective.

Lastly number 1. A Blanket Ladder idea

1. Blanket Ladder via SimphomeBlankets in a family room? Well, that’s not surprising. Some people like to curl up under the blankets on the sofa while watching TV and eating snacks, especially in cold weather. Here is a DIY tips to keep the family blankets organized and ready to use, as well as to display the blankets for decoration.
No expensive spending needed and no difficult steps done. You’ll need 2 wood rods – 1x3x8 each cut down to 5′, 1 – 1x2x8 cut into 5 -15″ pieces, 10 – 1″ pocket screws, paint or stain of choice, and sanding paper. Start by sanding the rods and stain or paint them. Once they completely dry, assemble of the pieces. It is done, and your new blanket ladder is ready to be used.

So those are 10 DIY organization projects that will keep your family room clean, comfortable, and tidy so that it can be the safe haven for all of your family members.


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