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The Pixelated End Table Project idea.

Hello, my fellow furniture hack enthusiasts!
Are you tired of balancing your coffee on your knee while enjoying your favorite armchair?

Well, fear not!
Today, I present to you the fabulous solution: the “Reversible Pixelated End Table”! So, grab your tools, and let’s pixelate our way to clutter-free nirvana!

Picture this: a stunning end table made from 30 board feet of walnut and ash wood, boasting a two-tone look that’ll make your guests green with envy.

  • Step one: create three 1×3 layers of 24-inch wood strips, as if you’re layering a clutter-busting cake.
  • Step two: glue and sandwich those three layers to form a 3×3 central column – the core of our pixelated masterpiece.
  • Step three: let’s build from the ground up!
    Construct the top and bottom of the table, expanding the row layer by layer from long strips to the shortest, creating an 11×11 grid. Glue, clamp, and let dry like a patient baker waiting for their cake to rise.
  • Step four: the finishing touch!
    Sand the table to perfection, navigating those tight corners like a pro. This might take a while, but it’s worth it!

And there you go, folks! You now have a show-stopping, reversible pixelated end table that’s as functional as it is fabulous. So, when life leaves you without an empty surface floating around aimlessly, remember to build your own – because who needs tables when you’ve got pixels?

Written by Simpson

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