12 living room projects and storage to make a small living room larger

12. A DIY sideboard and bench made from Besta from Ikea

Dear reader, welcome to another episode of “The Great Furniture Makeover!”.

Today, we’ll be turning that sad, unused corner of your living room into a multifunctional masterpiece with a sideboard-bench combo that boasts a stunning view of your garden.

Our ingredients for this magical transformation?
Just a couple of low and one taller Ikea Besta cabinets, a little bit of elbow grease, and a dash of creativity.

Picture this: First, we will connect the two low cabinets to form the seat of our bench, then use the taller cabinet as a luxurious backrest. But wait, there’s more! We’ll top it all off with a wooden panel that follows the shape of our creation, screwing it in from the inside like a stealthy furniture ninja.

Next, we’ll position our new sideboard-bench hybrid right by the window, where we can gaze upon our garden kingdom while we sip our morning coffee.

But hold on folks!
We’ve still got 30 centimeters of space left behind the taller cabinet. So, let’s extend that top panel all the way to the wall and install another wooden panel underneath, creating bonus storage for all your secret living room treasures.

And there you have it, folks!
With a few simple steps, we’ve turned a neglected corner into a cozy, multifunctional nook with extra storage. And that, my friends, is how you make the most of your living room space!

Written by Simpson

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