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10 Elevated Bed Project for a Small Sleeping space

While small spaces are great for saving money, maximizing space, or just being a minimalist-living beauty, it’s not so fun when you don’t have a lot of room to sleep – and that can lead to trouble if your bed isn’t suitably elevated

Lucky for you and your tight sleeping confines, we have put together some of the ideal ten elevated bed projects on the market that will help maximize space!

Key points:

  • A small sleeping space doesn’t have to be cramped! For example, by using an elevated bed, you can make a full-size bed into a queen-sized bed or a twin-sized bed into a king-sized bed.
  • Elevated beds are also great for small pets and children, allowing them to get up and down easier, and they’re also an ideal solution if you have a small area but want to fit a bed in it.
  • If you’re worried about the stability of your elevated bed, worry no more! Many elevated beds come with a variety of options for sturdiness and support.
  • If you’re strictly tall – or don’t like to bend down – then having a more elevated sleeping space could be just what you need; an elevated bed can easily help cure aches and pains in the back or knees that might be caused by having to bend down.
  • There are also a variety of colors and styles for you to choose from to make your sleeping area exactly the way you want it.
  • Elevated beds offer other benefits, too – if you’re looking for an uber-sleepy bed, an elevated bed can help maximize your sleep time as there’s no need to bend down or go through waking motions.
  • And, if you’re looking for a source of comfort at night that’s not on the ground, then an elevated bed will help make your sleeping space more comfortable.

Working on a raised bed project typically has a connection with a lack of space. It wouldn’t happen for those who have a spacious room in the first place.

But don’t worry. We’ve rounded up 10 elevated bed projects for small sleeping space for you. These ideas will assist you in making the most of the valuable space in your bedroom. For a more detailed explanation, as always, follow the Simphome link inside the descriptions:

10 Elevated Bed Project for a Small Sleeping Space Poster

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List Entries:

10. A Hanging Bed with Ladder idea

This hanging bed is unique because it attaches directly to the ceiling and the walls, which gives you some space for a home office or game room underneath it.
The hanging bed features built-in LED recessed lights that can illuminate the spare space immensely. Even the bottom of the bed mimics the ceiling well, making you think you are not sitting under a mattress.

Relevant details:

  • Step 1: Make some measurements and then find the way to the ceiling.
  • Step 2: Hanging the lattice so it will look like a grid. Ensure that you use both of the ropes on each side of the headboard. And don’t use them at both ends on the same level.
  • Step 3: Open up a hole in both sides of the bed base, make adjustments and start hanging it above your headboard.
  • Step 4: Attach your bed hanging to the ceiling and onto the wall with adjustable hooks.
  • Step 5: Your bed hanging is ready. Now you can make it look as you wish, whether bedding matches your room or another style.

9. A Simple Elevated Loft bed idea for Adults

When it comes to an elevated bed, a playful sleeping space for kids may pop into your mind. Apparently, a bunk bed can be beneficial for adults, too.
This loft bed is specially designed for adults.

It is simple and does not require much space. Furthermore, it has a railing to keep you from falling off the bed. This loft bed also features a built-in desk underneath the bed. This way, you do not need to do some experiments to mix and match the furniture anymore.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Choose a bunk bed and make sure that the base of the bunk bed will cover its legs.
  • Step 2: Measure the length of the rails. Then, build them by placing your screw into its place under step one.
  • Step 3: Screw each rail onto step 2 in its position as you get closer to it. It is also important to keep these screws hidden under your bed for a long period.
  • Step 4: Add the bottom of the bed and ensure that it will be attached to the rails.
  • Step 5: Your bed is ready. You can now paint or decorate your bed as you wish with matching colors.

8. A Rising Bed with Excellent Design

This idea is exceptional because you can adjust the height of the bed electronically anytime you want.

When you lift the bed to its maximum height, you will find ample space for any purpose, such as a home office, reading nook, or living room, you name it!

When it is time to go to bed, you only need to lower the bed to reach it using cubbies that double as a staircase.
This loft bed is not only a smart solution for those who need more space but also a comfortable place to sleep, thanks to tatami used as the base of the mattress.

7. A Hidden Storage Bed Idea

If you are afraid of height, the abovementioned ideas may not be suitable. Still, it does not mean you can succumb to the limited space in your bedroom.
Instead of investing in a loft bed that tends to be extremely high, try creating a platform bed raised a few feet off the ground, just like this one.

This platform bed is not too high, which is a safe haven for an acrophobic. Besides, the platform bed offers additional storage space you can use to stash away bedspreads, pillows, blankets, or even miscellaneous items.

6. Build a Room under the bed

Tight sleeping space is not for those who feel suffocated in it. But you have to endure it when living in a small house, for example, with many family members. Moreover, it would be great if you had a workstation in it too.

This design shows you how to get away with it. You have a hanging bed along with a place for you to work.
Build an L-shaped workstation first that can hold your equipment for work. A U-shaped room would be dark, and thus you will use a huge amount of electricity.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Mark the L-shaped workstation with a pencil. Then, mark down the location of the hanging bed above it.
  • Step 2: Attach your ceiling to the workstation and make sure that they are connected. You can connect them using long screws.
  • Step 3: Measure and cut your L beams to make an “L” shape for your overhead bed, and attach them to both sides of the structure of your bed. Measure and cut again until you can fit all of these pieces beneath your platform bed. About 2/3rds in length or a little less than that.
  • Step 4: Cut out a square from the bottom part of your beams that are not attached to either side of the structure.
  • Step 5: Attach the sides of your bed to the beams in the same manner as you did with your L-shaped workstation.
  • Step 6: Attach your bed to your platform bed using strong screws toward the support beams. You can also attach some brackets there so that it won’t fall off even if you move it around.
  • Step 7: Once everything is ready on top of your tall platform bed, you can put your desk underneath it. You might need some help here since this part is pretty heavy and needs careful attention to avoid accidents or mishaps.

5. A Clever Pull Out Bed Design Idea

Can you notice where the bed is?
This is a brilliant idea to hide a bed. No one will notice that this home office is actually a bedroom. They will only see a raised platform with beadboard paneling on the front. When they pull the knobs, they will find abed instead of drawers.

A hidden bed is a great idea to combine two functional rooms without banishing their initial purposes. Besides, it maximizes the tiny space. This way, you can put a table over there. However, you have to be careful when standing.
You should definitely remember that the ceiling is lower when sitting on a chair if you are tall.

4. Don’t Ruin the Design

Storage is a helpful addition to your bedroom. The question is whether it is necessary or not.
You may have ample storage, but if it ruins the layout of the room, then you should figure out a practical way to deal with that.

This idea, however, is cool enough to add to your storage list. It is thin and blends well with the bedroom. It makes the wall has a pretty decoration that completes the bed design.

3. An Elevated Bed Idea with Hidden Closet

This picture is likely to be a dream bedroom you could ever want. It all gets everything covered here, from stair storage, mini closets, and an elevated bed.
This is what a bed for a small space looks like. You will need a railing for peace of mind as it is in a high position.

You should carry out this project carefully to get a good result. Making stairs with storage takes time, let alone the hidden cabinet with a pull-out drawer or door.
You’ll need a hand on this to discuss everything before building it.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: Mark the locations of the two cabinets on the bed. You can measure or use the side of the bed opposite you when sitting on your chair.
  • Step 2: Build a framework for your cabinets using wood. Attach them using wood nails and screws and a few washers.
  • Step 3: Cut out a window in one cabinet to fit it into your bed, and connect it to your framework using wood screws. Then, finish up by attaching that cabinet with screws and some finishing touch like hinges and handles that will open into hidden storage space.
  • Step 4: Build a platform at the top of your bed. It should be close to high but not too high.
  • Step 5: Fit the second cabinet onto your platform. Then, make sure that it doesn’t touch the platform or wall behind it. When you are sure everything is secure, attach the two using wood screws and finish off by adding handles and door entry to this hidden space.
  • Step 6: Create a hidden storage space beneath your bed using an extra floorboard and some slim drawers or anything else you may have available in your home.

This way, you create more storage in one place without destroying the shape of your room!

2. Stay Simple

A twin bed is so simple and wouldn’t cost you a problem if you can afford it. Your kids would likely fight over the bed to get the higher bed position or the other way around. Our suggestion would be to switch the bed.
This kind of bed is a solution for a house that commonly has a few rooms that your kids have to share with their siblings.

Basic instructions:

  • Step 1: First, you could put the bed frame on the floor. Then, you could roll and line up the second bed frame as in step 1 of a loft bed.
  • Step 2: You could opt for a full-size bed. However, we suggest getting a twin size since it is cheaper and less bulky.
  • Step 3: The second bed should be placed right above the first one, so install this in your particular room space. Let’s go to the final step now and step 4.
  • Step 4: To finish things off, use boards or other materials to create walls between both beds so they won’t contact each other and prevent any accidents during sleep time.

Lastly, Number 1. Make Your Own DIY Bed

You may have seen countless loft beds like this but still haven’t figured out how to build them. Here are the guide steps for you.

Materials and tools you have to prepare:

  • 2×4 lumber
  • 1×6 lumber
  • Airline cable wire
  • Eyelet screws
  • Rope
  • 1×4 select pine
  • 1-1⁄4″ dowels
  • 1-1⁄4″ spade drill bit
  • Drill
  • 4″ and 2″ wood screws
  • Speed square
  • Level
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood glue

Start by assembling the 2×4 timber frame, and secure it to the wall. Install the eyelet screw, add the airline cable wire, and firmly attach it to the ceiling. Wrap the wire with the rope to make it look nice.
Next, measure and cut the parts for the ladder rails and screw them to the bed. After that, do the same thing for the ladder and attach it to the bed.

Those are our 10 elevated bed projects for a small sleeping space. They showed a great way to maximize your space. You wouldn’t know how practical it is until you try it.



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