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Common Household Pests That You Need to Look Out For

No one is happy because of the tenants who live in your apartment rent-free while causing you heavy headaches. These tenants tend to buzz a lot and make for an uncomfortable company while you are trying to live a decent life. People who have faced the problem of having pests all around their place know the struggle. Home bugs are not the only pests that can present even mild problems; there are those that may even cause structural problems in your house, such as termites. Before you begin looking for these tiny creatures, you should be familiar with the pests you can come across. Therefore, here are just some pests that you need to beware of and do everything you can to prevent them from visiting your place.

Bed Bugs

Bugs may be present in any corner of your home, and you need to check each thoroughly. But, don’t forget to look under the mattress as well. One of the greatest pest problems is the so-called bed bug. There is a common belief that bed bugs are attracted to filth and live only in dirty environments. However, they may live in any environment as long as a food source is available to them. If you are wondering what their food source is, well, it is blood. Unlike mosquitos, bed bugs cannot fly; they crawl and live near their food source. Hence, they have a habit of living on your mattresses, pillows, or under the sofa. If you have noticed unexplained red spots all over your body and it is not caused by an allergy, then it is high time to check your home for bed bugs. If there are bed bugs indeed, then contacting a bed bug treatment service is a must. These bugs produce hundreds of eggs and can cause a small invasion of your home. And, trust us, it is a scenario you would like to avoid.


According to the experience of numerous homeowners, ants present one of the greatest nuisances. This includes almost all species of ant, such as carpenter ants, pavement ants, odorous ants, and many others. Ants are tiny insects and can get into your home through the smallest cracks. They are present during certain seasons more than others and can be quite a problem since they can invade the entire house, spoil the food, or even cause injuries. Bites from ants are extremely painful and some of them may even be fatal due to the allergic reactions they cause. Although the previously mentioned problems can make your life a  living hell, ants are not known for carrying disease.


Termites are one of the greatest fears of every single homeowner. These insects can cause serious havoc in no time. The problem is that termites are noticed when it is too late. This specific trait of theirs explains their nickname “silent destroyers”. Termites’ damage is usually categorized as severe. This is due to the fact that they eat through wood and cause construction problems. Termite attacks have caused structural collapses in some cases. Just as we previously mentioned, these pests most commonly remain unseen behind the walls. However, there are certain clues indicating that there are termites in your home. Signs such as bubbling holes, discarded wings, and mud tubes are among the most common evidence that there are termites in your home. If you notice these signs in your home, you need to contact the pest control experts as soon as possible.


Whoever finds cockroaches in their home has a huge reason to be worried. There are many reasons why cockroaches have a bad reputation. Firstly, these pests are known to carry bacteria and to be a potential cause of influenza. Secondly, they are attracted to food, so finding colonies of cockroaches in your food storage is a red flag. Besides, these are seriously tough to get rid of and are known for their fast reproduction. Thus, if you notice a cockroach in your home, the possibility that its friends are nearby is 100%. Also, depending on the species, these pests may vary in color, which goes from brown to black. However, the common trait of all cockroaches is their long antennae and oval-shaped bodies.

Pests are the greatest nightmare of every homeowner. There are many reasons for this. Namely, not only does fast reproduction and colonies of unwanted guests cause the problem, but their ability to carry bacteria and cause influenza is also something to be worried about. Therefore, if you ever notice pest traces, you need to react instantly.

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