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The Infinity Mirror Coffee Table Project Idea.

Greetings, my living room-loving friends! Are you tired of your dull, ordinary coffee table? Well, buckle up because today we’re going to transform your Ikea Lack table into the talk of the town: “The Infinity Mirror Coffee Table”! So, grab your tools, and let’s dive into the infinite abyss of creativity!

Picture a coffee table that’ll not only hold your beverages but mesmerize your guests with its dazzling display of lights. How, you ask? With some glass, mirror, solar film, wood, and LED strip magic!

  • Step one: chop the top off your Lack table like a samurai, then smooth those edges with sandpaper.
  • Step two: channel your inner carpenter and make a wood frame to fit that cut-out.
    Paint it black for that sleek, mysterious look.
  • Step three: we’re getting electric! Drill a hole in one corner of the frame and thread the LED strip through it like a disco-loving snake.
    Apply the solar film to the glass and get ready for assembly.
  • Step four: let’s bring it all together! Lay the mirror at the cut-out, insert the frame, attach the LED strip, and place the glass (solar film side down).

Power up your LED strip and behold your extraordinary Infinity Mirror Coffee Table!
So, when the air leaves you feeling spacey, remember to create your own universe – with a coffee table that’s light years ahead of the rest!

Written by Simpson

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