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10 Interior Styling Ideas for Small Space

What are the best interior styling ideas for small spaces? We’ve come up with ten creative interior design concepts that will help you create a home to call your own.

  • An easy way to spruce up any room is by using natural textiles like velvet, premium-quality fabrics like gold leather, and other highly sought-after materials.
  • Use them sparingly throughout the room so that they don’t overpower each other.
  • Additionally, one of the most important things you should do when decorating a small space is to find ways to use verticality as an advantage.

Tiny houses usually come with small rooms. However, having a limited space should not hinder the design potential of your home. When appropriately planned, small space designs can do wonders.

If you are dealing with the small room design problem, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these 10 interior styling ideas for small spaces so you can create a comfortable and exquisite place to live. For more detail, follow the link inside the description.

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10. Play with Texture

The texture is easy to forget when styling a living room since we often do not see it. Still, we do touch it sometimes.
However, creating a cozy living room is necessary, which matches plush textures appealing to the touch and more intricate textures that provide contrast. These textures include cotton, leather, wool, stone, metal, Glass, plant life, and many others.

Pillows are an excellent place to start, especially if you’re styling your living room on a budget. Look to other accessories and furnishings to feature new material to the palette, even in small doses.

Also, to complete the idea, you can use a rug that plays with texture.
In the end, remember that the texture of materials has a significant impact on your final result. It can be subtle or dramatic, but it will be a pivotal factor to emphasize throughout the entire space.

Additional Details:

1. Hand-Tufted Rug
2. Hand-Knotted Rug
3. Black Wood & Leather Stool
4. Hand-Knotted Wool Rug
5. Round Marble Coffee Table With Iron Leg
6. Solid Leather Sofa
7. Black Marble Coffee Table
8. Small Crescent Glass Coffee Table
9. Square Gray Area Rug
10. Abstract Painting On Canvas Wall Art
11. White Wooden Stool
12. White Carpet
13. Bamboo Floor Lamp
14. Chrome Metal Stool
15. Get A Micro-decorating
A micro-decorating idea for small spaces is to pick a small piece of art and place it as if you were looking at it from an angle as if you were closer to it than you are. Next, work with the wall’s angles and frame them around this smaller art piece.

9. Choose Light Colors for Your Walls

Dark colors definitely have a moment now. It can be tricky to use it to work within small spaces, though. Light colors, on the other hand, tend to work best.

Thus, they can be your safe bet when it comes to decorating a tiny room.
Light tones will make any small living room feel fresh, cozy, and inviting but not closed. Avoid too bright hues and opt for subtle greens, grays, or taupes instead. You can also use pale colors like off-white, beige, and gray to keep your room scheme bright, airy, and open.

With so many different shades available, opting for the best white paint can feel like a minefield. Make sure to try a test sample in the room before you paint.

Additional Details:

  1. Use Light Colors
    In detail, light colors work perfectly in a small room because they create a sense of openness. They also work for living rooms, bedrooms, and even kitchens.
  2. Use Subtle Greens
    Since they give off subtle tones, use subtle greens instead of very bright ones on your walls. Subtle greens will not only help you create a fresh feel in your tiny space but also add warmth to an otherwise cold place.
  3. Avoid Too Bright Hues
    In addition to being overkill for a small space, too-light shades can be overpowering and hot. Use them sparingly on the wall and switch to darker tones on the flooring instead.
  4. Pick Subtle Patterns for Your Fabric
    In other words, you should avoid using very bold and large patterns. Instead, you can use subtle patterns that add character to your space while unifying the lighter colors already present in it.
  5. Choose Light Textures
    Light textures also work well in small spaces. They add an organic feel to the room and help you balance out the hard edges of any furniture or other design elements already present there.
  6. Opt for Fabric Flowers
    Since flowers tend to be delicate and not overpowering, they’re a good choice for a small living room; simultaneously, they will add an aesthetic touch that complements your interior styling ideas for small spaces quite nicely.
  7. Go for Floating Shelves
    These items are also a great idea if you’re dealing with a small room design problem. They will not only help you create a fanciful look but also free up space on the floor.
  8. Choose Small Decorative Pieces
    If your room is tiny, it’s probably filled to the brim with furniture already; thus, you don’t want to clutter it further. Small decorative pieces can solve this problem by adding a finishing touch without crowding the space even further.
  9. Use Rugs and Carpets
    To save cost, you should choose a carpet or a rug. Floor carpets and rugs tend to make small rooms more spacious, even though they may cover up the hard surfaces of your furniture. A rug will also add a soft feel to your room, which will make it more inviting and pleasant to spend time in it.
  10. Opt for Small Ceiling Lights
    To create an overall impression of lightness and openness, you can use small ceiling lights with graceful shapes and designs.
    These tiny ceiling lights can also provide you with additional lighting options when it is needed.
    On the other hand, they will help you create an inviting atmosphere and save space on your wall and the flooring underneath them.
  11. Choose Open and Big Furniture
    If your space and budget allow
  12. Craft a Cozy Reading Nook
    You can create a cozy reading nook in your living room without being too extravagant by adding additional seating. Thus, you will have an ideal place where to spend time while reading your favorite books.
  13. Go for Transitional Pieces You can also opt for transitional pieces that will give your space a modern touch while still complementing the rest of the furniture there. If possible, choose pieces with rounded edges because they are better suited to small spaces since they avoid harsh angles or sharp edges.
  14. Make the Most of Storage Space
    Although space is limited in a small room, you can use it to your advantage by creating exciting storage solutions for items you often use and/or those that cost a lot. Creative storage ideas include shelves and racks, which you can combine with cabinets and drawers to create multipurpose rooms for your tiny house living space
  15. Add an Accent Wall to Boost the Space and the Mood.
    Every wall is a blank canvas for you to project your style upon. One way to make a little room dazzle is through an accent wall, which you can paint or paper in bright colors or patterns.

8. Replace Curtains with Blinds

Forget the curtains, and let’s move on to using window blind ideas instead. People often focus on something that doesn’t really need to change. However, there are many simple ways to alter a few things to make all the difference, like curtains.

If you’re wondering how to style an alcove window, especially a small and challenging one with dark curtains hanging on both sides, you can install blinds. This way, you will make the room appear taller.

What a great simple design tip to help make any small space instantly feel bigger. The area on both sides of the window will create the illusion of airy space. It’s so simple, yet so brilliant.

Additional pieces of Advice you need to know are:

  • No 1. Altering Window Blinds with Rustic Charm
    Use blinds with a look of weathered wood and weathered patterns. Make your windows look elegant and sophisticated. You can use a mixture of wooden and metal-framed blinds to blend the appearance of the room.
    ~ Rustic wood blinds will give the furniture a classic look. By combining the rustic charm, you will have an organic, classic appeal in your room. Also, this simple style is sure to create a resort-style ambiance as well as an airy feel.
  • No 2. Get an Illusion of Space
    Opting for a blind is the best option to create the illusion of space. If you want to make a room look larger, you can use this trick. Think about it: if there is no window, and all you see is some window treatments, your brain will automatically think that the space seems more extensive than it is.
  • No 3. Frame Your View with Curtains and More!
    If you don’t like blinds, then try using curtains instead. You have to have an idea that could frame the view of what is behind them adequately. If you’re going to use curtains, style them to look like a woven basket of sorts. Wrap them around the window and allow them to drop down from underneath.
  • No 4. Add Bling on the Window with Paint
    If you want a piece of art for your bedroom, why not stick with something already there? Give your bedroom window a whole new makeover by using the paint outline in a way that would add lots of bling and shine to the room. For instance, you can add extra detail in several shapes and patterns around your window frame. It’s best to go for something with gold or silver metallic paint because they will do wonders in making everything look more sophisticated and elegant instantaneously.
  • No 5. Throw Colorful, Pretty Curtains
    You don’t need to use the same color as your curtains. Instead, why not add in some colorful and pretty patterns? Depending on how you want your room to feel, you can add some fun or exciting details to the curtains. The best thing about it is that it is simple and easy to do, and all you need is a little bit of creativity, and this unique idea will come right to you!
  • No 6. Add in Some Style with Window Treatments
    For instance, if you want to make things look more artistic, why not go with a swag valance instead of sheer curtains? It will automatically make your room look like an artist’s studio.

7. A Kitchen Galley Style Idea

The galley kitchen is the most preferred style for small kitchens. Also known as a corridor kitchen, a galley kitchen basically has a walkway or corridor among kitchen counters located opposite each other.

The galley kitchen style also accommodates the best kitchen work triangle concept. Activating the kitchen work triangle for small kitchen designs will ensure your cooking space is functionally comfortable as a place to cook and do your experiment.

A kitchen gallery will give you an area where you can move around your food without making a mess of things, and more importantly, it will provide you with plenty of space to cook and prepare your meals.

It also allows you to add cabinetry underneath the countertop to store various appliances or dishes. The space under the counter will be big enough for your most frequently used stuff. And because the counter is narrow, it won’t take up a lot of space in your small kitchen design ideas. Another benefit of a galley kitchen is that it has good storage space for food.

Additional pieces of Advice you need to know are:

  • No 1. Match the Kitchen with Modern Appliances
    Make your galley kitchen look great by matching the appliances with black and white kitchen design ideas. If you want to match your kitchen appliances with your cabinets, paint them black or white to look cohesive. A black and white color scheme is perfect for a modern kitchen design, ideal for galley designs. You can also add in some touches of stainless steel to complete the look of your small space designs.
  • No 2. Organize Your Galley Kitchen Space Effectively
    Here are some valuable tips on how to organize everything in your galley kitchen:
    – Use corner cabinet spaces, specially designed cabinets that take up less space than conventional or wall cabinets.
    – Use shelving.
    – Use countertops to organize your ingredients, utensils, food storage containers, and other appliances.
    – And don’t forget to use small drawers for pots and pans on the countertop.
  • No 3. A Stunning Kitchen That Looks Like a Full Room
    If you want your kitchen to look larger than it is, try making it look like a packed room with some creative ideas. For example, you can apply chalkboard paint on the wall, giving the impression of having an open living room curtain over the space instead of curtains hanging on the sides only.
  • No 4. Let Your Galley Kitchen Embrace Coziness
    A cozy home is an effortless thing to have. Even if it is a small space, it can still embrace coziness. A practical method is to use textured fabrics that add warmth to the kitchen.
    The texture is important, so choose a fabric that will add some texture and not just beauty for your small kitchen design. Many chefs prefer silk fabrics because they can eliminate heat from the surface of their clothing while they are prepping their food.
    There are still so many ways to make your galley kitchen more functional and beautiful at the same time!
  • No 5. Throw in Some Geometric Appliances
    Many kitchen appliances are geometric in design, including the dishwasher, microwave, and other devices. If you want to make your galley kitchen feel bigger, try adding some geometric appliances to your small space designs.
  • No 6. Use A Benchtop Appliance
    A countertop appliance is a countertop appliance for your galley kitchen that is designed to be placed on the lower part of the wall or bar that separates two counters or bartops. All you have to do is hang it by pushing pins on the wall above the countertop where you want it to hang.

6. Use Open Shelving instead of Upper Cabinets

Open shelving is a popular storage solution. Whether you dwell in a small house or are just looking for a new idea to style your kitchen, this concept would be perfect.

For a small kitchen design, the upper cabinets might look large. You can choose to install shelves instead of storage for the top cabinets. Shelves are lighter and more spacious, making space less cramped. Remember to maintain the design of your small kitchen by keeping the area organized and free from clutter.

Another fantastic reason to use open shelving are:

  • No 1. It will increase the amount of storage space
  • No 2. It is easy to clean and maintain
  • No 3. You don’t have to worry about a lot of dust or dirt accumulating
  • No 4. Open shelving is a space saver
  • No 5. Open shelving is a creative way to use your wasted/empty wall space
  • No 6. It can also be used as a display
  • No 7. It will make your home look more modern
  • No 8. It is easy to create and set-up
  • No 9. You can use it for other purposes like magazine/book storage
  • No 10. Use the Wall to Maximize Storage
    Using the wall to maximize storage spaces is a nifty idea. Mounting bar stools, book racks, hooks, shelves, etc., are examples of how you can use this idea in your home. Wall-mounted racks are also standard in restaurants, so be creative and develop an exciting design to store your stuff in style!

5. Turn your Small Kitchen Brighter

Lighting has the power to change a small kitchen, making a powerful impact on aesthetics and functionality. The kitchen should have a pleasant light, neither too dim nor too bright, so there will be no glare.

The best kitchen lighting significantly enhances the look of countertops, cabinets, and accessories. You need to light up your small kitchen design with natural or artificial lighting. A dark room will reduce the quality and atmosphere of your space. Proper natural and artificial lighting will accommodate your activities in the kitchen.

Additional details you need to know:

  • No 1. Cut back on lighting costs by choosing energy-efficient bulbs
  • No 2. Match the light to your room’s needs or use a combination of different kinds of lights
  • No 3. Use natural light in small spaces when possible
  • No 4. Light colors are related to the feel of the room
  • No 5. It can be better to use dim lighting, although using brighter light is also suitable
  • No 6. Use dim lights to create an intimate atmosphere
  • No 7. Lights can be used as decoration
  • No 8. Replace old lighting fixtures to save money and time

4. New Position for your Small bathroom sink

Don’t let the narrow bathroom space make it difficult for you to get the look you want, just think outside the box. Opt for a slim and oval sink that allows a lot of volumes without taking up a lot of space because of its width.

Adding a faucet on the side will help eliminate any problems you might face due to its slim width, as the water will run to its most extended length.

Additional details to optimize limited space available in your small bathroom are:

  • No 1. Use a compact and slender sink
    Why? Because it’ll make your sink look bigger and make the overall look of your bathroom more appealing.
  • No 2. Install a faucet on the side
    Why? Because the faucet on the side will look good with your sink. Plus, it’s wise to use this kind of faucet because it saves space and makes installing a new one more complicated.
  • No 3. Make sure to keep water height away from the edge of the counter so you can’t get a splashing situation with wet feet when you step in
  • No 4. Keep in mind that dimensions are essential,
    So opt for one that’s at least half or even better three-quarters inch wider or narrower than your standard countertop
  • No 5. Install a universal (drop-in) sink or small vanity to make your space efficient and organized
    Why? Because it will reduce the number of parts, so you have fewer to worry about. There are different models of universal sinks, so be sure to choose the right one that fits your needs.
  • No 6. Add space in front or behind the sink by placing a small cabinet or vanities
    Why? Because these cabinets will help maximize your storage space in your small bathroom, plus they will create an attractive way to use this little room. They are also valuable for compact spaces where there’s not much drawer space available.

3. Reflect The Dark Side of the Small Bathroom

While a common suggestion for small spaces is to beautify with white to make a bright and airy feel, there’s no denying how amazing the darker paint colors are trending.

There’s also an element of cocoon and ambiance that comes from using darker paint colors in smaller rooms, so it’s a lot of personal taste choice. When using dark paint and tile options, the use of reflective surfaces can be invaluable to welcome light bouncing around a space.

To stop it from feeling too flat and confined because dark colors absorb light, making the space feel more enclosed and smaller than it really is.

Other alternatives you can try are:

  • No 1. Paint the walls lighter shades to make your small bathroom brighter
    Why? Light colors reflect light more effectively, which will make your space more open.
  • No 2. Use glass shower doors or glass tiles for the shower area
    Why? Glass will reflect more light into the room, making it brighter. Using highly reflective materials can be an effective way to bounce light around a room.
  • No 3. Install large mirrors on the ceiling for a more extensive, more impressive look
    Why? Mirrors reflect light and make a small space feel more spacious. For small bathrooms, a large mirror on the ceiling can be very effective.
  • No 4. Have a high ceiling to bounce light around your small bathroom area
    Why? High ceilings will increase the volume of your room, making it feel larger than it is. In addition to that, it’s always good to have a high ceiling because if you have dark paint colors, they’ll absorb more of the light from being reflected from mirrors and glass surfaces.
  • No 5. Install a balcony to provide as much volume as possible without taking up extra space
    Why? You can easily open up your small bathroom area by installing a balcony, which will allow you to make the most of your limited space. Plus, it’s also one way to make your small bathroom look more spacious. It will give the illusion of height and heighten the overall aesthetic feel for this small bathroom design.
  • No 6. Install ceiling lights that are dimmer than the light bulbs you’re replacing
    Why? Dim lights will make your space feel more prominent because they’ll take up less room than brighter lights would.
  • No 7. Install dimmer switches in the bathroom for different atmospheres
    Why? Dimmer switches will allow you to change the atmosphere from a bright and open feel to a fainter and more intimate feel.

2. Choose Fitted types of Furniture in Small Bedroom

Overhead wardrobes are a great way to add extra storage when you may not have enough room. These closets mounted just above and across the bed provide a beautiful place to hide clothes and accessories.

You can easily incorporate hidden storage into a custom-designed furniture concept. It means that you have a workspace designated when you need it during the day. When you’re done working, you can close it all down.

Other furniture improvement ideas to optimize your small bedroom space are:

  • No 1. Install a removable wall unit for extra storage
    Why? Removable wall units are available in several sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs according to the amount of space you have.
  • No 2. Install mirror doors on your wardrobe so you can quickly see what’s inside
    Why? Mirrors are easy to use, beautiful and they also work great to hide away clutter. You can easily create a simple look with this practical idea.
  • No 3. Enhance your wardrobe by installing a hanger rail to make things look neat and organized
    Why? Hanger rails work great because they’re versatile; you can use them in multiple ways; this way, by adding them, you will enhance the overall look of the wardrobe.
  • No 4. Install sliding doors on your wardrobe to make it more customized
    Why? Sliding doors are great because they’re easy to use, and you can easily incorporate them into your home décor.
  • No 5. Install shelves inside your wardrobes
    Why? By installing shelves, you will make the most of the space available. You can store shoes, accessories, and things you can keep up off the floor.
  • No 6. Add hooks to hang clothing items inside your wardrobe
    Why? Hooks work great because they’re easy to install and remove; they’re also very affordable and practical. You can modify them based on your needs.
  • No 7. Add a coat rack to organize and store clothes
    Why? You can easily add coat racks to your bedroom, and they work great because you can easily hang coats and hats on them. They’re also very affordable.
  • No 8. Install clothes folding bench inside your wardrobe
    Why? If you fold clothes, this is the perfect place to do it. You can keep all your clothes in order, and everything will be in line with the way you like it, making any small bedroom look more spacious and organized.
  • No 9. Choose a bench with a magazine section
    Why? You can easily enhance your small bedroom by installing a bench with a magazine section. You can simply choose one that matches your interior design and decor choice.
  • No 10. Add storage shelves to the top of your headboard
    Why? These storage shelves work great because you can use them as an additional drawer for things you don’t want to have visible all the time, such as headphones, jewelry, or other smaller accessories.
  • No 11. Install bedside drawers under your bed
    To do this, you will need to modify your bed and drop the legs and supporting frame down. This way, you can use the space underneath to add drawers that will provide more storage possibilities.
  • Lastly.
    Use Soft Materials for Small Bedroom Decor
    Some families will share bedrooms for quite a long time, so it’s essential to include functional things for everyone in the room. What’s more, it’s also vital to meet their individual needs to find enough privacy when needed.

Lastly, Number 1. The Minimalist Style To Max your Bedroom Space’s potential

Bright light colors will help to brighten up your small space and make the room appear larger.
Tidy up any clutter and when choosing furniture, make sure you choose a light color like oak or white gloss. Elsewhere, clean floors and cabinetry surfaces will help create the illusion of a larger room.

Other details you can add to your space are:

  • No 1. Add plants for an instant touch of green
    Why? Plants are easy to install, they’re also very affordable, and they create the illusion of more space. Filling up bare walls with plants will make your room look more spacious.
  • No 2. Choosing sheer curtains will also help to give the illusion of larger windows
    Why? Choosing sheer curtains will allow you to control the amount of natural light coming in, but it’ll have a light filtering effect, which will brighten up your room, making it appear brighter and more prominent.
  • No 3. Install lights at eye level for reading or general activities
    Why? Having lights at eye level is important because you will avoid blinding yourself when turning them on since you won’t have to look upwards anymore.
  • No 4. Choose a large rug to cover the floor
    Why? A large rug will help to minimize the amount of space you have. You can also choose a rug with a large pattern print on it, which will make the room look larger.
  • No 5. Choose white furniture for a more sophisticated look
    Why? White furniture is great because it’s easy to wipe off and clean, it’s also very affordable, and it will allow you to adapt your style according to your mood or your preference from time to time.
  • No 6. Add a large mirror for accessories or artwork
    Why? Mirrors are great because they’ll allow you to create a variety of different looks with lighting choices. You can use a large mirror to hang artwork, and it’ll also help you see things from different angles so you can choose where to place them.
  • No 7. Add windows with large frames for spotlights
    Why? Choosing windows with large frames will allow you to maximize the amount of natural light coming in, which is great because it instantly increases your sense of comfort and well-being.
  • No 8. Add a sofa bed (and a pull-out bed) for temporary guests
    Why? A sofa bed can be great to provide extra sleeping space when you need it, and it will also help you create an illusion of more space. You can buy a sofa bed and also buy a pull-out bed and place them together. This way, you’ll have the same effect if you choose one or both.
  • No 9. Choose furniture pieces with storage compartments
    Why? Choosing furniture with storage compartments is excellent because you’ll be able to use them in multiple ways, such as storing things that don’t have a proper place to live or extra clothes that would otherwise be hanging everywhere.
  • No 10. Add a chaise lounge which you can store in an armoire
    Why? A chaise lounge will help to create the illusion of more space. You can use it when you need it and store it in an armoire when you don’t, providing additional storage room whenever you need it.
  • No 11. Pick floating shelves or wall shelves
    Why? Floating shelves are great because they’re easy to install and remove; they’re also very affordable and practical. You can modify them based on your needs.
  • No 12. Add a room divider for a more formal and cozy look
    Why? A room divider will help to cover up an unsightly view, cover your closet, and it’ll also provide you with extra space.
  • No 13. Install wall hangings as artwork or storage units
    Why? Wall hangings are great because they’re affordable and easy to install; they can provide you with extra storage as well as a slight bit of décor.


Styling a small space is actually not that complicated. If you know how to play around with what you have, you won’t have to spend too much money. Just take these 10 interior styling ideas for small spaces as your guide to small area decorating ideas, and you will undoubtedly enjoy organizing!



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