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10 Living Room Design Trends

First and foremost, before you start to think about design trends, you need to consider your lifestyle. If you have children or pets (or both), renovating your space might not be wise. However, if you are the type who values comfort and relaxation, there is no better time than now!

Second, while decorating a room may seem like a daunting task with so many design ideas out there in the market today, remember that it is possible for everyone! You don’t need any special skills or expertise to do so.

As years pass by, many things change as well as design trends. Some designs may not have a considerable effect. Then, people begin to consider renewing their room decoration once they see it.
With so many designs available, you might find it hard to make up your mind. They all seem attractive and mesmerizing.
Thus, check out these ten living room design trends if you have not decided yet. Some of them can be your new favorite style and may provide a facelift to your interior. So, keep reading!

As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

The 10 Living room design trends
10 Living room design trends poster

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List Entries:

10. Bring nature in

Plants have become a subtle additional part of house design as they are versatile. As proof, people usually incorporate them into plenty of huge deals related to decorating a room.

This living room, for example, comes in a gray tone, which is somewhat dominating. Fortunately, the plants occur with vibes that somehow reduce the boldness and soften the look.

Although it isn’t always at the top, this trend will always be popular. But then again, the homeowner would love to use plants again and again with different kinds of plants when the mood changes.

Relevant details and instructions:

  • No 1. Study the interior
    And then pick the right plants. For example, Grass and Ivy are both getting more popular.
  • No 2. Make a focal point out of the plants
    Choosing plants with their specialties is essential to achieve a balanced look. Also, make sure the plants are not too big. Otherwise, it will be hard for you to manage them quickly, and you also have no choice but to get some help from your gardener/gardener if you don’t want to make gardening a full-time job.
  • No 3. Do some DIY
    A bamboo floor is not the best choice in winter. However, your plants have to live! That’s why you have to put them on top of some plastic baskets or something else.
    Indeed, this design trend makes a huge difference, and it is an ideal way to get a relaxing space with only a tiny amount of effort. Indeed, it is also different enough that you can easily do something like this every time you want to change your interior.
    ~ Go for Geometric Patterns
    What if I tell you that geometric patterns are back? Yes! Previously, many people ignored the designs because they thought they made the room look too dull or formal.
  • No 4. Less is more
    However, if you decide to design your room with a geometric pattern, less is more. It is good to have only one focal point in one piece of furniture. For example, you can have a beautiful dining table without additional decoration. In this way, you won’t make mistakes such as covering your table with too many items.
    In addition, if you want to get a focal point in your living room, such as the sofa and coffee tables, for example, then only one or two colors are enough.
  • No 5. Go for Colorful Designs
    Red, blue, green, yellow, and orange are some colors that come back in style. They are calming colors that don’t make the room look too intense.
    Try to have at least three colors in your room for color combinations. Not only can it help you create a sense of realism and add a colorful accent, but it also makes your living room looks easy-going and not overwhelming when you have many things around.
  • No 6. Go for the Textures
    Textures usually create the feel and the atmosphere of a room. For example, a room with high-end furniture won’t always look good if it doesn’t have a sophisticated look. This condition occurs because you will never feel that you are in a particularly sophisticated place if everything is so contemporary.
    However, you can create your desired tone in your living room with textures in mind. For example, fabrics such as twill or velvet and chenille are ideal for creating something cozy and natural or soft and subtle. At the same time, materials like felt or faux fur add an elegant look to any living room design since they have characteristics that no other fabrics can do.
  • No 7. Big Mirrors
    If you have a small living room, it might be great to use one of the mirrors in the apartment. The mirror can make your room look larger. Also, it won’t be too bright at night and will reflect other things such as walls or furniture.
    Don’t forget to choose a big mirror to see yourself and not just your reflection. In this case, you will better look at yourself when you stand in front of it.
  • No 8. Go for an Overstuffed Sofa
    If you like to have a comfortable and cozy interior, you should go for an overstuffed sofa instead of a too firm one. The overstuffed sofa will be something that can make your room feel homier.
    At the same time, if you want to relax and unwind in your living room, then this is what you need.
  • No 9. Go for a Plant Garden
    As mentioned earlier, you have to have plants in your living room because they can create an instant facelift. For example, if your room is too bright or severe, you can add some plants that serve as mood changers.
    And in fact, having a plant garden in your living room is great when you don’t always want to be around the same type of plants. In addition, it will be easier to maintain a large number of plants in one place than having different kinds of plants all over the house.
  • No 10. Keep the Floor Clean
    Ever since the 80s, people have been obsessed with furniture. However, when it comes to living room designs, there is no way you can make a mistake by keeping your floor dirty. This situation turns your room look messy and unkempt.
    And in addition, even though many people think it looks terrible, dirt will also make your room look dirty and cluttered.
  • No 11. Choose the Right Color Palette
    Some people like to mix two or three colors in their living room designs as far as colors are concerned. However, before choosing the colors for your living room design and even color palette, you need to know if these colors look well together.

9. Neutral Tone Furniture

2021 is soon to be over, and a new trend will be coming. The question is, what will be the next? It is the common question you’ll probably hear a lot lately, right? Well, this earth-toned furniture could be a hit for the following year.

It could also still be a favorite for the upcoming years as it offers comfort and warmth to any living room despite the style. The relaxed and calm look comes from the gray wall that isn’t flashy but goes well with the living room.

Relevant details and instructions:

  • No 1. Consider the Mid-Century Mod
    There is something about midcentury furniture that makes it a popular choice from its appearance to the design world in the 1950s until now – the mod style that combines sleek lines with simple shapes and vivid colors for a pop of delight in your room decor. It is possible to change the design of your living room, adding more modern features. Those features, for example, as all-white cabinets, kitchenette, and shelving which, in turn, can be replaced by bolder and more detailed alternatives if they are compatible with your interior design scheme.
  • No 2. The Retro Punch
    When it comes to mid-century furniture, you can never go wrong. The retro style is considered a style that takes the best from the past and present, and combining the style with other materials produces a refreshing take on design. Although the design may seem slightly old-fashioned, there is an undeniable charm about them – like an air of nostalgia you can’t put your finger on.
  • No 3. The Style of the Future
    The future is not only defined by what is trending today – but it’s also an indication of what lies ahead. Trend-spotting, in general, is a very challenging task because trends are quickly changing as well.
  • No 4. The Minimalist Interior Idea
    When dealing with designs for your living room, you should consider a few things. Where you live, how much space you have, and the furniture style you choose make the difference between minimalism or maximalism much easier to understand – although they are two different concepts that may overlap at times.
  • No 5. The Monochrome Design
    If you are one of those who can’t decide on a color scheme and want to decide which colors to use in your interior design, one method you can use to help you make the decision is by adopting a monochromatic approach. Although there are no strict rules when designing a room in this style, there are some elementary things that anyone can try out for themselves if they want to see how you can use different shades of the same color.
  • No 6. The Contrasting Colors Approach
    Contrasting colors work well when used in the same room. White is a good option when choosing a paint color for your walls. However, depending on the shades you have chosen, it can make all the difference in the world.
  • No 7. The Mirror Effect
    Mirrors are not only great to use in bathrooms because they make the room look bigger than it is. You can use this effect in any room by hanging small rectangular mirrors or wall-mounted oval mirrors to create an illusion that makes your living room look bigger than it is.
  • No 8. The Retro Chair
    This item is one of the most common trends out there. There are various reasons why people would choose to use them, as they offer a distinctive yet sophisticated look that will surely compliment any room decor. Moreover, they come in different designs and can be fun to mix up with other styles and accessories in your living room area – there are many things you can do with them.
  • No 9. The Black and White Living Room
    If you are looking for a trendy living room style that blends in perfectly with any interior design, then this is it. Black and white is a classic combination that has been used for centuries. The best thing about them is that, since they are two fundamental colors, you can use them to make small accents in furniture, wall paint, or even small decorative items – there are endless possibilities here.
  • No 10. The Furniture Selection
    When it comes to choosing the right furniture, you need to pay special attention to the size of your room and the amount of space required for each piece of furniture. Some people prefer to go bold and go for large furniture, while others like to get a few smaller ones and arrange them perfectly in the available space.

The point of attention here is that you need to consider the amount of furniture required in your living room – not just by looking at its size but also the style, as there are plenty of modern living room designs out there.

8. Use wooden material, but keep it simple “smarty.”

This idea of having raw furniture from wood might rekindle your passion for having a nature-inspired living room design. It happens when you can no longer stand various materials such as plastic or metals.

You may find them at the workplace, gym, or restaurants. Therefore, you have thought of using only wood-material furniture for the living room.

Remove excessive plastic furniture, and take a good example of the chairs and table. However, the design doesn’t have to be like you see in this picture. But you see, this minimalist living room is unique since you only use wood materials.

Relevant details and instructions:

  • No 1. Pay attention to the color of the room’s wall.
    This living room has white walls, so you can use other colors such as green or brown to create a contrast. Don’t forget to paint the wooden furniture with two or three layers of color suitable for this design.
  • No 2. Design the wooden furniture to be simple and smart
    The biggest challenge you will face when you decorate your house is differentiating the design and making it unique. Your room has enough space, so make it seem more spacious by showing how many things you can put in there. For example, a single armchair to put the coffee table in front of the sofa looks good. You can also add a wine rack, bookshelf, or other decorations for this minimalist living room design style. Do not forget to enhance dull furniture such as the coffee table if you lack decorative items at home.
  • No 3. Arrange the space in a different way
    The arrangement of space is the other big challenge. People’s biggest mistake while designing their living room or any other living area is arranging all the furniture in its original place. And they put a TV over the fireplace or on a wall.
    You should not do that because your room will look too crowded and small. Please, move all the furniture to create more spaces between them, especially when you have a small wooden table with chairs and a sofa.
  • No 4. Add wooden flooring for a different style.
    Later, you need to paint the wooden flooring with darkish color to complete the minimalist living room design.
    For an Australian living room design example, you can add hardwood flooring in dark brown color and white wooden furniture. As you can see, this living room is a perfect match for the modern house interior. The space is quiet enough to make it seem spacious.
  • No 5. Add patterned carpet to provide a decorative touch.
    In this living room design, we have wooden flooring with white walls. It is the original color of the room that makes it more attractive. Some people still add a patterned carpet because it is necessary to enhance the room’s interior design.
    For your living room design, perhaps, the shade of carpet must be chosen well so that you can use brown and other colors if you want. All of them are good for your minimalist living room design as long as they bring different patterns to your house interior.
  • No 6. Use wooden sofa and chairs to add a creative touch
    Nowadays, people usually use a sofa or armchair made of wood. It is a very creative idea, right? You can decorate each area with other plants, flowers, or candles as well. {sit back and relax} Or you can put a wooden sofa and chairs in your living room. But to maintain this exciting design, you must add some small accessories such as pictures of flowers and candles for color contrast.
  • No 7. Have a large wall painting If you have plenty of space for walls, why don’t you be the leading designer yourself? You can paint or draw any picture in your room that may inspire or inspire you.
    For example, if you love nature, painting a colorful tree all over the walls may be a great idea, so it can reflect the feeling of being in the forest.
  • No 8. Add small furniture to make the room look narrow
    You can decorate a living room with wooden feng shui furniture because it looks like an oriental bed and is very practical. This living room can be marked with a sofa and two chairs in front of it. Some people are not into using small furniture such as the table so that their minimalist living room design looks more spacious without them occupying too much space.
  • No 9. Choose wooden flooring but keep it simple
    Wood flooring is an essential element of the living room wall. In brief, it can be classified as a trendy and modern design. It depends on how you need to differentiate your living room from others. You can use it in combination with colorless furniture or by selecting different wood in contrast with one another.
  • No 10. Use accent furniture for artistic effect
    Adding accent furniture doesn’t have to be complicated; it should just be an exciting idea to bring on your minimalist living room design ideas that you already have planned out. You can use various accessories such as a coffee table, TV stand, or a white wine rack combined with wooden chairs.

7. Experiment with Dark Theme Wall

When white has already covered lots of your rooms, and you’re expecting something new, a dark theme wall might be a good idea. It’s dark, but it doesn’t show or influence you with a gloomy vibe.
When you combine it with something colorful, this living room becomes lively. You can add vivid objects such as throw pillows or chairs to this living room and see how they alter the look immensely.

It means you can simply give the proper lighting set with bright accessories, and that deep, black wall wouldn’t look too dark after all. Instead, it looks pretty.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Start with the floor.
    The entire room should look unified. Choose a style that suits your living room, such as “modern” or “classic” to your interior. You can count on the color of the wall when you choose an appropriate color for your floor as well.
  • No 2. Add patterned wall art.
    If you want to make a modern living room with white walls and no patterns, you can add designs such as stars or abstract art to your wall, which is quite vibrant. For spaces that need more texture, use texture wallpaper or stencils for wall decals for a more exciting look.
  • No 3. Add a focal point.
    You can add color contrast to your wall by hanging a framed photo with a similar color.
  • No 4. Add a floor topper.
    You can also use chairs, tables, and sofas to put color.
  • No 5. Create a vibrant pop of color with colorful accessories.
    You can get something “colorful” by combining different accessories such as a rug, wall art, and tableware. The result is simply fascinating!
  • No 6. Use patterned chairs and rugs to add texture.
    The effect is quite striking when you combine flooring patterns with furniture design, especially when the rugs have a pattern just like the walls do! Although these living room designs are simple, they still look very dynamic and fresh!
  • No 7. Use an easy tablecloth, such as white or gray, to produce harmony among the colors on the table and flooring.
  • No 8. Choose the most appropriate color palette to create synergy among all the colors in your room.
  • No 9. Select furniture and accent pieces with similar styles and quality of materials that are not too flashy or extravagant and make everything seem unified with style, quality, and material.
  • No 10. Make sure your furniture and decorations are a reflection of who you are.

Relevant tips:

  • 1. When wall painting is needed, you can choose less reflective colors such as light beige or light grey that won’t give off too much light in the room. It’s essential to consider the lighting on your walls when painting the wall so it can brighten up your space in daylight but not too much at night.
  • 2. The living room will have an airier feel and look more luxe with hardwood flooring. However, it’s essential to ensure they are protected with proper cleaning and maintenance routines to last longer.
  • 3. A large area rug will be a decorative feature in the room and valuable for preventing any floor scratches. For example, when you walk on hardwood floors, it will leave unpleasant marks to look at.
  • 4. Choosing a piece of modern furniture and accessories is essential because it will make the space feel more unified and interesting.
  • 5. Choosing furniture with unique details and hinges is vital to displaying your personality and style.
  • 6. When you want to make a black and white living room, use grey as a contrast color to create a sophisticated look. You can also add pops of color like a rug in the room or scatter some fresh flowers around the space.
  • 7. When you have the option to choose from coordinating colors when selecting furniture and accessories, it will feel more harmonious and cohesive with your decor style.
  • 8. The living room’s layout should feel unified to ensure that the entire space reflects your upbeat personality and style and your character.
  • 9. You can also create an upscale look by choosing furniture and accessories that seem expensive, even if they are not.
  • 10. When you want to make the space feel a little more spacious and airy, choose lighter colors that bring warmth and liveliness into the room.

6. Give your space Cheerful Rustic Vibes

This idea is probably the opposite of the previous picture as it has a bright, cheerful atmosphere with no deep dark tone.

This modern-rustic-inspired room suits those looking to have a fun, amiable place. The ceiling stands out here and blends well with the striking-golden color, not to mention the old-fashioned brick floor.

You cannot achieve the overall look without the enormous windows that allow natural lighting to come and light the entire room.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. The colors in this room are straight-up cheerful, so it’s hard not to feel like celebrating! The bright white with the gold and orange, along with the numerous windows, make it all effortless.
  • No 2. The high, expansive windows are a great way to bring some natural light and add a unique touch to the room. As you can see in this picture, they even allow you to have a peek into the garden outside your window!
  • No 3. The brick floor is stunning and adds an extra layer of charm to the room. It is literally “king” when decorating for a living room!
  • No 4. If you plan on the idea of decorating your living room with rustic themes in mind, you’ve got to check out this room! The brick floor and yellow brick floored ceiling make the design pop!
  • No 5. The space is suitable for inviting friends over for a drink or a movie. You can choose to have it in either lounge couches or a circular table for two.
  • No 6. A fireplace is excellent if you want to provide an additional heating source and provide extra warmth to your guests during wintertime. It doesn’t make the whole space feel stuffy but adds a nice touch to it.
  • No 7. The wallpaper pattern and glimmering golden rug just work perfectly together. It’s easy to see why you chose this design to top the list.
  • No 8. While wood floors don’t last forever, the ones in this living room do look beautiful. You’ll want to take extra care of them at all times, but it’s worth it!
  • No 9. The contrast between the dark brown wall with the bright orange couch is stunning! When you spend much time in your home, you want a design that will make you feel happy and entertained!
  • No 10. The gold and orange colors in this room will make you feel like you are in a good mood and want to spend your time there!

5. Create a Warm Retreat

A color indeed can have a substantial effect on its surroundings, whether it’s a carpet, a wall, or furniture. It induces a certain feeling that you intentionally add to a room.
This living room is trying to get a warm nuance with fairly bold, gray furniture.

Gray has an attractive and mysterious power that draws you to apply it to many aspects of your life, especially your house.
A thick carpet creates a warm room. You can also find a fireplace next to it. You wouldn’t have to worry when a cold night comes.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Use Turquoise Accents
    In many design magazines, you might find a lot of turquoise accents.
    It’s not just because it is trendy, but also because you can use it to create an exotic atmosphere in your house.
    This living room has received quite a unique touch of turquoise vibes because of its furniture and rug colors, and crystals placed throughout the room.
    These are used to create an illusion that you are strolling around in tropical areas like the Caribbean Sea or Bali Island.
  • No 2. Warmer space with bright colors
    Color can indeed be so powerful. Some might find it hard to accept, as you might want an area that’s quite dark and mysterious for your house.
    In this living room design, the furniture is made of wooden materials.
    The owner uses a rug in orange color to create a warmer ambiance in the room.
    You can also see the crystal lights attached everywhere near the ceiling.
  • No 3. Use The Oriental Color
    The living room is indeed a place that appears quite cold if there’s no warmth to it at all.
    That’s why you need to consider using some red or orange tones here, such as this ceiling feature.
    Other interior design tips for this living room are:
  • No 4. Add Tranquil Lighting Effects and Dimmer Wall Lighting
    In other words, consider using a dimmer switch for your wall lighting.
    This choice can potentially produce a different atmosphere when you turn it on and off.
    There is a light-colored living room design with a mixture of orange and white decorations.
    On the left side, you can see two lamps placed beside each other.
    They are designed to look like flowers that bloom beautifully in your house.
    The rest of the lighting effects in this room are crystal balls attached to the ceiling, potted plants; soft-colored lamps at the corner; and one large light placed in front of the TV with an oriental design on its lampshade.
  • No 5. Use Focal Points to Envision the Space More Realistically
    This way, you can leave the room at once when you turn on the light or switch off the TV.
    So, learn some tricks to finish with a good scene in your living room. They are:
  • No 6. Use Soft Furnishings to Create a Relaxing Atmosphere
    For example, consider adding soft cushions for your couch’s armrest and add pillows with various textures and sizes to create a relaxing atmosphere.
    And of course, put some lamps on the floor or tables for extra lighting where you need it most at night time.
    In this case, there is white fabric all around the space, creating a relaxed place that we wouldn’t mind spending a whole night here.
  • No 7. Play with Opacity and Shine Light on Furniture
    In detail, to execute the project, start it by placing dark curtains and blinds on the windows to create an image of a mysterious feeling in the room. Then, you can use other items with bright colors, like a painting or standing lamp.
    You can imagine how a living room uses a white sofa, table, and chairs to bring in the bright side. With the main wall is painted in light yellow, you might want to pair it with a hot pink rug.
    ~ First of all, know that hot pink has a lot of positive attributes, and it can be widely used as one color among many combinations when designing your living space.
    ~ In addition, it also is brighter than red, so you might want to try more shades with hot pink.
  • No 8. Get a Vibrant Look with Neutral Accents
    For instance, use a pink couch to understand better how it works if you want to match hot pink with other colors like black or white.
    ~ Pick out the style of your living room and see what color makes the most sense with it in terms of furnishing. The room style should dictate the color choice.
    ~ You can also combine neutral colors like yellow in many ways as they can go well with all types of color combinations.
    ~ The curtain on the right side is left in white so anyone who passes by can see through it quickly.
  • No 9. Get a Great Look with Urban Furniture
    This living room design has an urban-inspired look since there are many details you can see in this space.
    For instance, you can see the couch and chair on the left side made of leather materials, the square glass table (with flowers), and a crystal lamp.
    There is also a floor-to-ceiling window that allows a lot of sunlight to enter the room.
  • No 10. Neutral Design Style with Green Accents
    When designing your living room, green is one color you have to include in your décor scheme as it offers a natural feeling with its color. To have this design, you need to start with the sofa and the pillows, which are in green and beige colors. Then you can add a cushion that is placed on the floor in front of the window.

4. All in One Design Room

When your living room has become more than just a gathering place, you may have to turn it into a space that’s versatile enough to fit for everyone and whatever they’re going to do there.

You can put a couch and throw pillows so that your guests would feel comfortable enough when sitting while talking there. As many guests would assemble, be sure to make the space open or have excellent air circulation.
Or you could install an air conditioner or fans if needed. But the crucial part is the time you spend together here.

3. Make It Spacious with Taper Ceiling

A trend will keep changing, and what becomes popular today could look so out-of-date tomorrow. Therefore, this taper ceiling is worth trying.

This ceiling may turn into an ordinary design one day, but you wouldn’t be disappointed as it has eternal beauty on its own.

White and gray often make a good pair of colors and give you a great impression. When you’re not into a carpet, a couch with tall legs would be perfect for you. You wouldn’t have any problems cleaning the floor under the sofa.

What is a Tapered ceiling?
Answer: The ceiling that tapers at the top and bottom, two opposite sides are sloping, and one opposite side is in a straight line, the appearance of a triangle.
The concept of “taper” came from the end part of an immersion heater or a circulator. The water from the circulator had to be distributed evenly to not heat up too much at the top. This way, there was no dead area where nothing was happening.
The name “taper” is also a term for someone who is taking his or her last breath (“reaching his or her end”). It’s why homes with this kind of ceiling are often known as “death homes.

2. Turn It into All-Wooden Design

This living room is proof that the owner loves wooden furniture a lot, and it has a great layout from the way he arranged the table and chairs.

The ceiling, floor, and furniture are mostly wood, and it doesn’t look too much as the space is wide enough to hold them simultaneously.

This living room has small windows above that are aesthetic and make the room look even broader and brighter. Meanwhile, the windows are big enough with white frames that create a visual trick.

Lastly, Number 1. Mid Century Modern Style Idea

The Mid-century modern is such an everlasting trend. It has ruled the realm of interior designs, yet its charm has not faded yet.

You can also carve out mid-century modern in your living room by combining various materials, like wooden chairs and coffee tables with metal hairpin legs and leather couches. Do not forget to mix organic and geometric shapes to enrich the look.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. To adopt the style, you need to follow the rules.
    The first principle is to buy wood or metal furniture, such as chairs.
    Do not forget to paint all the walls white, the ceiling and doors light gray, and the floor can be black.
    At night, turn off all lights, except for a small lamp on the table or coffee table.
    This idea will produce a dreamy atmosphere.
    It would be best to consider adding vintage accessories to your living room.
    It won’t take up much space, but it will make up your room’s identity.
    For example, you can add old books on shelves with tops made of glass and wooden frames around them to make them look antique-like real bookshelves.
    ~ Do not forget to consider the size of furniture you buy.
    ~ Do not buy tiny pieces because a small room will look even smaller if you use more miniature furniture.
    ~ Do not buy large objects, too, because they will be hard to move around and use.
  • No 2. Choose a color
    Choose a natural pigment that can make your eyes feel relaxed and comfortable.
    You can choose cream or light grey as primary colors, add black to contrast them, and finally give color through light blue or green pillows or rugs.
    It is better to create contrasts instead of choosing black furniture with white walls since it sometimes looks dull.
  • No 3. Add a colorful touch
    If your living room is too dull and neutral, adding colorful rugs and pillows can give it some sun-drenched energy. If the room is too cold, add warm colors such as ivory, beige or brown to warm it up.
    You might also use many kinds of pillows to create your pattern to make your living room look fresh.
  • No 4. Go for a bold shade
    Have you decided on the color for your living room? Then emphasize this tone with bold furniture, including chairs and ottomans. However, do not go overboard because you will look tired if this color is too dominant in your living room.
  • No 5. Choose a color that matches your mood
    If you are in the mood to be cheerful, choose a color that makes you happy.
    It could be light yellow, purple, or red.
    However, if you want to relax, go for darker colors such as navy blue or green.
  • No 6. Choose a pattern
    Ask for help from your friends and family if you are not sure about the best pattern for your living room.
    This idea will make them feel involved in the process and increase their interest in decorating the rest of your house. They might even have some good ideas!
  • No 7. Go for simplicity
    If you are not familiar with the trend, you can use a simpler version of this concept to make it look much more accessible and straightforward.
    You will still get the mid-century modern style but simpler than usual.
    You can also add classic items like bookshelves, large chairs, and sofas to your living room.
  • No 8. Go for the unexpected
    This idea is an excellent way to make your living room look unique and stylish.
    You can choose a bolder piece than others in your room and make it stand out from the crowd.
    Maybe you have fallen in love with a chair that is different from any other one in your house? Then try it!
  • No 9. Go for a masculine style
    If you want to create a masculine space in your living room, simply choose neutral colors such as beige and white. Add some exciting things like artwork.
    Also, you can use bold patterns for the accent wall.
  • No 10. It will last forever
    The mid-century modern living room style is long-lasting and will not go out of fashion shortly.
    So no need to worry when your flat changes owners or has to be sold.


Creating a chic and up-to-date living room is everyone’s dream. Still, carving out comfort should be your priority. And these ten living room design trends will give you a comfortable space to host guests and banter with family and visual appeal that you can be proud of.



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