12 living room projects and storage to make a small living room larger

10. The Powered Sofa Shelf Idea

Greetings, my fellow living room warriors! Today, we embark on a daring quest to conquer the dreaded cord chaos with a magnificent invention: “The Powered Sofa Shelf Idea”! So, buckle up, grab your tools, and let’s get electrifying!

We all know the living room is a hotbed of electronic mayhem, and those pesky cords love to tangle themselves into a hideous mess. But fear not, for our sofa shelf shall save the day with powered outlets tucked neatly below!

  • Step one: measure your couch like a tailor on a mission, and install three trusty brackets to hold our mighty shelf.
  • Step two: cut, prime, and paint a pine board with the precision of Picasso. We want our shelf to be both functional and fabulous!
  • Step three: drill cord-sized holes through the board like a woodpecker with a purpose. Attach the shelf to the brackets and install wooden attachments beneath each hole to hold our charging cords like a loving embrace.
  • Step four: let’s take this show to the next level! Extend the shelf on both sides about 8 inches to fully conceal that unsightly mess.
    No cord left behind!

And there you have it, folks! A powered sofa shelf that’ll leave your living room looking sleek, organized, and cord-free. So, when life gets tangled, just remember to power through and build a shelf – it’s “current-ly” the best solution!

Written by Simpson

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