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12 Inspiring Closet Makeovers Revealed

Many people believe that their closet is supposed to eradicate clutter. One problem: it often happens the other way around because you store everything into your closet for each season

This guide will help you declutter and organize your wardrobe for the most clothes you wear. Before overhauling, take a look at these 12 inspiring before and afters!

A closet is supposed to be something that eradicates clutter. Ironically, it happens the other way round because you keep buying clothes or just toss everything into your closet.
If you think it is hard to find your favorite T-shirt, it is time for you to declutter and organize your closet. Hold on! Don’t be in a rush! You need to check these 12 inspiring closet makeovers revealed before overhauling your closet.

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12. When Simple S-Hooks Come to the Rescue | Ideas from Sammypur and HouseofYen


Jeans can be bulky, and thus they may take up a lot of space in the drawer. Instead of folding them, which can be challenging sometimes, and stashing them away in your drawer, why don’t you just hang them in the closet?

You just need to purchase several heavy-duty S hooks to hang your jeans. Then, slip the hook through the back of the belt loop, and hang it to the rod. That’s it! It is much easier and more convenient than folding them one by one.

Relevant ideas:

  • No 1. When shoes take up the vertical space, you can store your folded T-shirts or pants on the second shelf instead of a row of shoes. You set your favorite pair on the top shelf and then down any other set of items. It is easier to find when you need one.
  • No 2. You can use a wicker basket for storing your folded T-shirts and pants in the corner of your closet that is still empty. It is lovely to see a basket of folded clothes in the corner without having any piles of clothes scattered around.
  • No 3. Put Your Felt Items in One Place
    As you can see from this picture, it is easy to disassemble your felt hats and keep them in the box in one place when you have plenty of hooks available on the back of your door.
  • No 4. Use hidden pockets to save space
    Most of us might feel that the big box or an old purse can be used as a place to throw away our small accessories. This closet, however, makes it easy for you to find everything because there is a pocket on every door in the closet.
    Be inspired by this beautiful and efficient design!
  • No 5. Use a small box if you want to upgrade your storage space
    The closet has two sets of wooden rods in the main space where you can hang your clothes. In addition, there is a small area behind the door where you can store some essential things with a small box. Such a simple and creative way to keep your items organized, right?
  • No 6. Take Advantage of the Vertical Space
    This kind of closet uses vertical space well and provides a decorative touch to the corner. Then, you can hang some clothes or accessories on the ceiling, and it makes your closet more fun.
  • No 7. Try to Extend the Use of Space
    Those who have lots of jeans in their closet you can try these simple tricks to make the use of vertical space an art. You can hang your jeans on a small sheet or cloth hanging from the ceiling, and it looks more stunning and luxurious.
  • No 8. Organize Your Clothes by Color
    It is not difficult to organize your closet if you use color-coding even for one day. You can buy some colored pencils and manage all your clothes and accessories in different sections of your wardrobe.
  • No 9. Switch to an All-Purpose Shelf for Dresses
    There is a small space between the window and the closet door. It is an excellent opportunity to store some accessories that you typically wear with dresses there.
  • No 10. Use a Stool for What You Need
    It is easy to use the space on the floor of your closet by using a stool. The addition of one chair will enable you to hang your shoes and clothes in the closet.
  • No 11. Use an L-Shaped Closet
    If you have an extra closet in your house, you can also use it as a hanging closet and organize other contents there.

11. When S-hooks team up with A Towel Bar | Inspiration from Therenegadehome


One of the reasons your wardrobe is running out of space is that you could not resist the urge to buy those cute jeans and jackets. So, what do you have to do? Simple! You need to tap into any vertical space available.

If you have a blank wall, you can make use of it. You just need to mount two or three towel bars on it, then get as many curtain hooks as necessary to hang your jackets, caps, and pants.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Measure the length of your wall.
  • No 2. Then, mark where you are going to install the towel bar.
  • No 3. Follow the towel bar package instructions to mount the bars on the wall.
  • No 4. The next step is to mount curtain hooks at 16-inch distances along each towel bar, starting from mounted on the wall. Finally, hang your jackets and jeans on these hooks and allow them to dangle until you need them again!

Related Ideas:

  1. The same principle applies to hangers too. You can mount these on your wall if you have no space in your cupboard. You can mount hangers with clips at the ends of their arms to towel bars. Again, hang your pants, skirts, and dresses on these hangers and use the arm clips to hold them together.
    You could also go for wooden hangers with a hole at the end of each bar (these are popularly known as trouser hangers).
  2. There are two disadvantages of hanging clothes directly on the towel bars. First, they can get wrinkled. Second, you may not be able to see what is there very clearly. Instead, you can place a board on the towel bar and hang all your clothes over it.
    This move will prevent them from getting wrinkled and give you a clear picture of everything in your closet. This concept can also be used to hold caps, hair accessories, purses, and bags.
  3. Another solution for hanging clothes over the towel bar is using hanger hooks instead of curtain hooks on the bar itself to avoid any damage to your jackets or dresses! You could also use a wooden board with holes in it.
  4. You could also paint your wall a bright color and use a striped hanger on the board to hold a single piece of clothing that is so colorful and vibrant. This decor will make your closet look trendier and modern too!
  5. To avoid any damage to your clothes, hanging them over wooden boards is also an idea worth trying. However, if you have no such boards lying around, you can use paint. This trick will work well with darker colors too.
  6. You can also use decorative hooks to hang scarves, shawls, and dresses in this manner. This trick will make the closet appear more sophisticated than just hanging items over the towel bars or unnecessary hangers.
  7.  Another way to save space in your closet is to put folded clothes that you are not wearing regularly into your drawer. Maybe you have been accumulating clothes that you will never wear? When they are not worn, they can be consolidated and stored in drawers. This simple idea will free up a lot of space in your closet!
  8. Rain caps or shower caps are placed on showerheads (if you still have one) to soak up the water from the shower and prevent the formation of mold, mildew, and bacteria. However, those caps need to be washed after every use to avoid mold and mildew forming on them over time.
  9. Another way to put clothes into drawers is to use the basket in your bathroom. You could put folded and unworn clothes, sweaters, and coats in your bathroom under the provided basket that you install on your wall. Then whenever you want them, walk over to the side of the bathroom and pick them up.
    This move also works with sweatshirts, hoodies, and jackets.
  10. To store corsets safely and efficiently when not worn, you could buy a box that comes with hanger slots in it. Then simply place your corset in there (halfway), take off all its straps one by one, then slide it into those drawer slots.

10. Surprise Teen Bedroom Makeover with New Closet Organizer

In some cases, people still have plenty of space in their closets. However, they just have no idea how to organize things. As a result, clutter has finally taken over, making you think there is no room for your clothes anymore.

If it is your problem, you can try investing in a closet organizer. Do not underestimate it. A closet organizer can help keep things tidy. Most importantly, it is easy to make.
You just need to get some plywood boards, cut them to size to create the frame.
Make sure it fits in with the closet. Next, install the shelves and drawer slides.
Put the organizer into your closet once the shelves and drawers are in place.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Start with a box from your local lumber store. Measure the closet space you have. Cut the board to fit in with your measurements.
  • No 2. Create a frame for the organizer using plywood boards about three inches thick and eight inches wide.
    Then you can start putting up your organizer.
  • No 3. Attach the shelves to the frame with screws evenly spaced in a crisscross pattern, slightly more than half an inch apart.
  • No 4. Attach the drawer slides to each end of the shelves and make sure they are level with one another, and hang the end of each shelf at different heights, depending on how much space you have inside of your closet
  • No 5. You will probably need some wood glue or wood filler to ensure that everything is smooth and level.

9. How To Create a Closet When You Don’t Have One! | By Thesimplyorganized


Do you not have any closets? No worries! You can still organize your clothes well with this wire shelving.
Unlike a standard closet that requires carpentry skills, this wire shelving is easy to install. Even if you lack space, you can still build it in any corner of your room.

Another great thing about it is adding as many shelves as you need. You can even install drawers and rods to hang your shirts and blouse. You can also try to add some hooks to hang belts and ties.

Relevant Alternative Ideas and instructions:

  • Alternative No 1:
    Step 1. First, decide where you want to put the wire hanger
    Step 2. Cut about twenty of the wire button hangers
    Step 3. Install the wire hangers in a row on one side of your wall
  • Alternative No 2:
    Step 1. First, measure how many shelves you want and how big they will be in height or width
    Step 2. Cut the board to the correct measurements
    Step 3. Mark where you want your dowels and nails to be
    Step 4. Put the nails and dowels in
    Step 5. Stick the wood pieces connecting from one side of the wall to another.
    Step 6. Hang your wire hanger over it
  • Alternative No 3:
    Step 1. Measure how many shelves you want for your closet and then cut them out of plywood
    Step 2. Stain your plywood with a stain of your choice
    Step 3. Measure the distance between the shelves and cut the dowels accordingly
    Step 4. Assemble the shelf with glue and nails
    Step 5. Glue each dowel on one side of your shelf and then stick it to your wall
  • Alternative No 4:
    Step 1.Measure how many shelves you want to add to your closet and cut them out of boards
    Step 2. Stain them
    Step 3. Put the boards over your closet
    Step 4. Measure and cut the dowels
    Step 5. Glue and nail them
    Step 6. Fix your closet rod to the wall, and then hang your shirts or coats on it!
  • Alternative No 5:
    Step 1. Cut all of your wood to the correct measurements according to how many shelves you want in a row, include, how tall or wide each one should be and how you want it to be positioned on top of each other (Screw, glue, etc.)
    Step 2. Screw the wood to your studs on top of one another (Nail in between each stud)
    Step 3. Cut a hole where the clothes hangers will hang (Again, screw, glue, etc.)
    Step 4. Hang your wire hanger through it, and then hang your clothes on it!

8. Upgrade your closet+shoe organization strategy for $17 by Leah Mari Organization


Another culprit responsible for the clutter created inside the closet is your shoes—some people, or maybe even you, like tossing shoes on the floor of the closet. You may stack and put them in a corner to clear the floor space.

You might think it has overcome your problem. Apparently, you are just dodging it. The clutter problem will last forever if you do not end it now.

Overcoming this problem is not that hard. In fact, it can be cheap and convenient. You just need to make simple shoe racks from the board. If you are reluctant to do the math, you can just purchase a ready-made shoe rack and assemble the pieces together using screws.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Figure out the size of your closet.
    Next, measure the length of the board that is at least 2 inches longer than the width of your closet.
  • No 2. Mark and drill small holes on the board using a sticky tack or a power drill.
    This trick keeps each shelf from sliding off the shoe rack.
    It also stabilizes each shelf by preventing it from moving sideways and falling off when you hang heavy shoes on its shelves.
  • No 3. Hang all shelves by screwing them to the right place under your horizontal wall (you’ll need two shelves). Hang two more shelves above (on another wall) to stack your shoes neatly.
  • No 4. If you don’t have a wall suitable for hanging the shoe rack, you may put the actual shoe rack on a shelf in your closet.
  • No 5. Use hooks to hang shirts and blouses.
    You can also hang jewelry on the hooks.
    Don’t forget to put your shoes in another spot or floor area of the closet so that you don’t trip over them when you open them.
  • No 6. When there are no more items left on your shelves, make some simple changes in your wardrobe by purchasing a few new clothes and accessories.
    Rearranging them and decluttering more when needed (this will set up a habit so that you don’t need to buy new clothes often).
  • No 7. Enjoy your new closet!
    Take photos if you are satisfied with how your new closet looks.

7. Caning Cabinet Doors DIY with No Power Tools Idea

Adding caning to a cabinet or closet is somewhat intriguing. Who wouldn’t fall in love with the exotic look and texture? Unfortunately, this addition may be arduous and pricey. But, hey! Cheer up! You can still have a look with this top-secret hack – caning-like fabric.

It is actually a textured vinyl that looks and feels like the real caning. No one can tell the difference when people look at it. As a bonus, you can install it yourself without breaking a sweat. More importantly, it does not cost you an arm and a leg.

First, you need to buy the fabric caning. Then, attach it to your closet door using a spray adhesive or liquid starch. You will also need a box knife and scissors to cut the excess fabric.

Relevant instructions:

  1. Attach the fabric caning to your doors using a spray adhesive or liquid starch.
  2. Cut the excess fabric with a box knife and scissors. You can also use scissors to peel it off.
  3. Reapply another layer of spray adhesive over the cut part of the fabric and let it dry.
  4. Once dry, you can paint with your choice of color or wood stain on the door and then apply one more coat of spray adhesive to seal it completely.
  5. To remove the caning, use a scraper to peel it off.
  6. If you want to paint all the surfaces of your cabinet doors and not just a strip of fabric, you can apply two coats of primer first.
  7. Flip the caning over and repeat steps 1-3.
  8. To finish off this DIY, apply two coats of polyurethane or oil-based topcoat on your doors and let them dry for 48 hours before using them for storage.

6. How to keep the kids’ Outfits organized with a simple IKEA hack

Kids often have some trouble with choosing clothes. They tend to carelessly take everything out from the closet, making such a mess inside the closet.

Well, allowing kids to get dressed by themselves is a great thing to do. It does not mean you cannot help them. At least, you can make this activity less challenging to them by creating this closet system.

You just need to get IKEA Trofast storage units. Install it in your kids’ bedroom and add a label on each drawer. The label will tell your kids what to wear on a specific day. This way, they can prepare themselves for school without dilly-dallying.

Relevant Instructions:

  • No 1. Remove all the clothes from your kids’ closet, and place them on the bed.
  • No 2. Then, remove your kids’ labels from their clothes by gently ripping them off.
  • No 3. Take the IKEA Trofast drawer organizer, place it on the bed, and start putting the clothing there. For a small room, you may need four sets or more of these organizers to store all the clothes in one place in a neat manner. But it is still worth trying it out with just one set of organizers first before going for a big purchase.
  • No 4. Label each drawer with the date when you will wear the particular clothing.
  • No 5. When your kid wants to wear the clothes, just grab out the labeled drawer and put it into your kid’s closet.
  • No 6. If you want to remove a specific set of clothes, just go through all the labeled drawers, find out which one has the set of clothes you want to discard, and remove it from its drawer.
  • No 7. You can also add extra labels to tell your kid what shoes should be worn to match a particular clothing set. This trick will make your child more independent, and they will know what to wear without asking you all the time.
  • No 8. In the end, you can use your closet space more efficiently by putting everything in one place and letting each drawer do the job of organizing each day’s outfit.

5. A Closet Makeover Reveal with California Closets

The good thing about doing a closet makeover is that you have the chance to start over, which can upgrade your day-to-day life. It does not have to be costly and complicated, though.
You need to take everything out to start fresh and determine what you will remove or add to the closet.

Adding a shelving unit as a closet organizer is a terrific idea. You can use it to store your shoes, books, boxes containing seasonal or sentimental items, or other knick-knacks.
You may also need to install the rod higher to have more space underneath in case you plan to add another rod or tuck in a dresser. To kick it up a notch, bring in your favorite artwork.

Relevant Ideas:

  • No 1. You can utilize your existing closet to your advantage by tucking additional spaces or shelving.
  • No 2. You can also add a closet organizer if you want to keep all your outfits in one place, though you will have to make it bigger.
  • No 3. If you have some extra room, try adding a shelf on the left side of the television hook and hang a ladder close by so you can look at those clothes while watching TV
  • No 4. For those struggling with accessing the clothes and shoes without taking down their space, try hanging the rod higher and tilting it towards you instead of letting it lean on the back of the door.
  • No 5. If you have lots of shoes and find them challenging to manage, try installing a shoe rack or shelving unit on the wall, or put them on the floor.
  • No 6. If you are having difficulty deciding what to keep in your closet, go through your clothes, shoes, and accessories and see if there is anything you want to keep around.
  • No 7. You may also decide to get rid of the old clothes collecting dust and clear out the shoe storage space at home to make way for those new outfits.
  • No 8. You can also add hooks above your TV hook if you want to hang more things there if your closet does not have enough room for hanging clothes, coats, or hats.
  • No 9. You can also add some garment racks to organize your dresses, jackets, and other similar items so they will be easier to see and access.
  • No 10. If you have trouble fitting everything in your closet or are in a hurry to get out of the house, use some stepladder and hang clothes while you go through the rest of your day.
  • No 11. If you want more space underneath, invest in a larger TV hook or install a second shelving unit underneath your existing one.
  • No 12. If you want to have more space, you can install a built-in shelving unit in the corner of the wall or alternate with other types of furniture like the folding closet pole, which is excellent for hanging more clothes.

4. Combine the previous ideas with simple color coordination and audit that could benefit you A Lot in the near future. A clever idea from @glowfash

Color code is no longer a new thing for organizing your clothes, including your denim. Try hanging them from the lighter to the darker tones. This way, you will find it easier to locate the one you plan to wear. It has been proven to be a successful technique for pros that said the same thing about their t-shirt selection.

You can do other simple tricks to get more organized clothes storage, for example, by hanging or stacking your pants and shirts in the same color order. If you are having a hard time considering how to arrange it, follow the concept: lighter to darker.

Empty clothes hangers work great for creating clothes storage under your bed. If you don’t have any space to accommodate them, consider buying colorful plastic hangers that come with different designs.

Using a fabric-covered hanger will allow you more space to place decorated clothing and accessories while preventing them from falling off too quickly. You can also use these hangers if you want separate hooks for tops, bottoms, jackets, handbags, and collectible figures in the same area without worrying about one of them falling off.

Relevant Ideas:

  • No 1. The best type of hanger for this one is the fabric-covered hanger, which can hold your heavier clothes, and they are great for organizing your tops and bottoms together because the ones with wider necks can keep more.
  • No 2. You may want to hang your dresses or skirts on your closet rod to save space underneath.
  • No 3. If you have a lot of clothes that need hanging, but don’t have a lot of space in your room, try using the wall behind your bed as a storage area.
  • No 4. If you have enough space underneath your bed, you can add a piece of furniture there and hang some clothing, especially if you want to place your shoes on one side and your tops, bottoms, or dresses on the other.
  • No 5. You can also try stacking your clothes in color order and tucking them between the mattress and box spring to save more space if you have a bed with a high mattress.
  • No 6. If you are having a hard time deciding which clothes or shoes to keep or want to put away for future use, create a temporary storage area on the floor using cardboard boxes for that purpose.
  • No 7. You can also hang your clothes and accessories at the closet rod instead of tucking them in a cabinet.
  • No 8. If you want more space to arrange clothes, you can use the wall area behind your bed as an organizing spot, create one by tucking a foldaway bed under the mattress or hang baskets on the wall for easy access to those items.
  • No 9. For those with limited space under the beds or just want to clear that area for other uses, take down that old dresser from their bedroom and store it in another location where you will have plenty of space for additional storage needs.
  • No 10. If you have a hard time deciding how to arrange your shoes, use a shoe organizer and place them in a clear container that looks pretty.
  • No 11. If you have lots of clothes that need hanging, but can’t find enough space in your closet, try using the wall behind your bed as a storage area for those clothes.
  • No 12. Use the space underneath your bed to organize your belongings, such as placing shoes on one side and wearing tops or bottoms on the other, is an easy way to create more room for other things in the room without taking too much precious space from the rest of it.
  • No 13. If you want to clear some space in your closet, try hanging your heavy clothes on hangers and storing them underneath the bed.
  • No 14. You can also try pairing layers to create more space and simplify selecting what to wear daily.

3. A Colorful Entry Closet Makeover Idea

Many people think that a small room is supposed to be bland. However, it can be a bit tedious. Therefore, you need to add some pops of colors to the space, just like this entry closet.
If you are not sure about adding more colors to your small entry closet, you can paint the entire walls and door white. Then, you can apply vibrant colors like yellow or pink to the accent wall.
You can also add more interest by painting the bench green and tossing colorful stuff like cushions, bags, caps, and hooks.

2. Without touching your Garment and clothing collection, shoes, underwear, hats, or jean, Turn Your closet nicer with Humble and Cheap Baking soda by Domesticated Hippie


Do you wish to get rid of the pesky odor in your closet? You can try this DIY odor remover.
First, put baking soda in a mason jar. Then, place the lid onto cardboard. Trace the lid, cut out and poke the cardboard to create holes.
After that, drop some essential oils into the baking soda. You can mix your favorite because the more, the better. Mix it up nicely.
Next, place the cardboard on top of the jar. Then, replace the lid end. Finally, put the odor remover in your closet.

To make it more personalized, you can add your name and note when you mixed the ingredients or what is inside the new remedy. You can also add the scented base from the best of your partner’s decision.

Lastly, number 1. How to choose the right hangers and deal with having no closet at all


FIRST IDEA FROM Mahjubastylist

Avoid choosing the wrong hanger because a simple wrong selection could mean a significant disadvantage later

Choosing the wrong hangers can damage your clothes easily. Thus, you have to be wise when opting for the best ones.
Look no further. Velvet hangers are your safe bet. They are sturdy and look even prettier. They also have notches on both sides to prevent your clothes from sliding off.

SECOND IDEA from TheMidnightsoaper

If you don’t have any closets, it is time to use the Double-sided tape and paper towel holder.
Installing a rod can take a lot of time. Besides, you will also have to work with drills and screws. Therefore, you can use a paper towel holder instead.

You just need to get a double-sided adhesive hook and attach it to the door. The hook is strong as long as you do not mount it from drywall, so you do not need to worry about its durability. Next, slide the paper towel holder through the hook and hang as many clothes as you want.

Now, you see that organizing your closet is not that hard. You just need to spare some time, use your elbow grease, and these 12 inspiring closet makeovers reveal to get started.

Relevant ideas that you also try to conquer the closet mess finally:

  • No 1. Start with the clothes you wear
    To make this idea work, you need to keep only the most-used clothes in your closet. There is no guarantee that you will be able to wear every piece of clothing in your closet, but if you are honest about it, you can successfully choose an outfit that will make a great impression.
    When it comes to the most used clothes in your closet, consider wearing them more often. Many people mix up their ideas and just start casting their clothes from the top (to bottom) without wearing them or never seeing them again because of their original style.
  • No 2. Do not ignore the hangers
    This idea is the most important tip from Adam Lavigne’s article. The wrong selection of hangers can easily damage the clothes. Hanging shirts and dresses on 50-cent wooden hangers or even IKEA basic plastic ones may cause your clothes to smell like shapeless cardboard or be deformed after a few wears. You will find out what we mean when you see your favorite shirt falling apart because of being hanged on weak hangers for too long.
  • No 3. Have a mix and match of clothes in your closet
    Having a mix and match wardrobe is an easy way to fight boredom. It is also a wise decision to save space in your closet.
  • No 4. Create the uniform you like
    It means that you do not have to wear the same thing every day, but it will be okay if they are all from the same brand or wear the same style. For example, you can create a uniform that includes jeans and T-shirts with different colors, patterns, and details to easily match with others.
  • No 5. Try to create the uniform for each season
    The key idea is to use your style and not be controlled by seasonal commercial trends.
  • No 6. Pay attention to details of outfits
    If you are tired of seeing the same thing every day, you can get new details that are worth paying attention to, such as a scarf or a decorative pin, or even a pair of earrings. You can also give it some new colors with tricks like adding different shoes or a hat.
  • No 7. Do not hide your clothes in the closet; let them shine. As long as you do not make them look messy, there is no need to feel shy about showing off your most favorite clothes.
  • No 8. Take a second look before buying a new item
    In addition to the clothes you have been wearing for a long time, one thing usually helps to take a second look at the ones you still have. Are they still in the same condition as when you bought them? If not, can you still use them in some way?
  • No 9. Think of your wardrobe as an investment
    Think of your wardrobe as an investment because you may need to make some adjustments in the future if it is not feasible. For example, if you are working remotely, your closet may help you stay on schedule with only a few items for everyday needs and easy access.
  • No 10. Transfer your clothes to more space-saving hangers
    If you want to save some space in your closet, vertical hangers can be an excellent idea. The new design allows you to pack more clothes in a limited space. Not only vertical hangers but also clothes with round shapes or cone-shaped ones will help you cut down on space.
  • No 11. Consider getting rid of the useless stuff
    Be honest with yourself, and the clothes that have not been used for two years will have no place in your closet. After all, it is normal for some people to keep certain things in their closets because someone gave them as gifts or they feel sentimental about them.
  • No 12. Be ready to make changes when you are tired of seeing the same thing every day
    At some point, you will need to start getting rid of old clothes that do not fit well or have been used. You will be excited and will probably hang them back in your closet quickly afterward. However, it is vital to think about whether the clothes still have a purpose because if they do not have much use, it would be a waste of space.


It is the impulse to keep many clothes in your closet and hope that they will be helpful in different situations. However, it would be good to take action and make changes when you see what is happening in your closet. After all, the closet storage system is designed to help you get organized and move smoothly through your day-to-day routine.

The most important thing is to try it out and document the changes you are making with every step along the way. If you keep doing this cycle of trial-and-error after some time, there will be a point when you stop making any bad decisions about your closet.



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