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How to Build A New Desk with Dowel Drawer Slides

Hey, you! Yeah, you with the hammer and the nails. Ready for a brain-draining DIY project?

Let’s build a desk with some distinctive dowel drawer slides.

Start with the desktop, then move onto the legs with those half-circled cavities to hold the dowels. Just remember, you don’t want those drawers touching the legs, so go smaller with those half circles.

Once you’ve assembled all the pieces, cut those dowels to size and screw ’em into place.

Now, onto the drawers. Cut out some half circles on both sides and create a front cutout as the drawer holder.

And finally, screw that tabletop into place and give it a nice coat of paint.
Voila! A desk that’s not only functional but has some serious style.

Written by Simpson

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