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15 Unique DIYs to Rejuvenate a Small House

5. Smart Sections in a Small London Studio 269sqft

To replicate Anna Monich’s 269-square-foot studio in London, combine bespoke and sentimental pieces. Start by dividing the space into functional sections. Next, add warmth using a mixture of objets d’art and carefully selected furniture pieces.

Create a standout feature, such as a bed corner enveloped by a linen headboard and a dividing shelving unit. Infuse personal touches with unique finds, like a Thonet Cesca desk chair replica. Finally, remember Anna’s guiding principle: blend natural, textured materials with statement pieces to craft a welcoming yet stylishly distinctive home.

4. Family Living, Container Style: Step Inside A 21Sqfm Container Home

Nestled across Wellington harbor, this 21 sqm shipping container turned home showcases ingenious design in small spaces. Here, a family of three lives and works with compactness and functionality. Their living space converts into a bedroom thanks to a pull-out bed and retractable dining table.

Dubbed “The Can House,” this eco-friendly home doubles its area with a 15 sqm deck, perfect for growing herbs and even hiding an outdoor tub. Crafted with DIY cabinetry and a story-filled ceiling, this house reveals the owners’ commitment to mindful living, even with a baby. It’s more than a house—it’s their lifestyle.

3. How to Max Laundry Room Storage: A DIY Washing Machine Cabinet Project

Tired of that glaring washing machine and scattered laundry? Craft a sleek washing machine cabinet that stores everything neatly. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Assemble walls and plates, protruding the right side wall by 10cm.
  2. Add rear and partition walls, top sheet, and plywood strips.
  3. Place in the desired location and attach high and low cabinets.
  4. Adjust and install doors with kitchen hinges, ensuring the flames on doors align.
  5. Create a wooden bottom plate for a laundry basket holder and add screw hooks with a chain.


2. Maximize TV Box Space: Storage, Bookshelf & Hidden Room Hacks!

In your quest for hidden storage behind your TV box, a hidden bookshelf door is an excellent solution. With space restrictions, keep the bookshelf depth minimal. Use a router to inset the shelves, securing them with 2″ countersink screws. A sketch on graph paper aids in visualizing the door swing without software. Implementing a lazy Susan bearing system, ensure a perfect square using a plum bob for smooth swinging. Secure with 2.5″ hex screws and clear jams. Add a wheel at the bottom for infrequent use, protecting your wooden floor from scratches. Detail:

1. Embrace your inner DIY guru with this cool, corrugated cardboard drawer organizer project.

Count the cardboard waves for precise measurement, ensuring perfect bends. Use materials like cardboard, white paperboard, kraft paper tape, and bookbinding glue to make your cheap yet chic storage. Pro tip from a fellow DIYer: You can also make a robust version from 5mm floor underlayment plywood for storing heavier items like drills and blades.
Get ready to conquer clutter and impress with your handy skills!
Watch the full tutorial here!

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