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12 Small Living Rooms and DIY Ideas to Organize Your Tiny Space

It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Might Be More Fun (And Less Dangerous)

The Adjustable Corner and slat rack shelving Idea

Hey, are you tired of tripping over shoes that are scattered all over the living room?

Well, I have got a solution for you or, at minimum, a new choice!

This DIY slat-wall shoe rack was originally made for a closet, but it can work just as well in the living room. You’ll place some slats evenly on the corner of a wall, creating a grid-like pattern. It’s like a game of Connect Four, but instead of plastic disks, you’re using slats.

The space between the slats creates gaps with the perfect width for your shelf thickness, so your shelves will sit in place perfectly and sturdily. It’s like a little puzzle you get to solve to make your shoe rack.

And the best part? You can easily reposition the shelves according to how many pairs of shoes you have.

For a unique and stylish look, lay the slats in a non-symmetric geometric pattern and cut the shelves to various lengths. It’s like a work of modern art, but instead of hanging on a museum wall, it’s hanging in your living room.

So there you have it, folks.

Say goodbye to messy shoe piles and hello to a sleek and organized shoe rack.

It’s like giving your shoes a home of their own, but without the mortgage.

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