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12 Small Living Rooms and DIY Ideas to Organize Your Tiny Space

It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Might Be More Fun (And Less Dangerous)

Renew Your Old Furniture with Industrial-Style Black Chalk Paint.


Listen up, my DIY friend enthusiasts, if you want to revamp your old furniture with an industrial flair, you gotta pick the right candidate for the job. No rounded edges, no decorative nonsense, just like this sideboard.

Once you get that sorted, it’s time to give those old handles a makeover. Soak ’em in warm water and vinegar like they’re on a spa day, then brush off that old paint. Next, get fancy with some gold gilding wax and slap it on those handles like they’re royalty.

Now, sand that old wood down for the main event and give it some TLC with some wood stain. Then, it’s time to get serious with some matte black chalk paint.

Make it look so tough; even Jordan Peterson would use your idea to dismantle feminism to its core principle. And that’s it, folks; your industrial sideboard is ready to roll. Who needs a new one when you can just make it look badass?

There you have it, folks. A new and improved industrial sideboard that’ll be the envy of all your friends. And if they don’t like it, well, they can go sit on their grandma’s floral couch.


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