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DIY Backyard fun ideas

Backyard is a great place for casual gathering and engaging in enjoyable activities. However, this is only possible if your backyard is aesthetically pleasing and excellent enough to fulfill its role. Designing your backyard is fun not only because the task itself is fun, but also because if you do it correctly, you can have the most exciting backyard for the rest of your life. If you are curious about how to make your backyard better, here you can learn 10 easy DIY backyard fun ideas that can truly transform your backyard into an amazing place to enjoy leisure.

10. Create a mesmerizing marble fence

simphome fence

Repainting or replacing is not the only way to refresh the look of old wooden fencing that surrounds your backyard that has become dull and bland, especially after it has lost its paint. Drilling holes through it and using marbles to seal the holes can be a better way to retain the rustic look of the fence while creating a mesmerizing look of God rays that stream through the marbles. The spherical shape of the marbles will intensify and diffract the rays and create awesome image on the ground.  (via kirtsy)

9. Diaper your hanging plants.

simphome diaper hack

Plants need constant supply of water to remain fresh. Diaper has high level of absorbency, making it a perfect tool for storing water. If you want the plants hanging on your backyard patio or pergola to look fresh all the time, try to spread unused diaper on the base of their hanging container. The diaper will store enough water to keep the plants alive and maintain normal moisture level for the plants. It is like a hydroponic project that is cheap and easy for everyone to do. (via balconygardenweb)

8. Transform old keys into a wind chime.

simphome wind chinme

The musical sound of wind chimes that are moved by the wind is always so ecstatic that a backyard without one is mostly considered lacking atmosphere. Wind chimes are cheap to buy, but making them using recycled materials is budget and eco-friendlier. Old keys are great choice for this project. You can paint them using varying colors and then hang them using nylon or similar thread. The sound of the chimes might be a little bit muted because keys are not hollow, but they still make great sound when moved by the wind and their vibrant colors will enhance your backyard’s beauty. (via kitchendecor)

7. Stargaze on old bunk bed.

simphome bunkbed

An old or unused bunk bed can be moved outside and transformed into an amazing loft retreat for stargazing. With little modification, including repainting, equipping it with cushions and pillows, and decorating it for outdoor use, the bed will be fully functional as an outdoor retreat. If you don’t have a raised deck at your patio or a treehouse from which you can stare at the stars, use this smart backyard design idea and spend a happy time stargazing with your children. (via buzzfeed)

6. Build a treehouse.

simphome tree house

There is almost nothing more exciting than a retreat built on tree branches at your backyard. The house doesn’t have to be very elaborate and stylish. Even a flat roofless deck will work if you can make sure that it is safe and secure enough to climb on. However, if you have more time and energy, as well as money, to build a fancy tree house, that would be great. There are many great tree-house ideas that you can find on the internet to build a fantastic tree house at your backyard. (via houzz)

5. Build a splash pad.

simphome backyard splash

On a hot summer day at your backyard, there is nothing more interesting than a refreshing entertainment. You are probably thinking about swimming pool. If you have one, that’s great, but if you don’t have one, a splash pad can actually become a much cheaper alternative that can make all of your family members happy and excited. You can buy a splash pad that can be used instantly at your backyard or create the splash pad on your own using materials that are easy to find, such as hose and sprinkler. (via thejoysofboys)


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4. Repel mosquitoes away.

simphome mosquito trap

There is nothing more disturbing in an open space like a backyard than insect’s attacks. Most insects attack for defensive purpose, but mosquitoes seem to be a lot more aggressive than their fellow critters. You can actually include mosquito-repelling elements in your backyard design. Instead of using anti-mosquito spray, you can grow lemongrass or create mosquito-combating tiki torches using unused wine bottles. They will keep your backyard mosquito-free and make your backyard look more amazing at the same time. (via musely)

3. Keep doctor fishes in your pond.

simphome fish tank

This unbelievably cheap trick can truly make your backyard the best place to enjoy leisure and relaxation. Doctor fishes are small fishes that you usually see in some spas. If you immerse your feet or hands in a pond with doctor fishes in it, they will eat up dead skin layers and any other skin anomalies that you have. Don’t expect it as a curative treatment for psoriasis and other skin problems, but simply feel the massaging effect of their activity and you will have your best moment at your backyard. (via pinterest)

2. Build an above ground pool.

simphome backyard slider

If water splashes are not enough to cool you down, you can always immerse your body in a pool at your backyard. If you don’t have an in-ground pool, constructing an above-ground pool can be a great idea. Above-ground pools are available for sale, but if you want to rely more on your creativity and ingenuity, you can construct a more permanent one using ideas that you can easily find online. You can also combine your pool with a DIY water slide that everyone will love. (via oldsaltfarm)

1. Build a backyard roller coaster.

simphome roller coaster

This seems to be one of the most ambitious jobs you can do to your backyard. Roller coaster is definitely the most exciting ride that everyone loves, especially if you have one at your backyard. Safety can indeed become a concern, but if you find the right idea to build your own backyard roller coaster and know how to transform the idea into reality, building a backyard roller coaster should not be as difficult as you may think. (via backyardrollercoasters)

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