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There are tricks to give your old furniture a fresh look that worth the try. Most of them are not too difficult to be done by inexperienced people as well. Let’s try to keep in mind that the idea of mixing vintage or retro look with modern pattern is in trend right now. The following tricks use the idea. Check this out.

10. Refresh the Upholstery
10 Refresh the Upholstery Simphome com
Several chairs are completed with upholstery. When these chairs are getting old, those upholsteries look awful and tired. Simply discard the old upholstery and give it a new one. You don’t have to stick on the same style and choose a new design of upholstery for it. Try to choose something new and in trend right now. Don’t forget to choose vibrant colors that are suggested on today’s interior. Changing the upholstery can actually change the whole look of your old chairs without any necessity to repaint it if you don’t want to. (via housekeeping)

9. Double-Colors Book Shelves
9 Double Colors Book Shelves Simphome com
A tired bookshelf can immediately come back to life when you rework it with two colors of paint work at once. You can try to paint the left side with different color as on the right side. This should make stand-out look and totally new face. In addition to it, stick two different wallpapers on the back of the shelf to add accent and more vibrant details. This should change a tired and forgotten bookshelf into something edgy and stylish in your reading corner. (via womanoclock)

8. Boring Plain-Jane Dining Chair to Retro Piece
8 Boring Plain Jane Dining Chair to Retro Piece Simphome com
Most people definitely have at least a pair of those old and boring plain-Jane dining chairs with probably black steel and wooden pattern seat. Let’s give it a little pop-up of colors. Paint the steel with soft or pastel shades like soft pink, soft yellow, soft blue, and other baby colors. Then, let’s combine this color with a retro pattern on the seat. Renew it with a little paint work. After a pastel color, combination of black and white or blue and white will be perfect. (via womanoclock)

7. Add Crown Molding
7 Add Crown Molding Simphome com
A high shelf with old color can be brought to life again with a little paint work. White can be a perfect choice for color as it fits on today’s interior style. Combine with other color, like one of the pastels or one of the bright ones. It will make as if this is a different shelf. In such color combination, it should make a perfect piece for kids’ furniture. On top of every make over steps, add a new crown molding on top of it. It changes the design and the look, and you basically get a new shelf. (via womanoclock)

6. Layer Your Drawer
6 Layer Your Drawer Simphome com
Drawers are usually finished in single color and it can be too common and too usual. To lose the tired look, we can put layers on the drawers. If the whole paint work is still good, we don’t necessarily need to repaint it. However, refinish it with white will make it easier for you to make new color combination. On the front part of the drawers, you can put extra layer on different colors. Choose single theme like blue, green, pink, or yellow. Each level can be layered with one shade of the color, while the other levels will be layered with different shade on the same color too. (via womanoclock)

5. Get New Fabric
5 Get New Fabric Simphome com
The best solution to renew furniture with upholstery is by giving it a fresh and brand new fabric. While the old furniture could use plain pattern and pale colors, we can literally choose brand new style for the fabric. We can choose colors like turquoise or magenta with delicate yet bold pattern in contrasting color on the fabric. The combination of trendy color and stylish pattern is a strong power to give your tired chair a brands new face. (via womanoclock)

4. Decorate Your Headboard
4 Decorate Your Headboard Simphome com
Plain, even though elegant, bed headboard is so last year that you desperately need to update it. You don’t necessarily have to change the headboard, but you can add some decoration on it. Instead of using expensive material, we can add graphics on the center part of the headboard, leaving the edges as frame. Vinyl decal will be ideal, but we can also use paint, stencil, or even electric tape. (via housekeeping)

3. Install New Knobs, Reveal Original Color
3 Install New Knobs Reveal Original Color Simphome com
Several drawers will look totally brand new with small touch. While many suggestions will recommend new paint works, those drawers will look good without the old painting. Simply remove it and let it reveals the original look. In addition to this, we can enrich those drawers by installing new knobs as new accent. Now we have something old and something new. We can borrow stuffs and keep it there then. (via womanoclock)

2. Add Some Update on the Desk
2 Add Some Update on the Desk Simphome com
Desk has many parts we can explore. Instead of refinishing it with only one solid color, we should consider using several shades of paint from single category. For example, we can choose blue as a category. Then we divide the desk on four to five horizontal layers from top to down. Each layer will be covered with single shade of blue. Make a rule like softer shade first or in reverse. Now, we have brand new desk in ombre color, which is totally a hit! (via womanoclock)

1. Paint and Papers
1 Paint and Papers Simphome comWe should consider using paint and papers to make over very tired furniture. For example, a side table and a cart will look different with new paint work. However, we can cover the surface of the table and cart with paper like wallpaper. Choose contrasting color to make it stands out and don’t forget to consider the most eye-catching pattern on it. It will make the table and cart look fun and very up to date. Depending on the decoration to put on it, it will look like super stylish piece of furniture. (via womanoclock)

As you can see, there are actual tricks to give your old furniture a fresh look that we should try. Don’t throw or sell your old furniture just yet. They need small touch to look young again.
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